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Some numbers

Altitude 80 above sea level
Area 2 778,64 km²
Inhabitants 812 129 (2006)
Density 292,28 inhab. Per square km
Time zone UTC-5

Ad Ottawa, as the sun goes down, the well-lit institutional buildings overlook the hill that hosts them and seem to symbolize a lighthouse in the impending night, while at the same time spreading an area of ​​light and protection not only to the surrounding city, but to the entire nation .

The Parliament e il Rideau Canal

Perhaps this was the reason that led the architects to design the headquarters of the institutional buildings on the slight rise; perhaps it was the desire to manifest, even physically, the superiority of the institutions.

Certainly, when you find yourself in front of the Parliament, with its gleaming neo-Gothic facades, finely inlaid with truly admirable patience, you will forget these doubts and you will have proof that Ottawa is - rightly - called the Westminster in the forest.

Here, a great deal is inspired by the British tradition: from the masterfully frescoed halls to the luxurious red carpets that adorn the interior rooms, from the imposing mountie (policemen on horseback) at the spectacular changing of the guard ceremonies it is not difficult to find the features of the centuries-old English domination which, relatively recently, ended.

Like the English capital, too Ottawa is full of museums that, believe me, it will be really worth visiting not only for the importance of the finds and the issues addressed, but also for the pleasantness of the organization and exhibition that are very congenial to tourist needs.

Ottawa Museums

National Gallery

National Gallery

From the outside, the National Gallery proves to be worth a visit: an imposing building in granite and marble, with glass spiers, houses works of art by the most renowned artists in the world, such as Van Gogh, Cèzanne, Monet, Degas, Klimt and Pollock.

Ample space, of course, is left to the works of Canadian painters, such as William Bercy, from the XNUMXth century, Antoine Plamondon from the XNUMXth century, the most innovative Paul-Emile Borduas, pioneer of Automatism up to the famous works of the Group of Seven.
Of course, you will find of particular interest the valuable products of visual art tout court (drawings, prints and photographs) of contemporary Inuit art.

Canada Science Technology Museum

The philosophy that unites the other museums of the capital is the maximum involvement of the visitor who, in a direct, simple and very funny way, can get closer to culture. To the Canada Science & Technology Museum you will be able to appreciate the physics, chemistry and scientific laws that govern the world better than you did in school: experiments and observations will teach you better than the much-hated pages of manuals; to the Canadian Museum of NatureAlongside the usual faithful reproductions of fossils, minerals and animals (including those of dinosaurs), the realistic dioramas will make you even more familiar with the Canadian wildlife world.

Canadian War Museum

lie to Canadian War Museum you can wander among the traditional displays of war memorabilia, uniforms and weapons, but what, I bet, will impress you most will be the reconstruction of a trench from World War I: a way to pay homage to the sacrifice of so many young lives.

h3>Museum of Civilization

To conclude the overview of the museums, last but not least, go to Hull, the opposite bank in Ottawa: already from outside the Museum of Civilization will enchant you with the extraordinary facades, an alternation of stained glass windows and marble waves. Inside, a thousand years of Canadian history are literally reconstructed: from the Viking village passing the whaling station to the quarters of the English officers, the history of the nation will slip before your eyes (and your hands) for an extremely interesting visit and the best starting point to discover the whole country.

Before leaving Hull, you can organize - with a suitable change of clothing - to spend the evening here too: al Casino du Lac Leamy you will be spoiled for choice between luxury restaurant, theater or game tables; or - simply - let yourself be enchanted by the Parliament Hill skyline at night, it's worth it.

The Ottawa in the open air is no less fascinating than the one between museums and institutional buildings: stroll through the streets of this beautiful city among multi-culturally assorted neighborhoods, such as Little Italy or China Town; more residential areas, such as Rockcliffe Village, or simply stop and gaze at the waters of the Rideau Canal.

The sinuous canal, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which divides the city is always fascinating, but in winter it becomes even more so: it is transformed into the largest skating rink, where you can indulge in a few half hours of lightheartedness that, of course, will remain an enchanting memory of your trip to Canada.

Exhausted from the fatigue of skating, take a seat at one of the surrounding kiosks and order a "beaver tail"(Beavertails) to refresh yourselves: even the most convinced animal rights activists stay calm, he is nothing but a greedy donuts!

Ottawa is an essential destination during a trip to eastern Canada: a splendid city full of attractions that will not fail to fascinate you!

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