Pet Friendly Tourism: the Best Beaches for Dogs on the Italian Coasts

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There always comes that time of year when the heat becomes unbearable. In big cities, the air seems to almost fail and doing anything becomes an impossible feat worthy of the best Ethan Hunt. It is precisely then that the mass exodus starts: In Côte d'Azur or Salento, in the Cinque Terre or in Sicily; in short, the destination does not matter, what matters is go to the sea!
Nostalgics of the 60s will sing: don't change this year, same beach, same sea ...
But to be honest, we of we are really tired of Piero Focaccia's mantra: this year we are changing!
This year we want spend the holidays with our four-legged friends; they really suffer from the heat!

That's why we have created an interesting list of best pet friendly beaches in ItalyEtc.
Come on, take notes and plan your holiday: there is absolutely no reason to leave Fido at home!


  1. The beach of Pluto, Veneto
  2. BauBeach, Lazio
  3. Sole Luna Bau Beach, Puglia
  4. Baba Beach, Liguria
  5. Dog Beach, Tuscany
  6. Bagno Tiki 26, Emilia Romagna
  7. Orizzonte village, Tuscany
  8. Surfrelax, Tuscany
  9. Baubau Beach Village, Campania
  10. User questions and comments

The beach of Pluto, Veneto

  • Address: Via Procione - 30020 Bibione (VE)
  • Telephone: 348 384 8970
  • E-mail:

Our list begins with one of the nation's most popular pet beaches: La Pluto beach of Bibione. It offers various services, from the rental of sun beds and umbrellas to the entrance to the "Agility" area, without forgetting the dog training courses for dogs and owners.

BauBeach, Lazio

  • Address: Via Praia a Mare (Maccarese) - 00057 Fiumicino (RM)
  • Telephone+ 39 06 81902352
  • E-mail:

It was absolutely the first free beach for dogs, created in 1998 by the animal rights association of the same name, which since then has committed itself with dedication to a project that over the years has led to particularly comforting results. It offers all-inclusive packages using affiliated facilities.

Sole Luna Bau Beach, Puglia

  • Address: Marina of San Cataldo (LE)
  • Telephone+ 39 328 5760656
  • E-mail:

Lido Sole Luna and the first beach equipped for animals in all of Salento. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and offers a natural paradise, made of fine sand and crystal clear water. The beach offers a refreshment point, reading area, mini club and of course equipment for our wagging friends.

    Baba Beach, Liguria

    • Address: Via Francesco Maria Giancardi, 44 - 17021 Alassio (SV)
    • Telephone+ 39 0182 038999
    • E-mail:

    In the Fantastica Riviera di Ponente there is the Baba Beach of Alassio, a wonderful "animal friendly" beach. A practical terrace (called Snoopy) has been built adjacent to the beach, perfect for entertaining the dogs in total safety. Furthermore, the activity has an agreement with numerous pet-friendly accommodation facilities.

    Dog Beach, Tuscany

    • Address: Via della Principessa 120 / U - 57027 San Vincenzo (LI)
    • Telephone+ 39 0565 1930363
    • E-mail:

    Dog beach offers several absolutely functional services for dogs and owners: Beach equipped with sun beds and umbrellas rental or free with free access, inflatables, cabins and showers. Virtually everything you need.

    Bagno Tiki 26, Emilia Romagna

    • Address: Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 30A, 47921 Rimini RN
    • Telephone+ 39 0541 27058
    • E-mail:

    Tiki bath 26 is among the most popular beaches for dogs on the Romagna Riviera, an ideal solution that combines the right amount of relaxation, well-being, fun and recreational activities.

    Orizzonte village, Tuscany

    • Address: Loc. Perelli, 10 (Riotorto) - 57025 Piombino (LI)
    • Telephone+ 39 0565 271111
    • E-mail:

    You want to enjoy the hospitality, human warmth and relaxation that only one touristic village can offer but at the same time want to share the perfect vacation with your dog? No problem Village Horizon is the ideal solution: easier than that ...

    Surfrelax, Tuscany

    • Address: Via Amorotti, 2 - 58022 Follonica (GR)
    • Telephone+ 39 0566 264050
    • E-mail:

    Some dogs are just a blast, so playful that they just can't sit still. Usually this type of animal has equally dynamic and full of life owners. If you and your furry friend recognize each other in this description, Surf Relax is the place for you, an equipped beach open to dogs designed for sports lovers and hectic activities.

    Baubau Beach Village, Campania

    • Address: Via Romeo Romei (Marina di Eboli) - 84025 Eboli (SA)
    • Telephone: +39 0828 691174 and +39 327 3235131
    • E-mail:

    Il BauBau Beach Village it is a real tourist village dedicated to pets. You know all those fantastic services offered in the "pentastellati" resorts? Here, imagine something like this but in the size of your furry friend.

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