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One of my dreams? to move to live in the English countryside, or rather, it was until some time ago, now, after visiting Brittany and Normandy, the will? ? to move to a city? overlooking the sea, precisely of Northern France.

Anyway, the passion for the English countryside,? still well rooted in me and therefore a bit? at a time I'm visiting it all, the idea this time was to dedicate ourselves to South England. We didn't have much time, six days, so it was impossible to do all the south from Kent to Cornivaglia and so we dedicated ourselves to the south-east with a taste of Somerset and Cotswold.

But let's come to us, we land around 10.00 at Stansted, don't we? the nearest airport comfortable but became the most? convenient for our dates, and we immediately go to pick up our rental car and here comes the best part, we regret not having taken the car with the automatic transmission, why? the biggest problem is not? drive on the opposite side, take the roundabouts in reverse, etc., for this just follow the other cars, the real problem, for who not? left-handed,? change with the left.

1 day

Whistable? Kent (80 miles from Stansted)?
For the first night I booked accommodation in Dover, but we have some stops along the way and the first? Whistable, a town 12 kilometers from Canterbury on the southwest coast, famous for its oysters. As oyster enthusiasts, we could not do without an aperitif based on oysters and local beer.
After a walk along the central streets dotted with quaint shops and pubs, we had lunch in the famous The Old Neptune, a pub on the Island Wall, the nearest street. close to the sea where we ate Fish and Chips, accompanied by another pint of beer.
It should be noted that Island Wall owes its celebrity? to the numerous buildings of the half? from the 1824th century, built with the proceeds of a rescue at sea of ​​a ship carrying silver dollars, the Old Neptune pub seems to be among the various buildings. One of the last oyster-fishing boats in the area is also worth seeing. , the Favorite built in .
After a visit to the beach, we leave.

Canterbury? Kent (7 miles from Whistable)
Towards the middle? afternoon we arrive in Canterbury, famous for its Cathedral. We had been advised to take a guided tour, but due to time issues we can't and, among other things, the real stroke of luck would be to attend a sung mass so that we can hear the voices of the choir more? prestigious of England.
Canterbury? a lively medieval town, strolling through its cobbled streets where ancient houses seem to stand up by a miracle,? an experience to do at least once in a lifetime, how to take tea in one of the many clubs, and in fact here we have granted ourselves the first tea of ​​this visit to British soil.
If you have time, discover Canterbury in a truly unique way, for less than 10 GBP with Canterbury Historic River Tours (March to October)? It is possible to visit the town through its canals, which flow placidly between ancient buildings, Tudor residences and islets on which rise th century Franciscan chapels.

Dover? Kent (18 miles from Canterbury)
We arrive in Dover what? dark, after having found the hotel and checked-in, we go to the center, where we have not been able to eat in a pub. We went to The White Horse, and found out that after 20.00pm no? pi? possible. Closed kitchen. We tried another pub, but nothing. Kitchens in the north are known to close early, but here too early! We had to eat a pizza in an Italian restaurant! For us a half drama and not why? the pizza was bad, after all? only that as insiders we prefer to eat typical even where there is no ?? haute cuisine.

2 day

The next morning we head immediately to the cliffs of Dover, The White Cliff, the extraordinary limestone formations overlooking the sea overlooking the English Channel. Once a natural fortress that stood massive against the enemies of the Crown, today a crossroads of ships loaded with tourists and more.
The show ? incredible and the view of the cliffs is worth the stop in Dover. Visit them? quite simple, you get to a parking lot and then from there, through the entrance gate - where you will be welcomed by beautiful horses left in the wild. - continue with a walk (about an hour) that leads to the old Dover Lighthouse, South Foreland Lighthouse, the show? incredible despite the gray day. Along the park the route? marked by the passage of pedestrians, from time to time? possible to reach the extremity? of the cliffs and, if you do not suffer from vertigo, attend the unique spectacle of the cliffs that rise sheer to the sea. Please keep a safe distance !!? From this point you can enjoy the view of the port and the comings and goings of ships from France.
We wanted to visit dover Castle, the most? great of England, a gargantuan fortification dating back to Roman times, which became a castle in the Middle Ages, it seems. Also known for being the backdrop to some scenes in the film Hamlet with Mel Gibson. We left it alone why? c? was to wait and the ticket a bit? expensive in our opinion, £ 22,00.

