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This time I'll tell you about a slightly different journey ... more? light, if so? can you? say: we have been to Paris, and this being the third time we visit the? ville lumiere ?, we have decided to experience a holiday a little bit longer? carefree, without the still appreciated tours in the various museums and / or artistic-cultural sites that are certainly not lacking here! So no Louvre, no musee d? Orsay, no invalidees ... And so on! But just strolling through the boulevards, avenues and rue ... eat where we are? seemed better and more? convenient to do it ... and where we wanted to relive certain emotions, such as climbing the eiffel tower or taking a nice ride on the bateaux mouches, we didn't think twice about it!

1 day

We left from Palermo airport on Wednesday? July 20 at 10:30 and arrived at around 13 in Orly, a welcoming Parisian airport. All? We flew with Transavia, since? one of the few companies to offer, in addition to direct flights, at a decent time, a good quality / price ratio. Back with easyjet ... price more? high, but otherwise as above!

Temperature, on 20 July, below 20 degrees and a light drizzle that accompanied us for almost the entire period !!
From Orly south we reach terminal K to take the train? Orlyval ?, which costs a bang, 11? to the skull and the half? for the under 12s, and that brought us to the first stop of the RER blue line, antony. L? we immediately bought the? Paris Visit ?, which is good for all means (metro, Bus, RER, etc.) valid for zones 1, 2 and 3 (already with 1 and 2 you cover everything except Eurodiney!) 20,70? for 3 days and 29,70? for 5 days The half? for the under 12 ... But mind you: if you do it for example at 22.00, then it is only valid for 2 hours of that day, after which? shoot the other day, so evaluate well.

Speaking of the metro, a couple of thoughts I want to share with whoever you want? read this diary: I must say that even the metro, cos? like other sites, I was negatively impressed with poor care and cleanliness; the guys who work there and that you find at the entrance of each stop certainly do not break down to give you assistance if you ever need it! And again: beware that many lines are doubled and in some cases tripled during their journey, so identify your destination well and be careful not to make mistakes! In addition? of one occasion, despite ourselves, we discovered the interruptions of the line for work, for charity? instead they put bus lines, but if they were duly advertised in some sites you could still arrive from other lines ... so ready for this possibility too: Regarding the maps, I have printed different ones from the various sites, but be aware that as soon as you arrive you can easily ask the various information offices located in each station and they will give you more? large and detailed.

Let's get back to us: we booked at the Novotel place D? Italie, which is located about 500 m from the metro stops of porte d? Italie and the bicentre kremlin of line 7. The hotel? nice, nice clean and spacious rooms, large and modern common areas, excellent breakfast, good price ... but it overlooks a road of great communication and therefore not? exactly a poetic view that you can enjoy if you look out! The staff don't? very affable, they don't make the slightest effort to say a few words in Italian, and if you explain to them that you don't understand they go on with their explanations and goodnight. In addition? have tried to make me pay a figure relating to the tourist tax plus? high than I should have paid, and despite my grievances, only when the receptionist did? awakened from his state of trans, he gave me back the money that already? for humiliation I had paid him!

In short, after checking in at the hotel, let's go immediately to experience this new Parisian adventure !! First destination: Arc du Triomphe and Champs Elysees!
Too bad for the rain that has attacked us, but these places are always enchanting !! Thousands of people who, enraptured by the beauty of the place and the luxury of the shops here, go back and forth, up and down ... Right and left!
After taking a leap to the cyclopean D? Fense, we walked from Place de l? Etoile to place de la concorde, contemplating the hundreds of prestigious shop windows that mark every meter of this magnificent and unique street, and enjoyed all the beauty they offer. the Elysian fields!

So we decide to think about eating something and in doing so we approach the area of ​​our hotel: a place d? Italie. What at the expense of the name, of Italianity? has very little! ? an area full of gastronomic places of multiple cultures, c ?? spoiled for choice. In the end we opted for some pizza and some good kebab sandwiches. We return to the hotel at the end of a long, exciting and tiring day.

2 day

On the second day, the intent? clear: get to the Eiffel Tower early (metro stop: camp de mars) and avoid as much as possible? possible the long and proverbial lines to climb it, but between saying and doing ... The tower opens at 9.30, but already? at what time people? waiting for them (although it was still raining!), we arrive at about 10.00: an hour and a half in a row to buy tickets and get on.
Tickets for the third and top floor cost 13.40? for adults and 9,30? for children. This one, though? our third time,? an emotion we have chosen not to give up: seeing Paris from that perspective ... well, it's priceless!

Once on, the panorama will take you away? the breath, and pity there was no sun that Thursday? July 21, 2011 ...

Enjoying the unique show, we go down to go and see the adjacent Trocadero and take the usual photos of the tower in all the bizarre perspectives. As we move from one point to another, right at the foot of the trocadero climb, we find a caravan where they sell baguettes, crepes, drinks and so on ... now? the right one and then we get closer to meet our needs. I assure you that in addition to the very good taste of the crepes (never mind the price: 4? For a nice substantial fromage and jambon, 3? For one with Nutella!) You will also delight another sense: the view, why? the 2 madamoiselles that you will need are really nice!

