Our vacation in Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic

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We tell you about our week-long vacation in the Dominican Republic!
Between so much blue sea, relaxation and excursions, we will give you tips on how to have fun!

1 day

Saturday 18 February, at 14:20 pm, we left Malpensa and after 10 hours of flight from Neos (a good company for being low cost), we landed at La Romana airport at 19:20 pm (local time).
Visa and passport control? was very fast also why? luckily at that time there were no other flights landed besides ours.
Outside the airport there was Debora, Condor operator who was waiting for us to accompany us to the Village and leaving us a welcome letter informing us of the Briefing for the next day.
In 20 minutes we were finally at Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach and after the room assignment procedure (quick and optimal) we were accompanied to our garden view bungalow which pleasantly surprised us by the size of the room and newly renovated.
Thanks to the very kind collaboration with the Village, we received 2 T-Shirts with the Viva Wyndham Resort Logo and reservations at the 3 restaurants at the Viva Dominicus Beach Card.
At this point we immediately headed to the main buffet restaurant, La Terrazza, to eat a little something but then the tiredness of the journey? made to feel and we went to rest.

2 day

Sunday morning, February 19th and Ruggero's birthday (!!!) the day? started with the rain which unfortunately? continued with various showers all day?
After breakfast we took a walk on the beach (even with clouds and rain, after all we are in the Caribbean!) Until we arrived at La Roca, a delightful outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea, what for breakfast and lunch? a Buffet restaurant and instead in the evening it becomes one of the à la carte restaurants, with Mediterranean cuisine which among other things? our first reservation for that very evening.

At 10 am meeting with Debora della Condor who, in a very prepared and helpful way, gave us all the useful information about the structure, the local currency and all the available excursions (where did we choose the excursion to the Saona Island for Wednesday?) .
We then took advantage of this bad day that did not want to give us respite to turn ap? our whole village (Viva Dominicus Beach) and the adjacent one (Viva Dominicus Palace) what? the version pi? small and superior. Dinner at La Roca? been very good, well served and satisfying. For after dinner, every evening at 21:45 pm at the Theater, the animation of the Viva puts on a live show, a different one every evening and all very pleasant and fun.
And on this evening the musical Moulin Rouge was on stage!

3 day

Monday? (February 20th) wake up very early .. A look out .. and a cloudless sky wishes us a good morning!
Without waiting long we immediately go to the beach to enjoy the sunrise and only after that we go to the bar in the main square, La Placita, which opens at 7 am with fresh croissants, cappuccino and coffee. espresso that are the envy of Italian bars (I can assure you!).
A day full of sun and sea, with a walk to the lighthouse of the Iberostar village, passing in front of the market with typical Dominican shops.
The very nice animation, present and fun but not stressful, that starting from the morning with yoga, until late afternoon with dances and bingo, entertain all the people who want to have fun and have fun. In the afternoon we also had an interesting meeting (organized by a kind and nice character who works at Viva, Felipe, whom I greet) with a very nice Italian girl, Ursula, who explained to us how it works and the benefits of being a member of the Viva Club, to have a VIP treatment in all the structures of the Wyndham circuit.

4 day

Tuesday? (February 21) I was very excited, why? I had my first real experience that this Travel Blogger hobby gave me!
In fact, the Director of the Guest Service invited me to a personalized Site Inspection, to get to know their hotel and its services.
They made me feel important, making me sit on the sofas where they served me a cocktail to sip while waiting for the Director. Upon his arrival he introduced me to Yenni, who is in charge of events and weddings in the structure, who accompanied me for this informative tour, both for the Viva Beach and for the Palace structure.
But will I tell you? all in a post dedicated to Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach & Palace.
The sun colored this beautiful day and a cool breeze made it perfect for relaxing under the palm trees and by the sea.
The second dinner booked at the a la carte restaurant was at Viva Mexico, a Mexican restaurant that we also found at Viva Wyndham Maya in Playa del Carmen.
Needless to say, the Mexican eaten in Mexico was certainly better, but here too they did their homework with welcome Margaritas, nachos and guacamole and we had a good evening without going hungry at all.

5 day

Wednesday? (February 22) morning the appointment was for 9 in the morning at the El Trago bar, a bar next to one of the Dominicus Beach pools.
Once we checked all the reservations and were provided with a bracelet (which would have allowed us to have a buffet lunch on the island), our guide, very well prepared and very good (had to explain everything in 4 different languages: Spanish, Italian, French and German) explained in a few words the day that awaited us and then we headed on foot to the pier that divides the two villages (Viva Dominicus Beach and Palace) to wait for our Catamaran to Sail.

