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In this region marked by history, the possibilities of visit are numerous. In addition to its splendid coastline and its translucent waters, its bubbling cities and its generous nature, discover the most beautiful villages of Provence! During a road trip during the holidays or simply to spend the day there, these wildly charming villages will amaze you ... 

Les Baux-de-Provence and the Carrières de Lumière

In the heart of the Alpilles massif, the magnificent village of Baux-de-Provence is perched on a rocky outcrop which dominates the surrounding valleys. Surrounded by ramparts and overlooked by a medieval castle, it offers visitors a unique atmosphere. Along the cobbled streets, you will discover artisan workshops, charming little shops, not to mention the Santons museum. Below, do not miss a stopover at the Carrières de Lumières: a magical place where works by famous artists such as Gaudi, Dali or Picasso.

the Baux de Provence

La Barben and its zoo

Located next to Salon-de-Provence, La Barben is one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. Very extensive, it includes more than 2 hectares of forests and scrubland. The town is home to several monuments and secret addresses, like the splendid Romanesque church of Saint-Jean which dates from the XNUMXth century or Adane's source. Filled with mysteries, it is renowned for its virtues and purity. As a family, do not miss a visit to the Barben Zoological Park! A family business welcomes 650 animals that you can admire in a superb setting along the 9 km of trails.

La Barben castle

Roussillon and its ochres 

Among the most beautiful villages in Provence, Roussillon is a real gem. Located in the Vaucluse, near the ocher quarries, the whole village is tinged with it: stairs, houses and alleys are painted with flamboyant colors, ranging from yellow to the deepest reds. Like a masterpiece, Roussillon offers visitors a harmonious spectacle that is sure to captivate you. To learn more about the history of the use of ochres and the geological characteristics that gave rise to it, stop at the magnificent Ôkhra museum.


Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and the lake of Sainte-Croix

Its wild environment and its splendid labyrinth of alleys make Moustiers-Sainte-Marie one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. Located in the Verdon National Park, the town is renowned for its earthenware workshops, artisanal splendors that adorn the many storied houses with incredible charm. Its small flowery streets invite you to dream, just like its surroundings: steep cliffs, gently curving hills and fields of olive trees as far as the eye can see. Not far away, be sure to take a look at the Sainte-Croix lake and its brilliant blue waters, a perfect place for a picnic in the shade on a sunny day.


Gordes and its castle

Located in the heart of the Vaucluse mountains and the Luberon natural park, the village of Gordes overlooks the valley. Remarkably preserved, it has many architectural treasures : ancient dry stone houses of incredible whiteness, a XNUMXth century abbey, an ancient oil mill or a Renaissance castle dating from the XNUMXth century. The surroundings also deserve a few walks: olive groves, expanses of lavender and vineyards form a beautiful natural setting. Do not also miss a stop at Sénanque Abbey, a real wonder!


Saint-Véran and its observatory

In the heart of Queyras, Saint-Véran is the highest municipality in Europe, but also one of the most beautiful villages in Provence! Resolutely mountainous, its architecture is typical of the region with its charming wooden chalets, its communal bread oven, its houses dating back several centuries and its fountains scattered throughout the village. Be sure to look up to admire the multiple sundials hanging on the facades, some of them are true works of art! Astronomy enthusiasts can spend the night with their heads in the stars at the Observatory, located at an altitude of 3 m. 


Le Castellet and its relaxed atmosphere

Known throughout France for its Formula 1 circuit, Le Castellet is also a charming village to visit absolutely in Provence. Located in the Var, it has retained its authenticity and its nonchalant atmosphere. Go for a walk along its cobblestones, you will discover pretty treasures such as designer shops or restaurants offering a delicious local cuisine. The various points of view of the village will offer you a splendid sight on the surroundings. If you have the time, the Castellet region offers many activities: adventure course, golf, bike or horse ride, etc.

Le Castellet

Belgentier and its vaults

Among the most beautiful villages in Provence, Belgentier has a special character. While strolling, you will discover splendid narrow and cobbled streets, connected by covered and vaulted passages. Observe the beautiful old houses, whose doors are often framed with carved stones… a splendor! On the natural side, Belgentier spans the small coastal river of Gapeau, which makes the village even more bucolic. Fans of hiking can also have fun thanks to the GR9 and 51 which cross the town.


Coaraze and its vibrant colors

Located 26 km north of Nice, Coaraze is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. Nicknamed “the village of the sun”, It is famous for the facades of its houses which have been coated in different colors, reminiscent of Italian cities: pink, blue, yellow… it's a chromatic explosion which will amaze you! As you stroll through the cobbled streets, look for the many sundials that account the village, some were signed by artists in love with places like Jean Cocteau or Ponce de Léon.


Bormes-les-Mimosas and its sea view

This seaside resort on the Var coast is a sensational vacation spot. With its 22 km of beaches, it faces Lavandou and its sumptuous landscapes. Heir to a rich medieval past, Bormes-les-Mimosas is a charming village: colorful markets, restaurants with their feet in the sand, peaceful alleys… a must for lovers of history and old stones! And if you like to walk, the region offers many hiking trails, some of which follow the coastline.


Beautiful villages in Provence… but not only!

The region offers a wide variety of places to discover such as the beautiful city of Marseille and its surroundings. Rich inan exceptional nature, it offers a splendid setting for lovers of outdoor sports and the most beautiful villages of Provence will never cease to captivate you. Do you know of other nuggets in the region? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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