Notice: the stretch of road that divides the tower from the trocadero? a teeming of dozens and dozens of figures who can be defined sinister? certainly an euphemism: cheaters who, with the excuse of the old game of three cards and the like, try to attract some unwary (unfortunately it seems that they succeed!) and a whole series of shady individuals who back them up waiting to cheat someone! You see them exchanging glances and nods of understanding as you pass them ... it soon becomes clear that if they see you? they hurt you! I have been all the way to keep an eye on them so that? weren't we? the chickens to pluck? that day ... and there? went well. the paradox? that 50 meters more? a mobile police station was parked below ... and they act undisturbed. Eyes open!

Next stop: Notre Dame!

Still in the rain we reach the metro to disembark at Notre Dame (metro stop: saint-michel? Notre dame), but we discover without too many niceties that the line? interrupted: then they make us get off without wasting time in long explanations, and we discover that in replacement c ?? a bus line that will take us? pi? or less in the same metro stop.
The way to the cathedral? really nice: clubs, nice people and very characteristic buildings. Beautiful the? Lady of Paris ?! The square ? crowded, the line to enter? very long! We enjoy it for a while sitting on a bench in front of the entrance, also why? for a while? it stopped raining ... truly sumptuous.

From? we continue for the? Oper? (metro stop: Oper?), the magnificent Parisian theater ... what to say? It really seems a hymn of gratitude to the art of the show! Here, too, the square and the stairs in front are full of tourists and not ... some artists perform in a street dance and I confess that they arouse the interest of the bystanders!

From there a few steps away stands the Madeleine, a huge church with very high Doric columns that takes the name of the neighborhood in which? was built, surrounded by a whole series of beautiful shops and bars / restaurants ... one for all: the famous Fauchon: destination for many foreign visitors, but not only, for the renowned goodness? of their gastronomic products and more, such as delicious sweets to take with you as a souvenir or gift.

Also in the area, easily reachable on foot, we find the Pyramid in front of the Louvre square: a modern work commissioned by the then President Mitterand to celebrate the bicentenary of the French revolution, in July 1989, which in addition to the aesthetic aspect, also acts as a main entrance to the museum. Beautiful.

IS? almost evening ... for dinner we had already? thought about going? fishing? something interesting in Rue Mouffetard: (Monge metro stop) picturesque narrow and long street which? dotted with gastronomic bars and souvenir shops. I advise you to go there for several reasons: the first? that you will certainly find the food you want at the price you want; with regard to souvenirs: we found that the prices of the products are certainly more? affordable compared to other areas, perhaps more? ? celebrate ?. We had dinner in a tiny, but very cute little place: Oroyona, run by a couple who speak Italian very well and offer good menus at lower prices. how affordable!

Long and intense day ... the feet demand rest: we return to the hotel.

3 day

Friday? July 22nd

Heaven a little more? terse (but it will only be the illusion of a couple of hours!), ideal condition to go early to the basilica of the Sacre Coeur (Anvers metro stop) exiting the metro to get to the steps of the basilica there? a small street, rue de steinkerque, where at the very beginning, in the right corner, c ?? the post caf? ... since? some of us wanted a good espresso, we thought that was the right place: nothing more? mistaken! Dearest, not at all friendly, the bathroom inside? for a fee (such a monstrosity hadn't happened to me yet, who knows? in the future ...), very dirty and very small! We took a bottle of water and they forced us to consume it on the spot since? the void had to be made, had they said it before ...! And as if that weren't enough, the coffee? it was nothing like our espresso !!! Vobis fairies ...

Rue de Steinkerque, in fact: a souvenir shop attached to the other and interesting prices, I must say. (Here and rue mouffetard you can buy your souvenirs better than elsewhere) And very picturesque! Here we are at the foot of the basilica, some of us use the funicular to get there, also why? ? included in our paris card, the rest climbs up the sumptuous staircase. This ? one of the most? beautiful than Paris ... more? interesting in the world! The basilica? something epic and the view from up here? ? only! And then many good artists perform in the square in front ... really very capable people!

Going down we proceed in the direction of place du teatre, just to stay on the subject of artists ... here you will find many, mostly painters?, Some really remarkably gifted. Of course the prices of their works are not in line with the site ... but more? what else from art gallery! Little artists grow up ... Beautiful square, many colors and beautiful clubs, but you can hardly move, for how many people are there ?!

Now in Montmartre.

Boulevard de Montmarte? very beautifull! C ,? lots of commerce and thousands of people looking for what to buy or eat! Our destination, even here in Paris,? at nr 11: L? Hard Rock caf? ... I must say that the local? quite large, well organized, but the part dedicated to the shopping of merchandising products? really tiny and not very assorted! However we find there? that we wanted and we go away ... Leaving here, about ten meters away, we find a boulangerie where they offer menus with baguettes, drinks and desserts at 8? about ... okay, we sit down and have lunch. Not bad for a quick and easy meal!

Walk around Pigalle ... but if you want, unless you are interested in the topic? Sex ?, you could also avoid it in favor of other places!

