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    Pizza in New York: the best places to eat it

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    As you know, we Italians are used to cooking well, and if we find ourselves in vacation in New York, after days and days of American cuisine, it might get us a little nostalgic and maybe make us want a nice pizza.

    The problem is that often the pizza in the USA it is not really that great, especially if one turns to chains that are widespread a bit everywhere like Pizza Hut. Yet the way to eat good pizza a New York there and how!

    As you can read in our article on what to eat in New York, la New York-style pizza it is a typical dish of the Big Apple, a specialty known for its thin dough (an appreciable element, we are always in the USA after all!) and at the same time crunchy, served in slices or whole.

    It will probably never compete with our Neapolitan, but it can be an interesting choice for those who want to experience aauthentic New York experience.

    In fact, in New York, pizza is practically everywhere. In fact, there are more than 713 places that make this dish their main dish (including 14 Ray, 7 Luigi, 6 Sal and 4 Tony), the problem is that practically all of them claim without any doubt that they serve best pizza in town.

    How to orient yourself then? Here are Jason Feirman's advice (he works at IDreamOfPizza, will he know something about it, right?), So that you can better orient yourself in choosing your New York pizza.


    • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery
    • Piacere
    • Lombardi's
    • John’s Pizza
    • Nick’s Pizza
    • Patsy Pizzeria
    • Joe's Pizza
    • A Neapolitan Pizza [currently only in San Francisco]

    Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery

    Photo di Ajay Suresh

    “Only in New York would Americans queue up for an hour on a hot summer day for a slice of pizza. Artichoke opened with a stir at the beginning of 2008 and lovers of this dish continue to flock to the place. Three varieties are served: Sicilian pizza, Neapolitan classic and artichokes and spinach.

    The prices are high, but the slices are huge. There is no way to avoid the queues, but we suggest you drop by around 5pm for a snack or very late (after midnight if you are still a little peckish). Seats? Nobody!"

    Where is it? There are 3 of them:

    • 328 East 14th Street (between 1st Avenue & 2nd Avenue)
    • 114 10th Avenue
    • 111 Macdougal Street


    Photos at Garrett Ziegler

    In our 4-day itinerary in New York we talked about Piacere, a Spanish restaurant in Chinatown, where it is possible to have a gastronomic experience that for quality settles easily above the average of our Italian restaurants. In fact Piacere was founded and is currently run by nice Calabrian guys, who welcome you speaking in Spanish and offer you traditional local dishes prepared with top quality ingredients.

    Where is it?

    351 Broome Street, Chinatown


    "Lombardi's is a historic venue, it opened in 1905 and claims to be there first American pizzeria. After closing for a decade, it reopened its doors in 1994 and is still confirmed as one of the most famous pizzerias in the city.

    You will find many people waiting for a table on the corner of Spring Street and Mott Street. Skip the small 14-inch portion and order the large one directly (for a few dollars more it's worth it!). The courses are based on mostly traditional ingredients (tomato, mozzarella and basil), if you want to customize, the additional condiments start at $ 3 ”.

    Where is it?

    32 Spring Street (between Mott Street and Mulberry Street)

    John’s Pizza

    Photos at Thomas Hawk

    Founded in 1929 by a Spanish immigrant, John Sasso, this pizzeria is one of the best in the city and it can be safely said that a pizza here is as good as you might enjoy in Italy. Even today, the restaurant is managed by the Sasso family, who cook the pizzas strictly in the wood oven. A vaguely retro atmosphere, wooden furnishings, black and white decorations on the walls and murals that pop up here and there: this pizzeria is intimate and welcoming, a must try.

    You can order traditional pizzas, such as Margherita, as well as more stars and stripes reinterpretations, such as pizza with meatballs… Cost of dinner, per person, from $ 21, drinks not included. The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11.30 to 23.30, while on Saturday and Sunday it is open from 11.30 to midnight.

    Where is it?

    278, Bleecker Street, New York City

    Nick’s Pizza

    Photos at Adam Kuban

    "The many New Yorkers who like to cross over from Manhattan in search of the best pizza in the city can now save a trip to Queens, given that the famous Nick’s Pizza opened inUpper East Side. Their pizzas can boast a crunchy crust, runny mozzarella and a pungent marinara sauce.

    You can choose from a dozen toppings (it'll cost you a little extra a few bucks), but Nick offers a lot more than just pizza: for example watercress, rocket salad, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, a ' excellent mustard and the famous cannoli ".

    Where is it?

    1814 2nd Ave. (tra 93rd Street & 94th Street)

    Patsy Pizzeria

    Patsy it has seven locations in Manhattan and in terms of value for money it is among the most convenient in the city. We advise you to visit the headquarters of East Harlem, the original restaurant, opened in 1933.

    Where is it?

    • 2287 1st Avenue (East Harlem)
    • 67 University Place (Greenwich Village)
    • 509 3rd Avenue (Murray Hill) 
    • 1312 2nd Avenue (Upper East Side)
    • 61 ovest 74th Street (West Side)
    • 318 West 23rd Street (Chelsea)
    • 200 East 60th Street (East Side)

    Joe's Pizza

    It can be considered a real New York institution. He has opened several clubs in the city but the original one is in Greenwich Village. We have already talked about this place in our guide on typical dishes to eat in New York.

    Where is it?

    7 Carmine St., Greenwich Village

    A Neapolitan Pizza [currently only in San Francisco]

    This pizzeria is now closed, but there is another one in San Francisco and in the hope of an upcoming reopening, I still transcribe the description of Feirman.

    “While some New Yorkers consider this place to be the best in the world, others have been put off by the high prices and rather limited selection of dishes. But while a party of four can easily reach a bill of over $ 100, this East Village pizzeria usually has a long wait for a table (the venue seats around 30 people).

    The white pizza (buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, basil and salt) is our favorite, but I recommend you also try the marinara, margherita and fillets. They are open only from Thursday to Sunday evening from 17:00 until fresh pasta is sold out. It is advisable to arrive early to avoid the queues and make sure they still have the ingredients in stock! "

    Where is it?

    The New York office (349 East 12th Street) has closed, but you can find it in San Francisco: 210 11th St

    And you? Have you ever tried the New York pizza? Tell us your experience ...

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