Passport for Italians residing abroad: cost, times and procedures

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Last updated: 15 / 06 / 2020

For work, for choice, for taste: the Italians abroad there are really many, often looking for better conditions than the Italian ones. But for those of them who are used to moving often from one country to another, the passport is an essential document. So how to do it for obtain an Italian passport abroad? The procedure is less complex than one might think, and basically differs little from the normal procedure for obtaining a passport in Italy.
But let's see more in detail.


  1. Where to apply for an Italian passport abroad
  2. Documents required for issue
  3. Procedure for obtaining an Italian passport abroad
  4. Times of release
  5. How much?
  6. Validity
  7. AIRE passport in Italy: what it is and how to get it
  8. User questions and comments

Where to apply for an Italian passport abroad

The passport is issued by the diplomatic-consular representations (consulates and embassies) of one's country abroad.
Indeed, Italian citizens can submit a request for the issuance (or renewal) of their passport at any issuing office (embassy, ​​consulate, police headquarters, municipality, police station, ...) both in Italy and abroad. Simply, in the event that it is not the one of residence, the issuing office will have to request the authorization from the police headquarters of residence, thus extending the release times (see also AIRE passport in Italy).

Documents required for issue

When you go to the Italian consulate or embassy abroad, you need to be in possession of some documents necessary to process the paperwork for issuing a passport. Other documents will instead be delivered directly to the counter.
Let's see in detail the list of documents required to obtain a passport abroad:

  • Passport application form (to be collected at the counter of the consulate or embassy);
  • Identity card and expired passport (if it is not a first issue);
  • 2 passport photos, recent and on a white background;
  • Residency permit (or a certificate attesting to effective domicile in the consular district to which they belong);
  • Identity card issued by the State in which you reside;
  • In the case of minor children, the applicant must also present theact of consent to release by the other parent (download the form here), regardless of the applicant's marital status (single, married, separated or divorced).

NB. in the event that a minor is requesting the passport, the signed consent form of both parents is required. More info on the passport for minors

Procedure for obtaining an Italian passport abroad

  1. Go to the Italian embassy or consulate equipped with an identity card. Identification documents other than identity cards, such as driving license, tax code or health card, are not accepted;
  2. Provide your residence: if you are regularly registered with AIRE, you must provide your residence abroad; if you are not registered with AIRE, you must provide your residential address in Italy;
  3. Fill in and hand in the passport application form that is provided at the counter;
  4. Wait for the embassy or consulate to forward the request to the police station of residence (in Italy or abroad). When the request is processed, a notification will be sent by email or phone (sms) to make another appointment;
  5. At the scheduled appointment, bring 2 passport photos and cash for the payment of the passport (about € 150,00, see passport cost);
  6. You will be prompted to release your fingerprints. It is possible to be exempted from issuing fingerprints only in cases of duly documented permanent pathology or physical impediment or of obvious physical impairment or malformation (in this case, medical certification is disregarded). Even children under the age of 12 are exempted from taking fingerprints;
  7. Generally within 15 days the passport is ready for collection (see release times).

Times of release

The times for issuing the Italian passport abroad can also be very short (1 week), but they can also be longer depending on some aspects.
Let's see them in detail:

  • about 1 week: if the Italian citizen is regularly registered with AIRE, he resides in the same consular district where he is applying for a passport or has obtained the previous passport from the same consulate;
  • about 2-3 weeks: if the Italian citizen is regularly registered with AIRE but has obtained the previous passport from another authority (police headquarters or consulate) or resides in a different consular district. In these cases it will be necessary to ask for the nulla osta from the office that issued the previous passport or from the district of residence.

How much?

NB. the Italian passport abroad must be paid in cash and in the currency of the country in which the request is made. Additional costs of approximately € 20,00 may be applied.


The validity is exactly the same as the passport issued in Italy. Geographically it is therefore valid in all countries recognized by the Italian government.
The duration of the passport is the same, that is:

  • for children under 3 (3 years old): valid for 3 years;
  • for minors (from 3 to 18 years old): validity of 5 years;
  • for adults (18 years old): validity of 10 years.

AIRE passport in Italy: what it is and how to get it

Slightly different is the concept of the AIRE passport in Italy. It is a bit as if the position were overturned: it is in fact a question of applying for a passport in Italy but when you are residing abroad.
Emblematic cases are those of Italians residing in London: often the delays due to the mass of requests received by the London embassy following Brexit, led Italians to prefer the solution of the passport request in Italy.

Un Italian citizen registered with AIRE (Registry of Italian Residents Abroad) in fact acquires in effect the foreign residence. This does not prevent you from be able to apply for a passport in Italy according to the normal procedure for applying for a passport at the Italian police headquarters.
Simply, release times will be extended of the document because the Italian police headquarters will have to ask for the nulla osta from the embassy of residence (the country in which you are registered with AIRE).

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