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For us Italians the May Day bridge it represents the first real "taste of summer", a sort of tasty anticipation of the summer holidays. The spring colors, the scent of flowers in the air, the sun high in the sky are all excellent incentives to organize a beautiful trip out of town.
Ma what are the ideal destinations for the May st bridge?
Italy will also have a thousand defects, but if we talk about tourist destinations, the beautiful country has nothing to envy to any other nation in the world. Eternal cities of art, delightful villages and mountain villages, beautiful seaside resorts… in practice you are spoiled for choice. Here are some solutions to the north, center e South of the country for May Day bridge.


  1. Northern Italy
  2. Center of Italy
  3. Southern Italy
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Northern Italy

1 - Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia

We propose you immediately Trieste, a city of Friuli of great charm that extends at the foot of the Karst and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It is a town rich in history, with splendid buildings and monuments that bring the memory back to the glories of a glorious past.

  • To do : you can admire the natural areas of the Carso plateau or visit wonders such as the Miramare Castle and Piazza Unità d'Italia with the famous Caffè degli Specchi.
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  • Guided Walking City Tour Excursion to Lake Bled from Trieste

2 - Lake Garda, Lombardy - Veneto - Trentino Alto Adige

Moving towards the north-central area, here is another solution of interest perfect for families even with very little children: a motorhome trip in the area of ​​Lake Garda, a jewel located in the Alps capable of offering breathtaking views and a magical atmosphere.

  • To do : visit the lakeside villages, such as Sirmione, on the south coast, Gardone Riviera, on the west coast of the lake, both full of greenery, villas, parks and charming historic districts. Not far away we find Gardaland, the most famous amusement park in Italy, capable of guaranteeing activities for the whole family.
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  • day ticket for Gardaland and Sea Life Acquarium Day cruise on Lake Garda and villages Tour of the vineyards on the lakefront with tasting

3 - Venice Lagoon, Veneto

Another solution always on the north-eastern side: the visit of the Venetian Lagoon.
The city of Venice itself is a kind of archipelago, made up of a lot of small islets, among them the famous ones Burano, Murano and Torcello, milestones of inestimable value and traditional tourist destinations. Each of them has a unique character, so it is worth visiting them to fully appreciate the atmosphere.

  • To do : visit the historic center of Venice, Piazza San Marco, the bridges and canals by gondola. Take advantage of it for a short excursion to the delightful neighboring islets and, for art and culture lovers, there are plenty of museums to visit, such as the Guggenheim collection, Palazzo Ducale and the Accademia Gallery. Have some fun too, enjoy the aperitifs and taste the local gastronomy!
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  • Guided tour of San Marco and Doge's Palace Guided excursion to Burano, Murano and Torcello 30-minute private gondola ride

4 - Turin, Piedmont

Fascinating, esoteric, mysterious. Turin is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with its squares, its movements and its sparkling nocturnal activity. Cosmopolitan and multifaceted, she is one perfect destination for both children and families!

  • To do : a tour of the center is a must. Whether you are teenagers or families with children, the Parco del Valentino is a delight in this period. If you have time, the Egyptian Museum and Venaria Reale are FABULOUS!
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  • walking tour of the historic center with guide tour of occult and esoteric Turin entrance with guide to the Egyptian Museum

5 - Verona, Veneto

Actually Verona is a must at any time of the year. Romantic, fun, with a portfolio of experiences to offer for everyone! And the geographical position is excellent ... if you have a couple of days more, you can go anywhere from here!

  • To do : if we suggest Arena and Juliet's House are we discounted? Ok, try to go to Verona and not visit them! A tour of the center is a must, if you have a couple of days more, go to Mantua, Padua or Ferrara!
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  • 24-hour guided city walking tour Verona Card Mantua walking tour

Center of Italy

1 - Assisi, Umbria

Located on the slopes of Mount Subasio, Assisi is one medieval town famous for being the homeland of San Francesco, who was born here in 1181. Right in the burial place of the Saint, the immense rises Basilica full of beautiful frescoes made by artists such as di Giotto, Cimabue and Simone Martini

  • To do : visit the Basilica and the places linked to the life of San Francesco, such as the Church of San Damiano, the Hermitage of the Carceri and the Basilica of Santa Chiara. Do not miss the Romanesque Cathedral and the other buildings in Piazza del Comune, in the center of the town.
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  • 3-hour guided tour of Assisi Day tour of the villages of Spello and Assisi Wine tour with picnic in the Umbrian hills

2 - Perugia, Umbria

Staying in Umbria, we propose a visit to Perugia, Umbrian capital and one of the most romantic hill towns in Italy. It has an intimate and urban charm, thanks to the presence of several artistic treasures such as the Fontana Maggiore and the National Gallery.

