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Porto Santo? a small and unknown Portuguese flag island in the autonomous region of Madeira. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 50 km north-east from the island of Madeira,? ten kilometers long and six kilometers wide. Its southern coast? characterized by a single 9 km long beach of fine sand, the northern coast instead has cliffs overlooking the sea. I love to choose destinations far from the mass tourism circuits; two years ago I was looking for a place by the sea relatively close but quiet and not yet "destroyed" by mass tourism.

The first thing to know about this island? that here the tranquility? reigns supreme, doesn't it? still developed for tourism. If you plan to go here and find night entertainment and various entertainments don't you? the island for you.

1 day

The first day we spent it in the pi? total tranquility? to enjoy the sun and the beauty of a one-of-a-kind beach. Porto Santo enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year ranging between 18 and 27 degrees. ? constantly swept by the wind and has little rainfall. However, we are in the ocean this means that the winds often cause high waves and the sun? covered by clouds. So suntan lovers are warned: not? said the sun comes out. However, be careful why? the sun still filters through the clouds and you risk getting burned anyway.

2 day

The next day we dedicated ourselves to visiting the main city? of the island, located in the south-east of the island, where he lived for a while? Christopher Columbus, whose house? still open to visitors. The city? ? reachable only by renting a vehicle (car, quad or scooter) or by local buses that for? they pass at fixed times and a bit? uncomfortable, but, from some points of the island the city? can you? also reach via the beach, taking a nice walk. That's what we did, a very long walk that kept us busy all day. The city? it offers very little from an entertainment point of view, there are shops, clubs but the dominatrix? once again the very long beach.

3 day

The island is located on the routes of passage of many cetaceans, therefore? highly recommended to take a boat or raft excursion to visit the coast, what? very interesting from a geological point of view. We then booked an excursion and enjoyed visiting the island from the sea. During this visit our boat? been approached up to under the hull by a group of dolphins who followed us for a while,? it was a unique experience!

4 day

Even the interior of the island? very interesting especially at a geological level, do you think north? there is an area called? source of the sand? where is it ? It is still possible to see the place where the sand is formed which, raised by the wind and carried into the water, is pushed by the waves onto the huge beach of the southern coast. It is in a fossil and now dry basin in the middle of the island where there are still fossil corals which, crumbling under the effect of the atmospheric conditions, form the sand of the great beach to the south.
We went to the source of the sand taking advantage of the car we rented for two days, even if the condition of the roads does not make it easy to drive.

5 day

Another place full of charm? the Pico da Ana Ferreira, which we visited on the second day by car. It is an interesting place again for its geology. On the island there are unique geological formations of their kind and here on Pico da Ana Ferreira there are some basaltic formations called? Organ pipe? pentagonal in shape. This pentagonal shape? present only in two other places in the world, making the island an interesting destination for geologists.

Visit the source of the sand and the Pico da Ana Ferreira? feasible even in one day but we preferred to break up and dedicate two half days.

6 day

The last day we dedicated to the sun, in relaxation.

7 day

The island? very bare why? lashed by strong winds,? a very special destination and a bit? different from the usual ones, which I recommend to visit before tourism irreparably ruins it, even if fortunately the government? very careful. For example, the few tourist structures that are present cannot put fixed equipment on the long beach, this does s? that the few tourists who are there can really enjoy this huge beach free from any type of equipment and without there being a quantity in the water? of boats and jet skis. Moving a few hundred meters from the hotels you will be just you and nature. IS? something that is no longer found in Europe.
Every morning the beach is cleaned from what the sea brings to shore and not? allowed to build more structures? two stories high on the island.
In conclusion, ? a place to discover and I sincerely hope that this island will remain so, peaceful but still authentic.
Unfortunately it was time to go home but for lovers of tranquility? and of nature? an island to visit absolutely.

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