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Here we want to tell you about our itinerary and the places where we ate and drank, maybe you can get inspiration for your next trip to Ireland!

1 day

Leaving Dublin airport we immediately find the Airlink Express bus that takes us to the city? and in 20 minutes we are in the Temple Bar district where we booked the hotel, the Paramount Hotel.
We leave our suitcases and immediately go for a walk through this neighborhood full of pubs until we find ourselves in front of the most? famous, just the Temple Bar Pub.
And what? the first thing you do as soon as you arrive in Dublin?
B?, Obviously go into Temple Bar and have a nice and good Guinness while listening to live music. Leaving here we head towards O? Connell Street main avenue full of shops, people and street performers.
The beauty of Dublin? just being able to walk, isn't it? very large in fact it does not even have the subway but only buses and taxis.
But? walking here and there you see and discover things that you would lose by taking the means.
We return to the hotel, a quick shower and look for a place to eat.
Here they eat at all hours, they had alarmed me with the story that the kitchens close at 7 pm, but don't they? not true!
Maybe ? cos? for a few pubs outside the center, but we have always found where to dine without problems.
Obviously we have always preferred to eat in pubs, there are so many that it would have been stupid not to visit the most of them. possible!
So? the choice of the first evening goes to The Quays Bar (Temple Bar) to eat the famous guinness stew!

2 day

For breakfast you can choose between croissants and coffee? or the classic Irish Breakfast (which we didn't feel like eating ..).
After breakfast we spent the morning visiting the City Hall, a building which? was the center of the British government in Ireland until the 20s, Christ Church Cathedral (beautiful, the most photographed church in Dublin!), Dublin Castle, one of the most famous landmarks. important of the city, and Saint Patrick? s Cathedral, which more? than any other building in Ireland embodies the history and complex cultural heritage of the Irish people from the earliest times. ancient to the present day.
Since we were planning to visit the Guinness Storehouse in the afternoon, we thought of the most popular pub as an intermediate stop for lunch. ancient Dublin, The Brazen Head and I can assure you it is worth a visit. Quiet and relaxing, full of photos and memorabilia, lots of beers and a good men? for lunch.
We took the whole afternoon to enjoy the visit to the Guinness Storehouse, arrived at about 13,30 we went out after 18 happy and satisfied. And after a break in the hotel we chose to have dinner at Oliver St John Gogarty (Temple Bar), stroll and first purchases at Carrolls.

3 day

Let's start the day between culture and greenery.
We head to Trinity College passing the Bank of Ireland and all? Irish Whiskey Museum, where we walk through the park between the various university buildings and go to visit The Old Trinity College Library where? exposed The Book of Kells, one of the most? ancient in the world. Leaving Trinity College we take a nice walk down Grafton Street to the entrance of St Stephen Green.
First a quick visit inside the St Stephen Green Shopping Center (it deserves for the beauty of the internal structure) and then off to the nearest park. nice of Dublin (in my humble opinion).
Let's say I wouldn't have gone beyond St Stephen Green but I wanted to see and photograph the Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square and why? our walk? been more? long than expected, also why? to go to lunch where we had thought, at Against The Grain, we had to go back to his steps and do a little more? of the road..
But fortunately it? worth it!
After lunch we went back, arrived in Temple Bar I looked for a sweet shop that I had marked, the Candy Lab, where they sell the infamous Willy Wonka chocolate bar (!!!!).
After this crazy shopping we headed north of the River Liffey to visit the Old Jameson Distillery, why? Dublin not? only the mother of Guinness, but also of delicious Whiskey.
Before returning to the hotel we wanted to combine two essential things of Dublin: The Church, the pub inside a deconsecrated church, and the famous Cheesecake at Bayles.
And the snack? served, yum!
The walk back to O'Connel Street,? served to dispose of the dessert a little (what to do at home as soon as possible!).
Shower and nap are there after a busy day like this and even if we were so? full between lunch and snack, for dinner we went to another pub, The Porterhouse, but doing more? an aperitif (as we Italians call it).

4 day

We wanted to spend the last full day there in more relaxation. complete, going to visit an area outside Dublin, outside the city.
In fact, we went to the sea in Howth.
I had read so much about this place, they had recommended it to me and I'm glad we went there why? it really deserves.
Thanks so much to those who recommended it and I in return say: Go there! We had lunch at The Abbey Tavern and in a small fishing village you can only order fresh fish?
The best salmon ever eaten!
We spent the whole day at the beach and on our way back to Dublin there was one thing missing that I couldn't eat in Howth .. Oysters.
Dublin? also famous for the aperitif with oysters and Guinness and so on? we went to the Temple Bar Pub and made up for it! ?
After the usual nap, shower and change of clothes we are ready for our? Last supper? in this beautiful city.
The Oldstore House? it was our choice, as successful as all the others. We have done the last shopping (filling up the suitcases!) And what a grand finale? l? Irish Coffe in Temple Bar!
We didn't miss anything from the series! Tired, full as barrels, but happy and satisfied, we go to the hotel to pack our bags and prepare for the return trip.

5 day

The day of departure has arrived, with a quick breakfast and the last walk in the beautiful Temple Bar that we will miss? so much.
We take our bags, check-out at the hotel and go to the bus stop where the Airlink 747 picks us up to take us away from this city, of which we will always have beautiful memories.

Bye bye Dublin, you will remain in our hearts forever!

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