  • To do : visit the historic center, and lose yourself in its delightful alleys. Do not miss the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo dei Priori and the National Gallery. Of course, we are at La Perugina's house, so ... a visit to the Casa del Cioccolato is a must!
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  • Guided walking city tour full day chocolate experience

3 - Rome, Lazio

From Umbria we pass to Lazio; here the solution is almost obligatory: the May st in Rome it has always been an institution.
Between events and concerts, open-air museums and architectural wonders, parks and natural areas, you will have so many possibilities that you will not know what to dedicate yourself to first.

  • To do : visit the center, at least the musts. Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Imperial Forums. Enjoy the concert on May st, savor the Capitoline atmosphere in its squares and in the areas of the nightlife. If you have time, visit the Vatican!
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  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Guided tour of the Vatican Museums, Sisitine Chapel and St. Peter's skip-the-line 48 or 72 hour city card

4 - Urbino, Marche

The latest proposal for central Italy is Urbino, hill town of the Walk.
Her grandiose architecture it is linked to the golden age of Federico da Montefeltro, during which it became the capital of a powerful Duchy.
It gave birth to the painter Raffaello, whose first house is still located in the street of the same name.

  • To do : Urbino is a city of art; inside the Palazzo Ducale there is one of the best galleries in Italy. Do not miss the House of Raffaello Sanzio, the Duomo and, if you have time, the surroundings of the town with the medieval village of Gradara.
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  • 2 hours private tour with a local guide

5 - Pisa and Lucca, Tuscany

Delicious, romantic, full of history, culture and gastronomy! They are the symbol of a Tuscany that is not only Florence, but is also much, much more. From the Piazza dei Miracoli to the renaissance jewels, are an ideal stop for this period! And if you really want to take a trip to Florence ... it's not far away!

  • To do : Piazza dei Miracoli necessarily. Leaning Tower, Duomo and so on. Enjoy Lucca walking with your nose up, between the Duomo, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, churches and towers. And if you have a few more days ... in an hour you can also pass by Pistoia, Prato and Florence!
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  • guided tour of Pisa with entrance to the Tower Guided day tour to Pisa and Lucca

Southern Italy

1 - Naples, Campania

We move towards the south, precisely in the territory of Naples in Campania. Exuberant, picturesque, sometimes chaotic, Naples is one of the most charismatic cities in our nation, full of must-see attractions for tourists.

  • To do : it presents one of the most important archaeological museums in the world, which preserves the treasures of Pompeii. And yet churches, palaces and museums, narrow streets and characteristic neighborhoods. If you have time, visit the ruins of Pompeii and the Royal Palace of Caserta.
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  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Royal Palace of Caserta One day tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum One day tour of the Amalfi Coast

2 - Tropea, Calabria

If the timeless charm of Naples doesn't intrigue you that much, perhaps the right destination for you is there Calabria, "the toe of the boot". Let's go to Tropea, which in this period offers an already excellent climate. The more daring can also indulge in some dives!

  • To do : absolutely visit the historic center and the church of Santa Maria on the rock spur. Taste the local specialties, from the Tropea Red Onion to the original Calabrian 'nduja! If time permits ... everyone on the beach!
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  • One day tour to the Aeolian Islands Spicy tour to Tropea and Capo Vaticano

3 - Palermo, Sicily

Capital of the island, Palermo is a city with a thousand faces where, of course, you will always have something to do. Art and culture, excursions, food and street food to go-go, and more events, concerts ... in short, there is something for everyone! And in May ... you already know that nice climate!

  • To do : the historic center must certainly be seen, even on foot. From stage to stage, don't limit yourself in tasting something typical, you will find it at every step: arancine, sfincione, panelle, pane ca meusa ... bye bye diet! If time permits, an obligatory excursion to Mondello, otherwise up to Monreale!
  • hotels and b & b from € 50,00 per night - Find out more
  • Palermo tour with local guide half day tour to Monreale and Cefalù Palermo: 3 hours walking tour between street food and history

4 - Lecce and Salento, Puglia

Salento is one of the most famous regions of Italy, and with the arrival of spring it is as if it were blossoming. Lecce, known as "the Florence of the South", as well as the coastal cities and the Salento villages, are an ideal destination for a first May in the sun!

  • To do : definitely to visit the historic center of Lecce and its baroque. Then the ideal would be to take a short tour of the cities and beaches of Salento, such as Gallipoli, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Porto Cesareo, ...
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  • Lecce walking tour with guide one day tour of Salento

5 - Syracuse, Sicily

Probably the most beautiful city on the island, after Palermo. Syracuse is bright, it's history, it's landscapes. It is an imaginative and refined intertwining of wonders to be discovered at every step and ... at every bite! And if you hear the call of the mountain ... Etna is 50km away, eh ...

  • To do : mmm ... where do we start? Ok, from Ortigia, for sure. The cathedral square will dazzle you! Then the archaeological area of ​​Neapolis, the Maniace Castle, the Fonte Aretusa, the Ciane River Reserve ... ok, ok ... that's enough! Ah, eat! Eat a lot!
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  • 3-hour walking tour with guide Etna excursion from Syracuse boat tour of Ortigia and the sea caves

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