Online English courses: why focus on distance learning

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  • 1. The ability to choose between different teachers
  • 2. Tailor-made lessons
  • 3. To improve the main language skills
  • 4. Time flexibility
  • 5. Less stress during lessons
  • 6. Order and multimedia
  • 7. Cost savings

Who hasn't ever wished to have a nice trip to the United States? A great dream, come to think of it. Many, however, prefer to give it up as they don't know English or they have a simple smattering of it that does not allow them to communicate correctly.

English has always been the international language par excellence and is the reference language for speaking in a multicultural environment. It is now an indispensable tool in the world of work, but it is also an indispensable tool for spending a simple holiday in any foreign country.

Not having the basics means not even being able to ask for information on the street or discuss with the hotel reception. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have decided to attend classes to finally learn the English language.

However, the recent pandemic has changed the didactic perspectives compared to the past and here in many cases we rely on online courses, rather than the traditional ones in presence. In the beginning, this choice of distance learning was made compulsory due to health restrictions, but with the gradual return to normality, many prefer a multimedia approach to study English. This is because such activities and paths guarantee a series of not indifferent advantages. But what are the real benefits of attending a online english course?

1. The ability to choose between different teachers

Speaking of online English courses, these allow you not to have to settle for the teacher in front of you, as can happen with classroom lessons. In fact, most platforms offer students the opportunity to select a specific teacher, for which there will be a detailed profile of specific skills.

It is mostly about highly qualified native speakers, with educational qualifications and years of teaching behind them. This is extremely advantageous and you have the opportunity to identify the most suitable teacher for your needs.

2. Tailor-made lessons

Taking an online English course allows you to have a reference teacher who will be able to customize your study plan and program to the maximum. Each user has individual needs and classic face-to-face meetings you have to share the teacher's attention with other people.

Remote platforms, on the other hand, allow you to give the right attention to each individual user, without neglecting anything. The corrections will therefore be much simpler and more immediate, as well as the interactions and phases of speaking. Therefore, every single session is agreed according to specific requirements to create a tailor-made educational path.

3. To improve the main language skills

Working remotely to learn a language, or deepen knowledge, does not imply any difficulty or loss of information. As everyone knows, English learning skills, and more generally than any other language, there are mainly 4. With online courses you will have the opportunity to progress in every respect. For example, the listening it is one of the primary skills not to be overlooked. This is possible thanks to qualified mother tongue teachers who will be of great help in training listening. Another skill is the conversazione, that is the oral dialogue with another interlocutor. Through the web it is possible to support exchanges of jokes and entire phases of speaking to test pronunciation and all that has been learned. For the writing then the teachers propose exercises to be filled in and small writings on certain topics to be sent online for correction. Finally, there is the reading, or reading, to improve which books, essays and newspapers to read are recommended.

4. Time flexibility

Another obvious benefit of online English courses is certainly the flexibility of schedules. The common days in the classroom are pre-established according to rigid schemes, with a predefined date and time, while those via the web are agreed from time to time with the teacher, in such a way as to be able to fit everything together with their own daily commitments.

In fact, with the frenetic pace of life, it is not always easy to complete everything you would like within 24 hours. On the other hand, with an online course you have the possibility to program the best time to take the English lesson, avoiding worries and anxiety. In short, the advantage of following the courses at a distance lies in the fact of being able to optimize the timing.

5. Less stress during lessons

Who has never been afraid or ashamed of speaking in another language in front of an entire class listening? Many times this fear of making a mistake it is a source of stress for those taking a traditional English course. Some people suffer from the so-called performance anxiety and sweat at the thought of making a bad impression in mastering the language.

Then there are other types of people who are super busy or busy with work who arrive in the classroom already stressed and full of worries and negative thoughts that do not help learning. On the contrary, with an online course you can establish a direct and more confident relationship, developing a more intimate and peaceful environment.

6. Order and multimedia

Thanks to the online English lessons, everyone will be able to better organize the work to be done. The same notes and documents can be safely in digital format. In a nutshell, you can say goodbye to stacks of notebooks accompanying students to the classroom. During each study session it is possible to have cards and pdf files to be opened via computer or via smartphone and tablet in an instant.

From a practical and didactic point of view, the multimedia approach to the English language is able to offer a greater mental order to make the most of the learning hours. At the same time, i various devices they allow you to always have any content behind you, whether at home, at work or on the road.

7. Cost savings

One factor not to be overlooked is undoubtedly the economic one. One of the advantages of online English courses is precisely a more advantageous price compared to classroom lessons. Whether they are individual or group sessions, the savings on the final cost are given by the fact that companies do not have to find and maintain a physical location in which to meet.

On average, online courses have a lower cost, but this does not mean poor quality. In addition, the further reduction of costs is given above all by the not having to move from home. In fact, you won't have to spend money on gasoline or public transport.

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