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I don't like France but I recognize that Paris has its own charm and a certain beauty. Certainly? one of the cities? to see in life but being there already? been twice I would not have planned another trip to the French capital if my daughter had not repeatedly expressed a desire to see the Eiffel tower.
Knowing that the Parisian temperatures in winter are not pleasant, we left equipped with thermal clothing, gloves and woolen hats, especially useful when the wind wanted to be felt.

1 day

We landed at Beauvais airport in the morning at 9 and took the coach to Port Maillot. From there, the metro to the Champs Elisee and the bus to Montparnasse, where we had booked the hotel. The location of our small Parisian hotel? strategic state: an area full of non-tourist restaurants and shops, a couple of kilometers from the main monuments. Given the subway strike, being in the center saved our vacation.
After settling in the hotel, we went out for a walk that led us to the Jardin du Luxemburg and then to Notre Dame, passing through the Latin Quarter. The public transport strike has made our travels much more? slow and sudden rain forced us to return earlier than expected.

2 day

After breakfast, we visited the Montparnasse tower which offers a spectacular view of the city: then we chose a walk following a route found on the official tourism app in Paris, which allowed us to visit Saint Germane De Pres and immerse ourselves in the equivalent of our "Fuori Salone". We walked along the Seine passing under the Louvre museum and then we reached L'Ile De La Cit? Again, skirting the courthouse until we reached Notre Dame De Paris. The church ? still closed for the great fire that devastated it but outside? You can see the progress of the renovations.
We had the bad idea of ​​taking the RER to reach the Eiffel Tower: cause we actually have a strike? just wasted time, making most of the journey on foot anyway.
Despite having purchased tickets previously, access to the tower takes time for security checks to intensify - the basement, which was once freely accessible now? free access after checking and following a queue. We went up to the second floor of the tower (the top cannot be visited due to restorations) from which we admired the sunset over the Ville Lumiere.
Back down, we walked back to Montparnasse via the Champs Du Marte and Les Invalides.

3 day

Taking advantage of the temporary operation of the subway, we reached the Eiffel tower and from there? took the cruise on the Seine that we had already? booked up. A fascinating boat tour allowed us to see the main monuments overlooking the river and relax for an hour.
After crossing the river, have we approached the torch of Freedom? on the Alma tunnel and from there, along the rive gouche, we reached the gardens of La Tuillerie which led us to the Louvre. At the Louvre we met a demonstration and, walking together with the demonstrators, we reached L'Oper ?. We found an open metro and went up to Mont Matre, also taking advantage of the funicular to reach the Sacred Heart. Unfortunately, at the time of going back, the metro was closed again. What? we went down to Pigalle, stopping in front of the Moulin Rouge and then continuing on foot to the Quartieri Latini and, after having dinner, take a metro in front of the La Sorbonne headquarters and return to the hotel.

4 day

We woke up calmly and on leaving the hotel we discovered to our great delight that the subway was working! So, taking advantage of the proximity to Port Maillot, we went to visit La Defense.
Eventually we took the bus back to the airport and went home.

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