Sandwich? Kent (14 miles from Dover)
Before continuing our journey and reaching Sussex is it urgent to go back a bit? back and we go to visit Sandwich, exactly like the sandwich that seems to have been invented here. Having failed the day before, we could not miss this enchanting location. Small medieval village that is not very busy but really cute and characteristic, here too pubs and many typical shops, in one of which, a French shop, we went in for a sweet snack since we had only had coffee? at breakfast and why? he really deserved it for the products he had.

Rye? East Sussex (50 miles from Dover)
Along the way that will take us? in Brighton where we will spend the night, we have some? of stages to do the first? Rye, where there is no shortage of tourists, but? Sunday morning, anyway? one of the most? love and visit England.
This fortified town is built on a hill, once surrounded almost entirely by the sea (now it is about 3 kilometers),? truly picturesque. Here too a high concentration of history. Narrow cobbled alleys, ancient half-timbered houses, ivy and lots of ivy, there is no shortage of interesting shops, historic pubs, tea rooms, inns, cafes, restaurants one more. characteristic of the other, in one of these very old restaurants Fletcher? s House, we ate Sunday lunch.
Musicians, artists and celebrities? have made Rye their home, a medieval refuge, even Kings and Queens seem to have stayed within the walls of the ancient hotels of the village, but also gangs of criminals such as the infamous Hawkhurst gang, which thanks to secret passages, carried out smuggling trafficking between 1735 and 1749.
The town boasts the church and the ancient tower in which one of the oldest bells still rings. If you want to spend the night in Rye, an excellent solution for an unforgettable stay with a period atmosphere ?? The Mermaid Inn is one of the most beautiful in the world. ancient hotels.

Seven Sister - East Sussex (35 miles from Rye)
We continue along the coast, which alternates white limestone cliffs with long sandy beaches, in the direction of other white cliffs, those of Seven Sister (Eastbourne district). There are seven cliffs overlooking the Channel, in my opinion, much more? beautiful than those of Dover. Dress properly, wear pashmina around your neck why? the wind is king but the view? the end of the world. The cliffs can be reached with a few minutes' walk from the parking lot. Adjacent to the parking c ?? there is also a restaurant where you can take refreshments with an adjoining cute shop of hand-made souvenirs and the houses in the park are also very beautiful, enjoying a breathtaking view, which makes you want to move.
With a walk you can? to reach the red and white banded lighthouse of Beachy Head and the respective? the promontory, the pi? tall in the United Kingdom, which for this very reason is, unfortunately, infamous why? also frequented by people who want to take their own life, throwing themselves into the sea. The height leaves no way out. Every year, a specialized team that oversees the day and night area, foils more? of 300 suicides. Maybe this one? the reason they are there are numerous crosses attached to the ground.