With the catamaran we sailed for about an hour on a calm sea and beautiful landscapes. On board there was an occasional mini bar (They passed by with plastic glasses, Rum, Coke and Sprite at 10 am!) And an animation girl who kept us company with Caribbean dances for couples and groups.

Our first stop? been to the Natural Pools, half an hour to be able to take a bath and look for the Giant Starfish. Do I have to tell the truth ?? C? Was more? people what starfish? Dozens of boats, all in the same spot, with screaming and drunk people in the water and Starfish I have seen 3, all in the hands of the official photographers of the different Villages to take paid photos with those who want a souvenir. We were able to take a couple of pictures with a poor star after being used and exploited by one of these photographers. However, seeing all these people taking the stars, pulling them out of the water to take romantic couple photos or to bring them over your head just to take a photo, made me very sad, so? we took a bath and got back on the catamaran to dry off.

After half an hour at the Natural Pools we left and for another half hour at least we sailed to Saona.
We arrived when it was almost noon, in a space reserved for the Viva Beach and Palace, with space for lunch, sunbeds and even a volleyball court (which on a? Desert island? Seemed unusual but oh well? ..).
We had free time until 13pm when they served the buffet lunch which included cold dishes like rice, potatoes and vegetables and more. cooked at the moment there were grilled fish and meat and a spaghetti with lobster that I would never have said but it was really good! They don't have electricity on the Island, so? the cold dishes had been cooked and brought from the Village and the rest cooked at the moment over an open fire.

After lunch, more free time until 15:30, which we used to walk on the beach around the island to look for the corner of paradise that everyone tells about.
Also why? as the Viva has its own reserved space, so? all the other structures too, so? on the point of the beach where they took us there were only many sunbeds of different colors, one behind the other. Practically like being on a normal beach with many villages, only compared to the beach of Bayahibe this one? much more? wide and with much more sand? white (beautiful but for those who have been to Mexico like us, the beach is the same). Fortunately, on the right of the Viva c ?? just another village and walking a little you can find that isolated corner, with very few people, the coral reef on the shore, small starfish and heavenly colors.

At 15:30 we head to take our fast boat which already? waits for us, we put on all the life jackets and off we leave for the Viva Dominicus Beach.
The arrival ? scheduled for around 16:30 pm, still in time to see the sunset on the beach.

6 day

Thursday? (February 23) we snorkeled in front of the Beach bay which, thanks to the presence of some reefs with coral reefs, there are various colorful fish, large and small that swim peacefully around people. A little girl even saw an octopus almost ashore (and she was very scared, poor thing!).
I recommend lunch at the La Roca restaurant to everyone, why? it seems absurd, but being the place more? away from the main beach (2 minutes walk) c ?? always few people so? very quiet and every day you can? find meat and fish grilled at the moment.

If you then want? You can also take advantage of the Palace's services (minus the buffet restaurant).
And in fact we took advantage of a wonderful whirlpool tub overlooking the sea .. A real pleasure!
Thursday? evening before dinner we entertained in Placita for a nice live concert of very good Dominican boys who sang international rock songs.
We then had dinner at the last a la carte restaurant we had booked, his name? 25 and? a Fusion themed restaurant with international cuisine.
Nothing to say about the kitchen, like the other restaurants, but if you go there, remember to bring an extra sweater? why? ? very small but with a lot of air conditioning.

7 day

Friday? (February 24)? was dedicated to pure relaxation, nothing distracted us from resting on the beach, under the sun and with a nice breeze that cooled the skin.
Since the point for the collection and change of free towels? open continuously from 8 in the morning to 18 in the evening, isn't there ?? never the problem of being without and with a towel that is too wet or dirty with sand.
I would say a very useful service in villages like this.
A tip: stay on the beach until the last ray of sun, the sunsets in these places are nothing short of wonderful, to leave you speechless every day by the beauty of colors that brighten the sky.
And like the sunset also stop for a second in the evening, after dinner, to look upwards and realize how many thousands of bright stars the sky has, the same sky that, due to too many lights, we never manage to fully enjoy. .

8 day

Saturday - February 25th
Unfortunately, as in all holidays also on Saturday? arrived, the day to prepare the suitcases, to leave the rooms (by 12) and wait already? dress your departure for the airport, while everyone is on the beach enjoying it.
IS? it was a nice vacation, even if perhaps too short to be able to live it properly. But aren't all holidays always too short? The important? being able to leave again this time, to think about ourselves and to switch off.

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