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The On the Road trip that we all want to do once in a lifetime? become my reality? in November 2016! Here is my itinerary:

1 day

We arrive in San Francisco in the evening after a 14-hour journey, immediately headed to the hotel to recover from jet lag and to freshen up. We spend the first day like this, between a dinner in a Chinese restaurant and a walk through the streets near the accommodation.

2 day

The second day the alarm rings early, and at 9 we are already? queuing for the ferry to Alcatraz, with a ticket previously booked on the internet. Alcatraz? a discovery, among galleries and life stories of the prisoners told by the audio guide. The tour lasts 2 hours. Back on dry land we take a tour of the fantastic Pier 39, where we see the famous sea lions and stroll among shops with loud music and small artisan boutiques. To eat we choose Bubba Gump, what? a blow to our wallet!

In the evening we visit Chinatown, Little Italy, Japantown and Russian Hill, where we walk along Lombard Street, the nearest street. winding of the world.

3 day

We leave San Francisco and head to Napa Valley, passing over the Golden Gate, and taking endless photos! The bay? illuminated by the first sun of the morning, but already? there are people who jog and others who venture out for a bike tour.

Napa? a small town? where everything is concentrated in the center, surrounded by vineyards and large wine cellars. We choose a tour of 8 wine bars that costs 30 euros, where you can taste various wines.
After eating and eliminating the alcohol from the body we return to San Francisco, in the Marina and Pacific Heights area, where we enjoy the sunset.

4 day

We get in the car, put the gas on and leave for Monterey, a city? full of former sardine factories, now transformed into bars or souvenir shops. The sea ? agitated and very windy, but the town? beautiful all the same. A must ? the Monterey aquarium, among the most? known in America, with a price ranging from 50 to 90 euros per person. We have given up, to save money, but say a visit won't? never enough!

5 day

We leave the coast and head to the center, more? specifically to the town of Visalia, a reference point for visiting the beautiful Sequoia National Park.
The trip lasts about 4 hours and finally (after thinking we were lost) we reach the box office to pay for the entrance to the park. The journey continues, between aridity? and dry plants, for another 40 minutes, on roads that slowly climb the mountain. Finally we begin to see the famous sequoias, which already? at first glance they leave you breathless! Large secular trees that have lived on this land for 2000-3000 years and which act as guardians of the forest. We stay for 2 hours to explore the area between narrow streets and panoramic pitches, until the sun begins to disappear behind the horizon. We spend the night in Visalia, and at 4 in the morning we are already? awake to start the day pi? tiring of the whole trip.

6 day

After five hours, tired and with dark circles, we manage to reach Death Valley, passing from a mild climate to a sultry one, where the landscape changes radically, turning into long and deserted streets, like those in the movies.

Death Valley? an explosion of knowledge, between "devil's golf changes" and large sand dunes at the most? California deep. Surrounded by mountains and kilometers of arid land, we spend two hours in this National Park, crossing it from side to side, meeting a curious little coyote that follows us for a while.

At a distance of 7 hours from the departure of Visalia, we arrive in Las Vegas at dusk just in time to see the city? that never sleeps, that glows with neon and lights.

7 day

In Las Vegas the main things are idleness and the loss of money, but is it enough to get on the floor above the casinos? that you get lost in a world made as a work of art. We pass cos? our day, exploring the beautiful hotels that seem to be their own real cities ?! There? Rome with the Colosseum, Venice with gondolas and Piazza San Marco, Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the unmistakable Parisian streets with boutiques and open-air bars. From a distance you can see the skyscrapers of New York, and the Disney castle, all with attention to detail.

Las Vegas? huge and time passes quickly, under the scorching heat of the state of Nevada.

8 day

At 4 am the tour operators of the Grand Canyon pick us up at the hotel, to take us to the small airport from where we leave for the day. expected of all! Inside the small plane that accommodates a maximum of 10 people, audio guides are distributed, where in Italian they explain the history of this wonderful place. We arrive at the Canyon, which looks like an infinite chasm crossed by the Colorado River. It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of one of the seven wonders of the world seen live!

After at least 100 photos or even more, we go up the Sky Walk, the glass bridge suspended over the Canyon, where I drag myself attached to the railing trying not to put my feet on the central glass! Vertigo keeps me from going over two meters from the door, but I still manage to print a smile for the photographer: D

We return in the evening at 8 exhausted and sleepy, we eat and stay to enjoy the comings and goings of the hotel!

9 day

Las Vegas? can be visited even in one day only because, after the beauties of the casinos? and there is not much left of the hotels.
We relax by inserting a few dollars to the machines while their noise pierces our ears, we try to participate in some paid show in vain, since they were already? all full, and in the evening we stroll through the streets dotted with lights, first witnessing the fire show of the Mirage and then the dances of the Bellagio fountains.

10 day

The following day we head to Palm Springs, stopping at Calico Ghost Town, the ghost town. A former mine today? become a tourist spot from which to profit. I particularly loved this partially reconstructed village, why? it felt like being in the Far West and breaks the long journey from Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

In the evening we arrive in Palm Springs, and exhausted, we think of going directly to the hotel to rest, without giving the possibility? to some National Park nearby (which I have already marked for next time!).

11 day

The first stop in Los Angeles? the beautiful Santa Monica, where they shot the Baywatch movie! Full of life as you expect it only from a similar movie, with people running, cycling (few skates unfortunately!), Eating ice cream, bathing and playing music!

Some play sports in the typical open gyms and I photograph those beautiful lifeguard houses, when a "beach off-road" police car goes by with sirens on the sand!

12 day

The second day in the city? of angels? entirely dedicated to Universal Studios, a milestone since they had recently opened the world of Harry Potter. I don't think I can say anything else, besides the fact that I got lost in the world of wizards, where for a row we took more? 40 minutes, Studio Tours (which are crazy!), Minions and many other 4D games that create a big headache at the end of the evening. But what? worth it! The ticket costs 115 dollars per person.

13 day

Los Angeles didn't really impress me, I admit, the Walk of Fame? a good place to spend half an hour, but nothing fancy, and Hollywood isn't? among my top list for a variety of reasons, starting with dirt.
Instead, I enjoyed the stroll in Beverly Hills, between expensive shops and luxury cars! The city? ? huge and very busy, logically, so even to drive for a short distance it took us 1 hour. The last day we took it slow and we saw only the most? known.

14 day

We leave for Italy, hoping one day to trample this land again!

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