Brighton - East Sussex (15 miles from Seven Sister)
We arrive in Brighton at about 17.30 pm, just long enough to find street parking (from 18 pm to 9.00 am parking is not paid) fortunately near the hotel, and enter that it starts to rain. I had booked the Queen Hotel & Spa from home, on the seafront with a panoramic view of the English Channel and in the heart of the Lanes, so convenient to the beach but also to clubs, shops and restaurants.
After a shower and a while? to relax, in the meantime it has stopped raining, but just for the moment, let's go out to discover the town, definitely a trendy, cozy and very pretty, lively and colorful place. There are many shops with creative windows, design, caf? hipsters, pubs and restaurants.
The North Laine area is full of street art, like the surrounding areas, at every corner murals and graffiti, very beautiful and well done, real outdoor paintings that make the city? even more? colored.
After an aperitif at the Plateau, one of the many trendy places, just behind our hotel we agree to look for a place for dinner that reflects our needs, since we had to eat a pizza the night before?
I state that my partner and I are two gourmets, so is dinner time, in particular,? very important, for lunch we are satisfied with something quick but dinner? My partner has a wine shop and works most evenings and weekends, so in the few free moments the food and wine must be of quality, like a little bit of wine. for all those in the sector, the little free time and aptitude, the so-called? professional deformation? lead you to be like this, this? the reason why I try to save on air flights and vehicle rental why? then the accommodation must be pleasant and the goliardic stops always affect a lot in our travels.
And here it starts to rain again, even copiously, and we went out without umbrella? In England, two Mamluk It becomes impossible to calmly search for a restaurant. After ten minutes spent running and taking shelter here and there, we arrive in a small street dotted with restaurants and choose the one that inspires us the most, it is called Semolina and? a French bistro, so s? after the involuntary aperitif at the Plateau where for? we drank English: gin and tonic, we choose a French restaurant.? What a gourmet are you !? (I invite you to read my book to understand) Will you say that you eat Italian (it was a coincidence) and French in England !? Joking aside, we ate really well and drank an excellent bottle of French wine, our favorite country in terms of wine.?You will notice from now on Anglo-Saxon pubs or restaurants, our philosophy? eat well and typical, even where the kitchen is not? the highlight, in this specific case England.

3 day

The next morning after the inevitable walk in the elegant pebble beach of Brighton, the favorite of Londoners, where I was fascinated by the colorful houses on the beach, we take a quick detour at the most. famous of the Piers, that of Brighton which? the pi? famous, the Piers were very popular in the Victorian era and there are only half of them left since then, some with an uncertain future. And then go and see them until? resist!
Anyway, stroll along this pier full of attractions, from the slide overlooking the ocean, to the roller coaster, as well as the kiosks? a quite particular experience, also for the point of view it offers both towards the ocean and towards the coast, unfortunately the day is not? of the best but still we enjoy a good show.

Arundel? West Sussex (13 miles from Brighton)
In the late morning we resume our journey, the destination for the night will be? Salisbury but obviously other stops await us along the way, other discoveries. We make the first quick stop in Worthing, here too the energy of the Pier kidnaps us and we stop in one of the bars on the pier for two beers; we continue the journey and arrive in Arundel, when? out on a beautiful sunny day, of that hot sun you don't expect in Britain this season.
We head towards the Castle but we can only see it from outside why? being private? closed in less touristy periods, the view from the outside and the surrounding environment of the castle are anyway from fairytale: the Tudor-style houses, the imposing Cathedral, the cottages that are reflected on the waters of the river that crosses the village, on the edge of the which small boats are moored.
We park in the central area and go looking for a place to eat, the town? really pretty, every house? adorned with flowers, the well-kept shops and with the characteristic signs. After a careful exploration of the premises of the center we decide for Belinda? S Tearoom, a characteristic tea house. a central street scattered with interested houses. The offer? very varied, we see steaming dishes with an irresistible scent pass by, but we focus on beer and sandwiches in order to keep hungry for the evening, we wait a couple of hours in the car and we prefer to stay light.

