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We arrive at the Francisco S? Carneiro on a Friday? at 7 pm, with a pleasant temperature of 15 degrees in the middle? February. Just outside the metro exit, the small church of Rua S. Catarina reveals itself, covered with incredible azulejos, glazed tiles with which the Portuensis have extensively decorated the predios of the city.
The time to put down the two bags and we set out for the descents of the city, aimlessly, in search of a quick but typical dinner. We come across a small bar (the Tostinha, towards pizza da Liberdade) with very attentive waiter and fast service and we order the francesinha: toast with various meats, placed on a tomato, beer and chilli sauce. In the especial version it is served with an egg on top and thick potatoes. Dinner comes in 10 euros.
After dinner, the city? ? still alive and we finish a short walk before going to sleep.

1 day

Let's go for breakfast in the nearby Confeitaria do Bolh? Or, order two coffees? macchiati (pingados), two mignons and a pastel de nata: the typical Portuguese dessert, a basket of puff pastry with cream and a light sprinkling of cinnamon. The pastry shop is 120 years old and keeps all its origins. IS? frequented mainly by locals. We get by with € 3,30 in total (a coffee costs € 0,75). IS? the best coffee? who drank in Porto during his stay and for an? Italian? a difficult mission!

We head towards the Torre dos Cl? Rigos. The city? ? a continuous and irregular ups and downs, with an unpredictable plan and there is a continuous alternation between uninhabited buildings and virtuosity of architecture. IS? a massive restoration and recovery work is underway for the many abandoned and non-abandoned buildings? it is rare to come across construction sites where only the facades have been saved, with the heart of the building completely demolished. With the increase in tourism, these buildings are continuing to be converted into hostels or luxury hotels (la Brasileira).
We head towards the magical Livraria Lello, the wonderfully decorated library from which the creator of the Harry Potter saga took inspiration and not? difficult to understand why. We recommend that you go straight to the point of sale that makes the corner immediately on the right to get the ticket (5 euros which are deducted in the case of buying a book), to avoid queuing unnecessarily. IS? full of editions in different languages, divided by themes. The pi? appreciable is on the right, section of Portuguese literature, with the works of the Nobel laureate Jos? Saramago.

At this point we go towards the banks of the Douro, passing through Rua das Flores, perhaps the most? picturesque of the city, where we buy a watercolor of Porto hand painted by a street artist for about ten euros. Good idea for an absolutely local handicraft souvenir.

Curiosity? for the ocean pushes us not to wait any longer and to take the historic Tram 1 in front of the church of San Francisco (3,50 euros each way). The driver manually moves the connection of the car with the electric cables of the line and rotates the seats according to the direction. Allows you to see real Porto paintings. To do!
At the end of the line (the ride takes about half an hour) the farol awaits us, the largest lighthouse. ancient of Europe, where the Douro collides with the Atlantic. The sea immediately gives us a small starfish, carried by a? wave on the sand at our feet. The ocean here is king.
Back in the city center? for dinner, we find a lively Saturday Port, with waves of people from all over the world along the ups and downs of every where.

2 day

Fast car rent at the airport and off, towards Nazar ?, a couple of hours drive from Porto. We booked a surf lesson in the early afternoon. Motorways cleared on Sunday mornings, almost deserted on Sunday mornings (pay attention to tolls, there are two types of motorway: those with toll booths and electronics, the toll is paid later on the website). With trepidation we get out of the car and we find ourselves in front of a spectacular miradouro: from a height we see Praia do Norte, with an impressive roar. The waves today reach six meters, but for the next day there are crests of 20. We go down on the beach and the waves give us their show, with their tubular shape unique in the world, coveted by the most? great surfers of the planet (Mc Namara).
This morning there are those of the bodyboard, the surfers reserve for the afternoon, when the waves will be even more? high.
We move to the S? Tio, the point pi? high of Nazar ?. A small agglomeration of houses, with a baroque church and a small hospital that overlooks the Atlantic, where the Portuguese tradition still lives, Vecchine selling dried fruit and little girls who go to mass dressed in traditional clothes. A step back in time.
We move to the nearby farol, where you can admire an exceptional panorama. At Miradouro do Suberco the view overlooking the ocean takes your breath away. Now we have to go down to the village from Nazar?, Picturesque, with white tourist houses, for our lesson at the Nazar? Surf School. Two colorful instructors await us and experience? incredible. We gather the courage and slavishly help us to take the waves of 3 meters and to face the fear of the ocean, which gives us an eternal baggage of emotions. The cold has now paralyzed us, after a hot shower we leave for Porto, making a sprint to Coimbra (UNESCO), but at dinner time? almost deserted.

3 day

IS? the day of departure and we dedicate it to Porto. Shall we head straight to the Igreja de S. Francisco, a Baroque and Rococ masterpiece? of inlaid wood and covered with about 200kg of gold.
At this point we cross the Douro via the Dom Luis I Bridge, the main miradouro of the city. Break on the benches of the jard? M do Morro and go to the kiosk with a panoramic view and then down. on the other side of the river, the home of the Porto cellars: Vilanova da Gaia. Guided tour of the C? Lem winery (but there are many others!) And then again across the river, to take your luggage, say goodbye to Porto and return to the airport.

Port? a city? what in three days? able to offer all the essence of Portugal. IS? the summary of the country, the collection of the most? picturesque and characteristic of its people.

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