Oodaaq Island: the largest land north of the world

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"Ugh, it's hot, there is confusion ... you know what would be great? A nice cool little place lost in the world!"
We must always be careful to express certain wishes, because if overnight a modern Genie of the Lamp with a big heart but not exactly Freudian dream interpretation should be listening ... you would seriously risk ending up in Greenland, Oodaaq Island!

In the eternal search for primates (no, not of our ancestors), of "what is more or less a thing of what", the island of Oodaaq fits quatta quatta, with its unpronounceable and unreproducible name, among the "northernmost lands in the world", ousting nothing less than another little island with a funny name: Kaffelklubben. But what did an island whose name means "coffee club" really wanted?


  1. What is Oodaaq Island?
  2. The story of its discovery
  3. Ghost Island: Does Oodaaq Really Exist?
  4. The northernmost lands in the world
  5. Oodaaq Festival
  6. User questions and comments

What is Oodaaq Island?

We are in the land of ice and Othello, in theArctic Ocean, in Denmark, more precisely in Greenland, or Greenland if we prefer linguistic import. And we are precisely at 83 ° 40'N - 30 ° 40'W, 705 km south of North Pole. We are innorthernmost island in the world! The record of the former coffee club island (kaffelklubben) was surpassed by a whopping 1.360 meters.
For those who really want to reach this strip of land (and maybe they will also explain what they go there to do), the only way Greenland National Park northeastern, of which it is part.

The story of its discovery

We are in 1978 when a Danish geodesist, during a hilarious mapping of the Northern Lands in Greenland, together with his team occupied Kaffelklubben. And to think that there are those who taste rum in Jamaica for work ...
But let's get back to us. The Danish discoverer, while having a coffee on the island of the coffee club, glanced further north and saw "a thin shadow on the frozen sea to the north", and announced that he had discovered a new island.
In the throes of emotion, the team's helicopter flew over that shadow and ascertained that in fact it was a new small island never seen before.
As often happens when something new is discovered, he claimed the right to give it a name. He chose Oodaaq Island, in honor of a sleigh driver who accompanied Robert Peary in 1909 in his attempt to reach the North Pole.

Ghost Island: Does Oodaaq Really Exist?

Although it is still present in many maps, the island of Oodaaq has not been officially seen since 1978. It has thus become the first "ghost island", forerunner of all those small islands that appear and disappear after a few years, not to be never seen again.

The northernmost lands in the world

The primacy of our nice island is wavering, also because apparently ... Oodaaq has disappeared ... but apparently, other envious ghost lands have peeped even further north. The names are provisional, and they are ATOW1996 e 83-42 (well, not so much worse than Oodaaq), but no official confirmation has yet arrived. These are often so small lands that the action of the waves and ice make all traces of them disappear in no time at all.

Oodaaq Festival

Well, to think that there could really be a festival there ... is pure madness, or pure, very pure imagination. Yet an Oodaaq Festival exists, and takes place every year, but in France, precisely in Rennes. It's a review of visual art and poetic painting... who knows which of the two Oodaaqs is more interesting!

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