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Driven by the desire to switch off for a couple of days, we decide to embark on this short journey, to discover the Plitvice Lakes, in Croatia. We have heard many positive reviews about the place, and being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is one of the largest natural parks. great in Europe, we are curious to visit the place.

1 day

Traveling by car? lasted about 5.30 h from Verona, starting late at night, in order to arrive in the morning, enjoying the whole day. To maintain the wild and natural climate, we opted to sleep in a tent, in the most popular campsite. large in the Plitvice area, at Camping Korana, located 5 km from the lakes. The camping? really very large, there are areas dedicated to bungalows, where you need to book in advance, camper area and tent area, including electricity, pic-nick tables, very clean bathrooms, a mini market and a restaurant. The cost of staying in the tent? of 30,00? per night, and what's the good thing? that you can bring your 4-legged friend with you, with an additional cost of 6,00? If you decide to travel with your dog, make sure you have his health card and birth certificate with you, they will probably ask you once they arrive at the border customs between the states.

We finally arrive at 8.00 in the morning at the campsite, just enough time to set up our tent, after which? we wait for the free shuttle, made available by the campsite, which will accompany us? to the site. Entrance to the lakes has various costs depending on the time of year. The cost in June? 110 kuna, the equivalent of 15,00? about, while July and August the ticket? higher. The park has two entrances, you can choose which point to start from, you will surely have a map of the trails to compare as soon as you enter. Inside the park you can choose to take various paths that have different duration, we decide to take the longer path. long, the path K, which lasts 6-8 hours. Any path? well signposted, in order to know how to move and understand in which direction to go. We feel we should advise against this path of ours, since? the path ? very narrow and has little to offer like views. On the other hand, it could be of interest to all lovers of trekking and adventure, who like to pass through the woods, making space among the branches of the trees.

The main attractions of the park are in the main points, at the entrance and where the boats pass. Public transport such as boats and trains are made available for free to take a short tour of the park, while rowing boats are subject to a fee, around 6,00? then. The park ? decidedly stupendous, composed of 16 lakes between upper and lower connected by high and low waterfalls, you cannot fail to appreciate the nature so generous, every point will know you? enchant. In addition, in the months of May and June, the color of the lakes acquires an even more color. intense, of a brilliant emerald green. We think that every season is always great to visit these lakes, even in winter.


WHERE TO LUNCH: the park offers two dining options, but we advise you to take your packed lunch away, especially with water supplies, the prices are a bit high.
TEMPERATURES: being a nature reserve, temperatures are below average, they are around 20? the maxims, bring with you a sweatshirt or a windbreaker.
DOGS: dogs can enter the park for free, they cannot get on the means provided, such as boats and trains.
WHAT TO WEAR: unless you are a simple tourist who only visits the park by boat, we recommend sportswear and comfortable shoes, the paths can be a bit slippery in some places.

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