Salisbury? Wiltshire (53 miles from Arundel)
We leave again in the direction of Salisbury, leaving out Portsmouth and Southampton, unfortunately the weather does not allow us to stop in the city? cos? large, and in any case we prefer small villages. We only make a small stop in Chircester which is about ten miles from Arundel. Chircester? a city with an English style, dynamic, and we discover that? the only city in England to have the bell tower detached from the Cathedral.
We arrive in Salisbury at about seventeen and park in a paid parking lot on the street, which will soon be? free, not far from the accommodation.? We enter the Qudos pub? and check in, for 5,50 pounds we also take breakfast for the next day, the overnight stay? cost 62 pounds. Once in the room the pleasant surprise, the room? even more? beautiful that in the photo, recently renovated very comfortable beds, we have 2 singles, I booked the room along the way, just before arrival. Street view but excellent insulation, nothing is heard n? coming from the street, n? from the pub below. Shower and off to the streets of the city.
Salisbury's choice? dictated by the will? to see Stonehenge the next day and therefore it became a comfortable solution, plus it has a lot of nice pubs, anyway? a nice and very quiet town, even if only a few days ago here I was killed, apparently by poisoning, a former Russian spy and his daughter. The city? ? still in shock for what happened.
We immediately head to Market Square, a few minutes from our accommodation, around which the whole center develops, obviously many pubs, after a walk in the area we decide to stop for a couple of beers since? aperitif time, among the various pubs we first choose the very central Ox Row Inn, very nice with fairly recent furnishings and then the Market Inn, next to it, also with recent furnishings, in both we consult the menu, but in the end we decide to have dinner in the pub where we are staying.
After all, not? This is the advantage of staying in an inn: the one with the attached pub serving you mugs of beer and a good meal before you go to bed early ?.
Actually, we didn't go to bed early, and we went through one of the more? beautiful evenings of the holiday, conquered by the music offered by the place and precisely the jam sessions. Virtuous musicians who alternated on stage forming bands that are always different and very interesting.

4 day

After the traditional English breakfast, we load the luggage into the car and take a last tour in the center to discover its liveliness. Intrigued by what we read about the pub more? old man of the city?:? The Haunch of Venison, we decide to enter to indulge in a refreshing beer and browse ,? however one of the best pubs in the area: it has received several awards, it dates back to at least the fourteenth century, a time when it was an inn where laborers and craftsmen who worked on the construction of the Cathedral were housed. In more times? recently, it is said, it was even frequented by Churchill and Eisenhower, who apparently met here to organize the landing in Normandy. The pub in addition to the antique wooden furniture, boasts numerous? Relics? including a mummified human hand, which is said to have been cut off in the eighteenth century to a card player why? was cheating, and what? exposed to the public. It seems that the place is haunted by the ghost of the cheater, whose presence is felt through the sound of footsteps along the stairs and the movement of dirty glasses. In addition to this, a woman's ghost would be seen appearing in the windows. So what if you want to have a pint in a truly atmospheric setting? the right place.

Stonehenge? Wiltshire (9,3 miles from Salisbury)
We arrive at Stonehenge around lunchtime, we buy the ticket and after seeing the ancient thatched houses (bungalows) near the accommodation area, we walk towards the? Buildings? of rock, buses are also available but the route is not? excessive and therefore we preferred to rely on our legs for the journey.
The sky full of clouds offers an even more spectacle? suggestive, I take an infinite number of photos. Are we there? together with other tourists in absolute silence, invaded by amazement to admire the Neolithic complex consisting of some megaliths, and you cannot help but think how it was possible, in that period (between 2500 BC and 2000 BC), to erect these rocks in position vertical which have a weight of 25/50 tons.
After centuries, there are still many unanswered questions about Stonehenge, such as: who realized? the complex?? And for what reason? But above all, what? the real meaning of this site? These are mysteries that have not yet received an answer, although recently scientists have managed to uncover new details regarding the construction of the site, which reveal that the giant boulders, according to some surveys, come from a site that is located 30 kilometers away, while the smaller ones arrive from an area of ​​Wales and transported by sleds pulled by dozens of men and slipped on wooden rollers. Hundreds of people from neighboring villages participated in the construction. This is shown by the remains of ancient stalls found in the settlement of Durrington Walls near Stonehenge, which served to attract the workers who had to transport the boulders. For experts, the construction of Stonehenge at the time was an exceptional event that involved many people and confer? great prestige to neighboring villages.
Stonehenge: Great! Fascinated! Incomprehensible!
We return to the parking lot with the bus and despite our appetite we decide not to stop to eat in the accommodation but to stop along the road towards Bath.

