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    Provincetown hotels: our tips on where to sleep

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    Provincetown it is one of the most popular American destinations for LGBT tourism, but it also attracts many tourists for other reasons: it is in fact a picturesque and lively town, rich in history and art galleries and its natural position, on the extreme tip of the Cape Cod peninsula, makes it a prime base for visiting the beaches of the National Seashore, on whose shores there are unforgettable ocean views.

    Sleeping in a hotel to Provincetown It also means having a good base to explore Cape Cod's other quaint villages, while staying overnight just a stone's throw from one of the area's main attractions: the magnificent whale watching excursions that depart right from the city ​​port.

    Find a albergo a Provincetown however, it may not be that easy, especially if you are looking for it at a reasonable price. For this reason I am talking to you today about a hotel where my wife and I had the opportunity to stay this summer, the Seaglass Inn & Spa, which I recommend for more than one reason.


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    Seaglass Inn & Spa Provincetown: characteristics of the hotel

    View from the Seaglass Inn & Spa

    This is interesting Provincetown hotel is located in the West End area of ​​the city (105 Bradford Street Extension), in a beautiful hillside property of almost 2 hectares, from which you can enjoy beautiful sunset views late in the evening. The location favors that seclusion and tranquility that you will need if you spend an evening in the noisy streets of Provincetown, but at the same time it is also quite close to the center, reachable in 10/15 minutes if you want to take a walk, or a lot. less if you decide to make use of the very useful (and free!) shuttle service provided by the hotel.

    Just give an address and you will be chauffeured to any point of the city you want: we used it for dinner at Fannizzi's restaurant (which I highly recommend) and to reach the docking base of the whale watching tour. The hotel is also practically close to the beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore: Herring Cove Beach is a 25 minute walk (and just 5 by car) and if you have a rental car you can explore the entire surrounding nature reserve with great ease.

    From the outside, the room layout at the Seaglass Inn & Spa is somewhat reminiscent of a motel, with all rooms side by side; in reality we are a far cry from the low quality type of motel, the room where we stayed in this interesting Provincetown hotel it was airy, clean, fresh and functional and the young and friendly staff helped us by giving us all the information for visiting the area.

    Furthermore, the rooms surround a pleasant swimming pool in the internal garden, which will be very useful, especially on hot days. For those looking for an even more relaxing experience, the hotel offers a SPA, with the possibility of booking massages and various treatments. Breakfast is served directly in the lobby and includes very tasty homemade pastries. Don't miss it!

    How to reach us

    As mentioned, the Seaglass Inn & Spa is located in Provincetown's West End (105 Bradford Street Extension) and is easily accessible by car. Just take Route 6, the road that crosses all of Cape Cod, exit at Shank Painter Road (follow the sign “To Route 6A Provincetown”) and continue until you find Bradford Street. At that point, turn left and continue. You will notice the ramp leading to the hotel on the left side of the road, after a bicycle shop (Gale Force Bikes).

    In summary, considering the excellent location, the rates, the quality of the stay and the services, the Seaglass Inn & Spa has proved to be an excellent solution for sleeping in the area. To check out the rates for this Provincetown hotel, take a look at the link below.

    Check prices and availability of the Seaglass

    Other hotels to sleep in Provincetown

    The Seaglass Inn & Spa is therefore the accommodation that I would recommend you the most if you are passing through Provincetown but, in case you want to have a little more choice, you can browse this list of hotel to Provincetown, to find the one that's right for you.

    Provincetown Hotels List

    Interactive map

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