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    What's the best way to see New York? Enjoying the skyline from a boat? See the skyscrapers from above on board a helicopter? Traveling on the roof of an open bus? From whatever perspective you look at it, New York will always give its best.

    Staten Island Ferry: where to take you, times, duration and route

    Flora Lufrano

    Among the free activities to do in New York, one of the most suggestive is certainly to take the Staten Island Ferry. Climbing aboard the ferry, seeing the New York skyline as you move away from Manhattan, and passing by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The fact that everything is free only adds to its charm! What is the Staten Island Ferry? The Staten Island Ferry is a ferry that connects Manhattan…

    New York by boat: Circle Line, Hudson River and Statue of Liberty cruises

    Filippo Nardelli

    Cruises along the East River and Hudson River are the most popular among the tours to visit New York. This is because, in addition to using an undoubtedly fascinating mode, they allow you to enjoy the city skyline from a suggestive and privileged position. It is therefore easy to understand how, together with helicopter tours over New York, this activity is increasingly chosen by tourists who visit the city. As you can imagine the companies that offer tours of ...

    NYC Helicopter Ride: Tour over the skies of Manhattan

    Bernardo Pacini

    Visiting New York is an experience that can take on many nuances: there are those who decide to explore it by subway from station to station, or those who prefer to travel it from top to bottom on foot, enjoying the very special atmosphere of the great American metropolis, or even those who prefer to get on a boat and observe the famous skyline with the lapping of the sea in the background, a step away from the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge ... In short, in terms of tours, New York is not ...

    New York by helicopter: how to choose a flight tour over Manhattan

    Bernardo Pacini

    How many times have we heard of the New York skyline! We saw him scroll on the screens of our cinemas, in the sequences of Hollywood films, and his show won us over immediately: the charm of the imposing geometry of the skyscrapers that rise above the sea and aim straight at the clouds, the profile of the bridge of Brooklyn, the majesty of the Statue of Liberty, and who knows what else. What if we told you that you could see it with your own eyes, and straight from the New York sky? For…

    New York Hop-on Hop-off Bus: What's the Best Deal?

    Bernardo Pacini

    New York, the most famous metropolis in the world, hosts millions and millions of tourists every year, but it would be difficult to find even one of them who admits to having been able to see everything - absolutely everything - that was planned. Everyone adopts different strategies: targeted visits, hasty tours between one meter and another, amazing daily walking programs, often ready to go up in smoke at the first inconvenience. Here then arises the need to move easily throughout the ...

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