Bath? Sommerset (39 miles from Salisbury)
On the way to Bath (small villages) actually? given the time, past 14.00, we did not find much? open to eat and then arrived in Bath we head directly to the hotel, also booked along the way on Booking.com. The choice of the hotel? fit perfectly, the beautiful boutique hotel No 15 Great Pulteney
We parked in the street in front of the hotel and entered, after a few moments of rapture to admire the beauty and details of the entrance and the living room that doubles as a reception, we checked in, they asked us where we had parked and they went busy regulating the parking through the internet, we have simply communicated the license plate of the rental car.
The young lady takes us to the room and? beautiful, we have booked the cozy double room, the most? cheap (£ 75 thanks to an offer and the "frequent travelers" discount) as a compact room, I can't imagine the suites, of which I obviously went to see the photos.
After arranging the luggage and taking a shower, we go down and still not having satisfied our hunger, to do honor to the territory we opt for a characteristic afternoon tea an experience that I face for the first time, but that promises to be a fantastic experience . I am sure given the elegance and good taste of the environment that surrounds us, the moment will be? really exceptional and so? ?!
Do the British know how to sip tea? at all hours, ne? proves the fact that every hotel room? equipped with kettle, cups and all that? that ? necessary to prepare the famous English drink. But let's forget about the traditional t? and biscuits why? the famous afternoon tea turns out to be a fairytale experience. Generally for two, also why? a moment to have a chat to share, a bit? like our aperitif hour. It starts with a flute of bubbles to continue with a triple backsplash with a shelf with sandwiches and canapés, one with scones, butter and jams and finally one with sweets. After the glass of wine we move on to the exquisite tea? hot, in our case there was a well-stocked selection of teas.
With a full stomach, even to work off, we head to the center of Bath, the hotel is only 300 meters from Pulteney Bridge and from there. we arrive at the spa and throughout the central area. Bath? really beautiful, elegant, imposing, the gold color of the stones with which almost all the buildings in the city are built? that together are something spectacular and its cultural richness? truly enviable. For its historical significance, its cultural heritage and its architectural value Bath? been declared a World Heritage Site? UNESCO.
Founded by the Romans as a spa, given that Britain's only natural hot springs gush there, it also became an important social gathering, which in the eighteenth century and? encountered a strong building development becoming an extraordinary example of Georgian architecture.
The queue to visit the Roman Baths? remarkable, we will try again the next day, as for the archaeological museum. C ?? lots to see in Bath: iconic Georgian buildings and neighborhoods such as the Royal Crescent, Circus, Queen Square and the Assembly Rooms; museums such as the Museum of Bath Architecture, No 1 Royal Crescent, the Fashion Museum, the Holburne Museum and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, exhibition housed in the home of the famous astronomer William Herschel and of course the Jane Austen Center that we will visit tomorrow morning .
Yes ? after dark and the city? ? even more? beautiful, the squares and alleys enlivened by people outside the clubs, make it elegant and lively at the same time, we too enter one of the many pubs for a beer-based aperitif, of course.
We go back to the hotel for dinner, we booked in the restaurant in the basement of the hotel. Needless to say, even the restaurant's furnishings respect the standards of boutique hotels? very refined, the menu is not very rich but the dishes all seem interesting, we order an appetizer and second course and, from the wine list, a bottle of Pinot Noir Chileno.After dinner we indulge in two gin and tonics in the beautiful hotel bar and then off to bed.

5 day

The next morning we spend it around Bath to see some? of attractions that we had not been able to see the day before, towards one we stop in a pub to have a sandwich and then continue towards Castel Combe, in the Costwolds.

