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Listening to the exciting musical notes of "the morning", "the Song of Solveig" or "In the cave of the king of the mountain" by Edvard Grieg, a great desire seizes me to run to the airport and return to Norway. Was it a Friday? in March when I left to visit my son Gabriele, who had been living in Oslo for two months. I remember a great cold, but so much beauty.

1 day

Is it the most European nation? north, where is the promontory of Knivskjellodden, located a little more? north of the North Cape.
A land crossed by the Arctic Circle; for this reason, in the northern areas you can observe phenomena such as the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter since? reaches the "North Cape", after 6 months? night (but this is another journey to tell ...).
My first stop in Norway? was the capital, a real jewel, where with low cost flights at a price from 30 to 80 euros from the airport you can? travel with round trip.
The city? of Oslo rises in the pi? interior of the homonymous fjord, surrounded by wooded hills and with about 520 thousand inhabitants. Do you immediately notice the big city partnership? and a natural reserve of beautiful parks and green oases. Indeed, the capital of Norway in 2007? was named the second city? pi? green and environmentally friendly.
The descendants of the Vikings define it as "a large fruit with a very thick skin that is difficult to scratch, but once you have managed to open this solid rind, inside there is a sweet and delicious fruit".
Walking in the city center? a few steps are enough to find a beautiful park in which to relax and with just 10 minutes by boat, you can? go to the discovery of the wonderful beaches on the fjord. Is it a city? full of attractions, museums, art galleries and shops for shopping. Taking the metro in Oslo? a relaxing experience for whom? used to traveling packed like a sardine.

2 day

"Mom, today I'll take you to a museum that you will like? ..." - Gabriele said. It was Saturday in Oslo and I met his painter par excellence, Edvard Munch. The paintings of this artist cos? tormented and ingenious are exhibited at the Munch Museum and the National Gallery. Many works including a version of the famous Scream. Also many works by Norwegian artists in the National Gallery, but also by many important European painters.
How many photos I took at Vigeland Park, which houses 212 statues by sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Unfortunately, I only stayed three days and so on. I missed the "Viking Ship Museum".
Oslo not? only rich in art, museums and monuments: the TusenFryd Amusement Park? a beautiful amusement park, about 20 kilometers from the center. When I got on the "SpeedMonster", the thrilling rollercoaster inspired by racing cars, I slammed down from 0 to 90km / h in just 2 seconds reaching gravity. zero 12 times for each run.
And what about the majestic construction of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet? It is an icon of the city, a symbol of Oslo's seafront redevelopment project. It presents itself as a daring experiment in urban architecture, as shown by the large inclined plane that from the city? allows the entrance to the theater and then goes up to the roof from which visitors can admire the view.
Usually, when I travel, I love to taste the typical products. I tasted the famous salmon, excellent smoked or grilled (with butter), cod, catfish, herring, shellfish and shrimp. Also noteworthy is the dried meat, which in Oslo takes the form of ham or sausages, perhaps accompanied by the delicious geitost, a sweet cheese made from cow's and goat's milk.

3 day

My son warned me that every purchase was a drain. When I landed at Oslo airport, I took advantage of the numerous centers in the airport to exchange euros for local currency. In Norway? in use the Norwegian krone (nok) and 1 euro corresponds to 8.6570 nok, while a Norwegian krone corresponds to 0.1155 euro. A pizza and a beer can cost 350 nok (about 40 euros each). A coffee? it costs 4 euros.
A double room in a budget hotel costs around 1.000 nok per night and therefore 115 euros; in luxury hotels prices start from 1500 nok per night. My son was staying with a friend in a hostel, where a room costs from 100 to 300 nok per night, double from 300 to 600. ATMs are scattered all over the city, although I had to pay an extra fee, but this depends on the conditions of your bank.
Oslo? a city? clean and sober. It is the largest capital rich in the world and yet the Norwegians are simple people, willing and polite, very reserved and always in a hurry. The cold and the sunlight that half? afternoon turns into night conditions the way of life. Norwegians define bitter cold as "harsh climate" literally harsh climate. There is no place for those who go slow, especially in the world of work.
In the center there are no luxurious streets (such as via Monte Napoleone), actually? the windows are minimalist and the buildings compliant. On the outskirts, the houses are all similar, like "prefabricated wooden houses". Not C?? pomp, indeed I would say that? a city? rather spartan.
What impressed me the most? of Norwegians? How much they drink ... and while I was wrapped up in a scarf, gloves and a woolen hat due to the hostile cold, some couples dived into the sea in costume even if they were in the Caribbean ...
Oslo in the evening? little frequented, but you can? walk quietly, thanks to a company? structured with precise and difficult to circumvent rules.
This ? it was my first encounter with the land of the ancient Vikings, with its unique landscapes covered with snow in winter that turn into a dominant green in summer. Boundless panoramas lapped by the North Sea, white when? frozen, which in the summer is colored in cobalt blue.

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