On the Road between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

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The excuse for the trip to America? my thirtieth birthday, with Alessandro my partner we organize everything by ourselves in modality? do it yourself as always.
For the flight we booked on Opodo.it which gave us the best rates, way to Los Angeles and back to Las Vegas, hotels booked mainly on booking and the car on Arguscarhire.com. In time we also organize ourselves with credit cards which are fundamental in the USA and for the exchange of dollars.
The itinerary includes the first days in Los Angeles to visit the main attractions, 2 nights in Las Vegas, 1 night in Williams to break the journey to the Grand Canyon, 1 night in Tusayan and finally the last night in Las Vegas in the Freemont area for a total of 10 days.

1 day

The flight with Air France? gone more? what good, we flew with the legendary A380 in the upper cabin. Once in Los Angeles we pick up the rental car at Dollar and thanks to the navigator we reach the first hotel of the trip where we spend a quiet evening upset a little by the time zone.
The next days in the city? some angels pass quickly. We visit the main attractions and we do not miss a day at Universal Studios the cinema-themed amusement park that amazed us!
Our main hotel for LA? was the Comfort Inn near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, thanks to this location we were able to move very well both with the subway and with the Hop On Hop Off bus which in one day allowed us to have an overall look at the city.

2 day

From Los Angeles we moved to Las Vegas breaking the travel hours by stopping in the city? ghost of Calico, we come like this? in the Sin City in the middle of the night with the lights of the illuminations that create a magical show.
Our hotel? the Vdara Resort without Casino and therefore more? quiet but located almost centrally on the Strip, the main drag.
Las Vegas? a huge playground made up of incredible themed resorts: walking steps from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty? in a few meters.
Two nights here and off to the Grand Canyon National Park, from Las Vegas are almost 5 hours of travel thanks to the speed limits? very low, during our journey we visited a part of the legendary Route 66 and its symbolic town Seligman arriving in Williams where we spent the night in the evening. The following day in half an hour and well rested we are at the national park.
Thanks to the free shuttles we turned it far and wide passing a wonderful day.

3 day

Our trip is coming to an end and we return to Las Vegas for the last night, I had heard about Freemont street, the old part of LV restored and become a place to visit and to spend the evening, so I booked the last night at the Freemont Hotel but already? from the welcome received on our arrival I regret! the hotel not? nothing special with services like paid internet and rather surly staff, but the Freemont area? definitely worth seeing, a mix of extravagance, madness and chaos.
Return ? rather sad we are sorry to leave the states but we know that? just a goodbye and not a goodbye.

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