Combe Castle? Wiltshire, Cotswolds (15,3 miles from Bath)
In forty minutes we arrive at Castel Combe, a magnificent, fairytale place,
As soon as you arrive, the feeling? that of being back in time, the fairytale atmosphere? palpable. Incredible silence! That swarm of ancient stone cottages with sloping roofs and double chimneys, in perfect English style, some overlooking the river, others surrounded by green gardens and most on either side of the main street: Water Street (The water street), give life in one of the English villages and, perhaps, in the world more? absolutely beautiful.
The life of the small village revolves around the old bridge that crosses the Bybrook river and the square characterized by the Village pound, the fenced stone structure typical of medieval villages, where once they locked up lost animals and which, the legitimate owners, to get them back, they had to pay a fine.
In the square the Village Pound and view of the Church
We (me: Sabina and my partner: Alan) reached Castel Combe from Bath, another place full of charm, after a drive of about half an hour. The idea was to visit the small characteristic town? and head elsewhere, but at the sight of that enchanting village, in concert we decided to look for accommodation for the night, we could not miss the opportunity to spend at least one evening in Castel Combe? enjoy that unique atmosphere that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. To put it all, the idea was that of a definitive transfer on site or at least for a few years, but we are satisfied, perhaps only for the moment. There I immediately found a refuge for writers, a refuge for myself, I thought that in that enchanting corner of the world my imagination would have certain nourishment.
Through Booking.com we found a room in the very central Castle Inn, a pub with rooms, at a very reasonable price, among other things, overnight stay in a room with a four-poster bed overlooking the square and breakfast for the sum of 115,00 pounds. , and in a place where housing can be counted on the fingers of one hand is not it? too much.
On our arrival we were asked if we wanted to make a reservation for dinner in the pub and we did as we didn't seem to have seen many restaurants around, actually. we only found one other pub. We ate well and spent the right amount.
The other pub? the White Hurt, where you can taste excellent beer and specialties? of British cuisine.
Castle Combe? a village inhabited by less than four hundred souls in the County of Wiltshire, located in the fascinating Costwolds, a hilly area of ​​rare beauty, considered the quintessence of the English spirit; has ancient origins, the first settlement dates back to the British who built a fortress there, later with the occupation of the Romans and the Normans this fortress was transformed into a huge castle that dominated the town, to the north of the village there are a few remains.
In the Middle Ages it was one of the major sheep-breeding and wool processing centers in south-west England,? It is possible to see the weavers' houses called: Weaver? s cottage or Weaver? s Houses, which are still in excellent condition, practically intact. Do not miss to go and find them, they are really beautiful.
Thanks to the beauty of its houses, considered historical monuments and safeguarded by strict rules, Castel Combe attracts many tourists, I must say respectful, polite and quite silent, fortunately adapted to the context, at least on that occasion.
Among the things to see the Church, St. Andrew? S Church, built in the 1850th century, then enlarged in the th century and finally completed in the th century with the completion of the tower; in it underwent an impressive restoration. Are there very ancient tombs in the garden of the Church, mostly? in ruins, in the church there is also the tomb of Baron Sir Walter de Dunstanville, crusader and lord of the fief of Combe who died in battle, to note his very particular statue of a Norman knight.
Will it be enough for you? raise your head and look to admire the beautiful tower with the wrought iron astronomical clock. The "P? antique of the United Kingdom.
C ?? then the Dower House, a particular house famous for being the location of the film? Doctor Doolittle? of 1967.
The inevitable walk in the main street, among ancient and beautiful houses, flowers and timeless atmospheres, leads to the enchanting bridge over the Bybrook river, one of the most beautiful. photographed of the planet, near the bridge also Manor House, an ancient country house (five star hotel), built in the fourteenth century.
If you can't afford a night in one of the fabulous suites, a fantastic and exclusive experience would be to have the traditional afternoon tea inside.
In short, lots of chatter to tell you: go there, go there and go there as soon as possible!

6 day

We leave from Castel Combe towards Bilbury, another fairytale village and another village that deserves a separate article, but the problem? that I'm not behind it, I have an endless list of places to tell and new ones are constantly being added, fortunately? but many remain in my memories.

