Parking in Los Angeles: where and how to do it?

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As we often say, the best way to get around Los Angeles is to rent a car: you will need to extricate yourself a bit from the city traffic, but it certainly remains the mode that allows you to move faster by seeing all the main attractions of the city (we have discussed in detail in our article on getting around Los Angeles).

However, one aspect remains quite problematic, certainly the most annoying for those organizing a trip to Los Angeles, and that is the parking lot. In the city, finding a free parking area, at least close to the main places of interest, is a substantially impossible undertaking: all Los Angeles car parks they are in fact paid.

Not only! If you hope to leave your car at the hotel for free, you may be disappointed: it is likely that your property, like most hotels in Los Angeles, will ask you for a daily parking fee that is not included in the room rate ... and often also rather salty!

How then? I would like to tell you: “in this article I will point out all the free parking spaces in Los Angeles”… but unfortunately I cannot do it, simply because there are not, at least as regards the most popular areas and neighborhoods. However, I will try to give you some useful tips, indicating the rest areas a cheaper prices and in strategic areas for park in Los Angeles.


  • Private or hotel parking?
  • The best areas to park in Los Angeles
    • Downtown Los Angeles car parks
    • Where to park in Santa Monica
    • Hollywood Parking
    • Park in Beverly Hills
    • Park in theme parks

Private or hotel parking?

In most cases you will find yourself choosing between 2 options: the first is to leave the car in the secure hotel parking (paying a daily rate as mentioned), the other is to leave the car in one of the many paid parking in the surroundings. There are many and they cost less than those made available by hotels, some even have a valet parking service just like in hotels.

Personally, I have used them often and have never had any particular problems, also because in the tourist areas the choice is so wide that it allows you to find a rest area quite easily in the immediate vicinity of the main accommodations. Furthermore, the difference is not a few cents: they can also save $ 30 a day!

You can safely unload your luggage in the hall, leaving the car temporarily in front of the entrance of the structure, and then take the car back to park it outside. Do not worry about the reactions of the hotel staff, they will be the ones to show you the alternative parking areas.

The best areas to park in Los Angeles

Here are the Los Angeles car parks area by area that I recommend you take into consideration:

Downtown Los Angeles car parks

If you have chosen to stay in Downtown, one of the most strategic districts to sleep in Los Angeles, you will be spoiled for choice: the area, as you will soon realize, is full of paid parking. The cost of parking areas in this area usually varies between 15 and 30 dollars per day, but there are many variables: for example the day of the week, the time of entry and even the time, because prices can vary according to the request.

A good low-cost choice is the Pershing Square Garage, underground parking with 1850 spaces with a daily rate of $ 20 (updated November 2021); to give an idea of ​​convenience, parking at the nearby Millennium Biltmore hotel costs about $ 50 !!

The location is central and in a pleasant setting (under the Pershing Square public park) close to numerous hotels, services and the homonymous metro stop. It is accessed from 3 entrances:

  • 504 S Olive St (bet. W 6th St-W 5th St)
  • 465 W 6th St (bet. S Hill St-S Olive St)
  • 464 W 5th St (bet. S Hill St-S Olive St)

All Downtown parking spaces

Where to park in Santa Monica

Most Santa Monica car parks it is located in the Downtown area, in the 2 blocks east and west of Santa Monica Boulevard and the prices are usually around 15-20 dollars per day.

At a decidedly economical price (first 90 minutes free then the price increases gradually up to a maximum of 20 dollars per day or 25 on weekends - updated November 2021) and with a very strategic position (one block from the 3rd Street Promenade and a 10-minute walk from the Santa Monica Pier) is the Santa Monica Parking Structure 8 managed by SP Plus.

It is located at 215 Colorado Avenue and is certainly among the cheapest in the city, which also makes it particularly popular; in fact, during rush hour it is not uncommon to be in line and having to take a long time to get out. In order not to find yourself in possible traffic jams, try to avoid arriving or leaving during the first part of the morning and in the evening.

And if we wanted to to park near the famous pier? It's possible! Dockside parking (accessible by a ramp) is open 24 hours a day and costs over $ 3 per hour, or $ 15 for the day in summer and $ 12 for the day in winter (updated November 2021). There is also an additional rest area on the dock, called Lot 1 North (1550 Pacific Coast Highway), open from 6 am to 2 am.

An interesting option within walking distance of the pier and ideal for short visits is the parking lot at the 1640 of Appian Way, open from sunrise to sunset and accessible for up to two hours for $ 1 per hour. All 3 areas mentioned are always managed by the SP Plus company, owner of the main parking areas in Santa Monica.

All Santa Monica parking lots

Hollywood Parking

There are several car parks around Hollywood Boulevard, the street of the famous Walk of Fame (there are about 2000 parking spaces), but the most interesting in my opinion is that of the Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center, at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard (but the parking entrances are on Highland Avenue and Orange Drive).

The reasons why I recommend this car park are more than one:

  • the price: probably the cheapest in the area
  • the location: you are on the Walk of Fame, and at the point of the main attractions
  • the view: if you go up to the top floor you will be able to enjoy the famous Hollywood sign from a beautiful perspective

The cost of parking is $ 3.00 for up to 2 hours (with validation at shops, restaurants and clubs) and $ 3.00 for up to 4 hours with validation of the TCL Chinese Theater. Thereafter, you pay $ 2 every 20 minutes up to a daily maximum of $ 18 (there is an "Evening Special Flat Rate" on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). Prices are subject to change over time.

As for the other car parks, the average daily rate usually settles between 15 and 20 dollars.

All Hollywood parking lots

Park in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills you can find several public garages, but you need to arrive early, because you risk not finding a place. Fortunately, around Rodeo Drive (especially in the crossroads of Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Dr.) it is possible to find rest areas with interesting formulas such as: "first two hours free", "payment on exit" or "three hours with parking meter ".

Among these I point out 2 car parks with 2 hours of free parking:

  • Beverly Hills Parking Facility (461 N. Bedford Dr.)
  • Beverly South Public Parking (216 S. Beverly Blvd.).

When parking, pay close attention to the signs because the fines are stiff and frequent for those who make a mistake ... do not park on Rodeo Drive because you see others do it, most likely those cars have special permits!

All parking in Beverly Hills

Park in theme parks

Each of the theme parks has its own parking, here are the prices:

Universal Studios

Universal Studios has parking with many options and price levels. Here is the detailed table:

General Parking

  • Before 17pm: $ 00
  • After 17pm: $ 00

Preferential parking - a few minutes walk from the park

  • Before 17pm: $ 00
  • After 17pm: $ 00

Front gate - the closest parking to the park: $ 60

For more details on parking in this park, I refer you to our in-depth information on where to park at Universal Studios Hollywood.


Parking spaces for Disneyland Park and California Adventure are well signposted and have a cost of $ 30 for cars and motorcycles.

In Disneyland there are many other different types of parking, if you are interested, I refer you to the information on the official website.

Warner Bros Studios

Warner Bros. Studios has ample parking for $ 15 per vehicle. The address to put in the navigator is 3400 Warner Blvd. Burbank.

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