We remember reading, thanks to some other pious soul who wanted to write and share their travel diary before us, that Friday? at Galeries Lafayette there are parades and offers on souvenirs, it is raining ... so let's go, if nothing else we can shelter! 6 huge shopping floors to do! High-ranking brands ... and exclusive products ... such as prices! We take some small souvenirs and then, before going out, we go up to the eighth floor where we advise you to go. from? you will enjoy an unmissable panorama: seeing is believing!

Again in the metro direction Place de la Bastille, to see the square, in fact, but also the picturesque and medieval Marais district l? nearby: very elegant area full of bars and typical clubs, where you will find the famous Place de Vosges: square-park surrounded by a perfect quadrilateral of arcades and ancient buildings where dozens of art galleries, tables of restaurants / bars and the house that once belonged to Victor Hugo.

To continue the tour we thought of rue de riFlights, then with the metro we get off at? Chatelet ?. As we walk along rue saint denis, immediately after exiting the metro, we notice a pizzeria at number 14, Mimmo, which, apart from the Italian name, attracts us for the pleasant appearance of their pizzas, served at the tables along the street, and for a sign where they advertise some of their offers: including, pizza of your choice and a large drink a little more? of 11 ?; and salmon tagliatelle at 11? ... to keep in mind for the upcoming dinner!

We continue in rue de riFlights up to the beautiful Tuilerie gardens and then we go back ... since? hunger pangs are felt! The? Pizzeria Mimmo? remains our choice for dinner: it fits perfectly, we must say! Excellent pizza, exactly like the one we are used to eating in our house, but the non plus-ultra was the tagliatelle with fresh salmon! Huge portions and dish presentation, flavor and quality? excellent ingredients! Let us know that some of them speak Italian well and are very nice and helpful (unfortunately for us we have not found much like this in Paris ...) and you will understand that c? everything you need for one of your gastronomic stops: When they brought us the bill they explained to us that 2 of the drinks we had taken they wanted to offer them ... gesture much appreciated not only, of course, for the savings per se , but why? you will see at your expense that of these outbursts of generosity? in Parisian clubs you will rarely find them !!

We are going to spend the last Parisian evening ... what could make it memorable? Of course! An evening cruise aboard the bateaux mouches! We go to the pont de l? Alma, metro station of the same name, (also here the line is interrupted and continue by bus ...) we go down already? in the seine and we do the tickets for the cruise, the costs are: 11 and for adults and the half? for under 12 ...

The cruise lasts a little longer? of an? hour ... the evening? very cool, but still we fill the armchairs on the open upper deck (except then someone folds down under cover!). Every time we passed under a bridge or where there were clubs along the Seine, people greeted us warmly, obtaining an even more? warm greeting of reply! But the particularity? of that cruise made specifically at that time? the possibility? to see, and then photograph, the monuments and not only those, illuminated in the evening !! Above all, the Eiffel Tower: what if during the day? spectacular in the evening? indescribable!! And from that perspective you will see that you will be captivated ... I personally think I have taken over 100 photos to be able to review it from every angle!

At around 23pm our river tour ends ... and with it our third Parisian visit. Who knows? if it will be? the last one ... boh?

We return to the hotel, also why? the Metro ? operational until the minuit (midnight), and someone before me wrote that in the late hours the metro does not? very? well attended ?.

4 day

Saturday July 23th

After breakfast we check out at the hotel ... au revoir, Paris (?)

The following days, until Monday, we spend them at Disneyland Paris, which we reach with the red RER until the last stop which is dedicated to the park. We also stayed at Sequoia Lodge this time (also for the park? Our third visit ...). What about the park? characters, sets, shows, rides, parades, pyrotechnic games, fast food type food, a lot of cordiality? (at least here !!) ... And? children's paradise: but not only for them, in some ways! We move away from real life and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world ... (and who wouldn't need it?) Of course, long lines and a bit unnerving waits? risk to interrupt this idyll, cos? like the prices adopted inside the park, but everything was abundantly foreseen, and if we are here? why? we wanted to be there ... to see and enjoy the joy of our children and make them dream.

Here too, for the whole day of Saturday the rain has even increased in intensity, but luckily on Sunday it wanted to give us the only sunny day of the whole holiday!

5 day

Here time flows differently ... more? slowly, I would say ... but the end of the holiday arrives anyway: Monday? after breakfast we wait for the bus that for 18? adults and 15? children, takes us directly to Orly airport, very comfortable and you don't spend more? of metro-rer-orlyval etc ... without counting the effort and stress saved! The only caution: make sure if you have to get off at the south terminal or the west terminal ... but badly it goes c? a free internal shuttle that connects the 2 airport stations.

At 13,10 pm we leave on board the punctual easyjet, we arrive in Palermo at 15,30, on time.

I hope that someone can appreciate what is written here for the main purpose of being able to indicate, who would like to? embark on a journey, some details that can be useful to improve your stay!

Happy Holidays to all

Until next time ...


Peppe, Franco, Giovanna, Laura, Marco, Alessandro and Serena

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