Phi Phi Islands: a paradise for anyone.

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Joel Fulleda

When I organize a trip to an island I am always afraid of not knowing what to do. After a few days lying on the sand I start to get bored. I did not believe that the Phi Phi Islands could reserve me so many adventures and so many emotions.

1 day

For lovers of nature and the sea this place? one of the most? fascinating on earth. As soon as I arrived, I inquired about the prices to rent a Thai taxi boat and go around the islands surrounding the Phi Phi Islands until reaching Maya Bay. The coral reef of Pileh bay? beautiful! You can only get to this point using the boat. Another splendid point where you can admire the beautiful caves? Inside Field. An impressive sight. After half an hour I reach the nearest beach? famous of Thailand. Upon my arrival I found many people, even if after a few minutes yes? freed a lot and I was able to take some great photos.

I was aware of the extraordinary beauty of this place and also of the pollution it is undergoing. To contribute to the protection of the sea and its inhabitants, I hired the Thai Taxi Boat, just why? its engine does not endanger the environment as it is placed on the boat. The long and metallic tool to which the propellers are applied does not create any pollution.
If you book this type of excursion you will have to add an additional sum to the rental price to be able to go ashore as it has become a very prestigious area. The term they use to define the beach? ?National Park?.

2 day

The day after I noticed that in pi? points of the resort were posted with signs reading:? View Point? and I got curious. The arrow indicated a path on a rise that intrigued me very much. In every trip I have to add a pinch of healthy adventure. I took my backpack and started walking along the path that slowly led me to explore the jungle. Trekking while listening to the sounds of this pristine place? it was a difficult emotion to describe. The heat was truly asphyxiating. During the walk I noticed that on the way there were many small villages that used to the passage of tourists prepared a table with some typical products to sell. In these places The weather yes? stopped in the past. I often saw very young children playing alone on the street. I travel frequently and I know that in many places in the world, you cannot afford to let your children play without adult supervision. Although I walked alone, I feared nothing or anyone. After an hour of pure and healthy treccking I finally reach Viuw point. The platform they built allows tourists to enjoy an indescribable view. Another thing that I enjoyed very much? was seeing some kind of monkey, in total freedom, wandering among the trees.

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