Bibury? Gloucestershire, Cotswolds (32,3 miles from Combe Castle)
At the moment I will tell you briefly then who knows? Bibury immediately enchants as you arrive in Arlington Row, for the rows of dark brick cottages dating back to the fourteenth century that flank it and which give a romantic and suggestive charm to the place. surrounded by greenery, on the other side of the road the river flows placidly.
The artist William Morris defined it? is the pi? beautiful village in the Cotswolds ?, and the reasons are clear in a moment. Time seems to have stopped in Bibury as well as in Castel Combe. The village has just 600 residents, although the welcome is not lacking, many cottages have been transformed into hotels and? therefore possible to stay out of time. Here too? came the idea to stop for a night but unfortunately the time available to us is running out, we are almost on the way back. In any case we have promised ourselves to do the Cotswold with the due calm.
We enjoy a walk along the River Coln and along the way we have already? identified the hotel for the next visit,? the Swan Hotel which occupies a beautiful building covered with ivy which stands on the banks of the river. The walk along the River Coln infuses peace and relaxation and expresses all serenity. of the landscape. The watercourse? the natural habitat of numerous trout and, we discover that in the area, there are several fish farms.

Windsor? Berkshire (69 miles Bibury)
We pass through Oxford but we have to leave it for another time. When we arrive in Windsor we have not yet booked the hotel, the average price? high enough and the choice is not? simple.
I won't tell you about the hotel why? ? cost too much for how it was, in particular, taking into account the hotels in which we stayed during the rest of the holiday. The photos did not make it clear how small the room was, read an armchair on the wall and take turns to walk, I immediately ask for a change with a smaller room. great. Also recently renovated but without taste and not exactly clean, a lot of dust.
We take a shower and immediately go out to discover Windsor. When we hear the name Windsor the first thought goes to the royal house of the United Kingdom.? The name was clearly inspired by Windsor Castle which for centuries? significant emblem and home of the British monarchy.? An imposing and suggestive castle surrounded by greenery that extends to the center of the town,? late to visit it and therefore we will do it tomorrow, in the meantime we take a walk in the green. The castle ? connected by a long tree-lined avenue to Windsor Great Park, an immense and unspoiled park. The walk leading to the park is called the Long Walk. Created in 1685 by Charles II, it was used as a horse trail that led from the castle to Lake Virginia Water.
A truly incredible walk that will lead you? to a park of about 2000 hectares where you can admire a rich fauna among the imposing oaks. Inside the park there is also Frogmore House, a seventeenth century country residence that? open to the public on certain days of the year.
Before dinner we allow ourselves a tour through the streets of the city, in the pedestrian area between Peascod Street, King Edward Court and Windsor Royal Shopping, where the atmosphere? quiet but bright, c ?? really spoiled for choice among the many shops and shops of typical products. We bought two prefect English-style plaid scarves in a small shop next to the Town Hall, in the area of ​​well-preserved buildings dating back to the th century.
We have dinner in a pub in a small street near the castle, The Dechess of Cambrige, very nice, in our last English evening we ate Fish and chips and Guinness, excellent value for money. price, and then to bed.


7 day

After breakfast on our last day across the Channel (in the evening we have the flight) we go to the Castle. There have been 39 British monarchs and today the royal rooms that have accumulated a large number of works of art of great value. Belonging to the Royal Collection paintings by Rembrandts, Rubens and Canaletto.? In the park of 11 hectares of the castle c ?? the Chapel of Saint George, a wonderful example of English Gothic architecture, which houses the remains of most of the English sovereigns. It is also worthwhile to witness the changing of the Guard here every day from April to July and alternate days from August in March, except on Sundays. Can you? assist by presenting the entrance ticket to the castle.
And here I stop with the story, I cannot tell you everything.

So!? What are you waiting for? Discover England with its green countryside, its magnificent coasts and all the wonders it has to offer!

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