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A road trip that kicks you off

The road trip is a fashionable form of travel. Whether on Route 66 in the United States or Route 1 in Iceland! And if sometimes, certain roads can seem less "mythical", their interest is not lacking for a trip by car. This is the case with Italian roads. Driving around Italy is an experience to be lived. If only to take advantage of all the riches of the Boot and discover the culture of southern Italy, very different from that of the North.

Book your car, not necessarily your hotels

To prepare well for your road trip in Italy, it is essential to think about reserving your car. You will easily find what you are looking for and you can in particular visit the CarDelMar site, whose offers are perfectly suited to this kind of getaway.
For hotels, on the other hand, don't necessarily book in advance - except perhaps for big cities like Rome or Venice. It's also a bit like the spice of a road trip: finding your hotel at the last minute, in a city where you wouldn't necessarily have thought of stopping.

What to visit during your road trip in Italy?

The principle of a road trip is that you always know the point of departure, often the point of arrival but much more rarely the stages of your journey. In Italy, some points of interest seem unavoidable.
With its two airports, its status as a capital and its geographical location by the sea - or almost - Rome is a fairly central starting point. Otherwise, Turin, Genoa and Venice are very valid alternatives.
Just south of Genoa, you must discover the Cinque Terre and its five fabulous villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Not far from there, don't hesitate to stop in Pisa, where the famous Leaning Tower is not the only monument to admire.

Even further south, the Naples region is also magnificent. Very sunny, the region is typical of southern Italy and the presence of Vesuvius offers an additional dimension to the Neapolitan bay. As such, consider visiting the ruins of Pompeii ...

How about San Marino?

On the Adriatic coast, the “heel of the Boot” is not necessarily of great interest. If you feel like it, you can still stop over in Bari or Foggia. But it is especially by going up towards Pescara then Pesaro that you will be able to take full view of it by the sea. And before reaching Venice, in the extreme North-East of the country, you can even allow yourself a trip to the sea. 'foreigner' raquo ;, in the Republic of San Marino, the third smallest state in Europe. There, it is impossible to miss the Rocca o Guaita castle.
Finally, depending on the time you have and the kilometers you want to cover by car, naturally think about not being satisfied with the Italian coast. Relive the Italian Renaissance in the heart of the country, in Florence, Verona or even Bologna and Parma!

In the end, you really won't have time to get bored on a road trip in Italy. Allow around two weeks to make the most of your stay.

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