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Impossible not to know much renowned Bavarian event which celebrates traditions with beer, food and typical clothing. Over the years, Oktoberfest has been enriched with parades, shows, stands and the inevitable rides to offer fun for everyone, even families with children. In this article we present dates, program and useful information to participate in the event.


  1. Program: events, ceremonies and parades
  2. Map, info and prices
  3. Oktoberfest pavilions: the 5 largest stands
  4. Take part in the Oktoberfest in Munich: how to get there and where to sleep
  5. Curiosity: Oktoberfest in the world
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2020 edition canceled due to Coronavirus: unfortunately the 2020 edition was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The administrators explained that there were no conditions to guarantee worthy and safe celebrations. Since its foundation in 1810, the event had already been canceled about twenty times, mostly due to wars or other pandemic spreads.

Below you will find info on the 2019 edition.

Program: events, ceremonies and parades

It begins every year with the parade of the owners of the breweries, iconic and inevitable figures at the event, and then continues with the long-awaited "O'Zapft Is!" that is the sentence pronounced during the opening of the first keg with which all the stands are started. The phrase means precisely "it is uncorked!". From here on it is a succession of parades, dances, concerts, days dedicated to children and others to the elderly who are considered the real daredevils of Oktoberfest. Finally, the closing of the event with a greeting, as a symbol of thanks, to the statue that represents Bavaria and masters the park.

Map, info and prices

  • Date: from 21 September to 6 October (2019 edition)
  • Oktoberfest takes place in its historic location, the large Theresienwiese public park, easily reached by any bus that left Italy specifically for the party. If you are already in the city, an excellent choice is public transport, while the worst option is the car due to the lack of parking nearby due to too much traffic. However, if you really want to move by car, you can reach the park by taking the road that goes around it called Bavarianring. As for public transport, the options are the subway in circulation until 2:00 am whose closest stop is Theresienwiese from which the U4 and U5 lines pass, the S1 and S8 trains up to Hackerbrucke always in circulation and finally the 53 buses and 58 to Schwanthalerhoh and Geroge Hitz Platz - Get directions
  • Entry price: admission is free both at the party and at the stands. However, if you prefer to book a place in a particular stand, the cost is € 69,00
  • Beer / food prices: 1 liter mug of beer starting from € 9,70 (price varies according to the stands) - Wurstel plate € 7,00 - Shin plate € 16,00

Oktoberfest pavilions: the 5 largest stands

1 - Paulaner

As soon as you enter Oktoberfest you immediately notice thebuilding that dominates the entire park: a tower of 26 meters with a bowl on top, which has now become a symbol of the event! You often find yourself in front of the huge Paulaner stand frequented by VIPs such as Bayern Munich players because this majestic structure surprises even inside with its typically Bavarian furnishings and colors. It can accommodate 3.200 people plus another 260 in the covered garden between long lines of equally long tables. Here it is possible to drink the classic Hefe-Weißbier, beer produced by Paulaner since 1895 especially for Oktoberfest, and eat excellent and generous portions of shin, ribs and sausages accompanied by the inevitable Pretzel.

2 - Pschorrbräu Festhalle "Braurosl"

This stand is recognizable by the image of a woman on horseback painted on the entrance wall, high enough that one cannot fail to notice it, as well as the aesthetic beauty of the whole the structure between wood marked by coats of arms and placards with colored images. The woman represented is Rosi Pschorr, the daughter of the owner of the brewery of the same name, so you will already have understood that the beer served is Hacker-Pschorr. Inside, the capacity is 8.400 people and seating is certainly not lacking thanks to long tables. Other unmissable elements are musical entertainment accompanied by choirs and dances and typical Bavarian food such as sausage, pretzel, shin and ribs.

3 - Hofbräu Festzelt

This stand is dedicated to HB beer, a favorite of the Germans and in particular by the Bavarians, but above all by Australian and American tourists, therefore inside the Hofbrau Festzelt you will find a very lively world atmosphere made even more engaging by bands from Bavaria offering their traditional songs. The seats are 9.992 flanked by a huge tent that can accommodate many other people standing. Food served it is as always that typical local, then shin and ribs, but there are also alternatives such as marinated duck and Wiener Schnitzel, a cutlet served with potatoes and berry jam. In short, a stand to be experienced, simply recognizable thanks to its showy white with typically blue decorations.

4 - Augustiner Festhalle

Another beer much loved by the Bavarians but also worldwide is the Augustiner, and this stand is precisely that of the famous brewery that stands out from the others for the spinning of the drink directly from 200-liter oak barrels. Even in the culinary offer, the pavilion wanted to differentiate itself by always offering typical dishes from Bavaria but prepared with local and high quality products from local companies. There are 8.500 seats and according to many, here you will find the best service and the friendliest waitresses in the whole Oktoberfest. Last note, the stand seems to be more favored by families given its almost total tranquility which in any case is not synonymous with non-attendance.

5 - Marstall

A stand not very big but quaint to say the least, graced with painted hearts and other colorful decorations that stand out very much on the candid white walls. The interior is also quite picturesque, colorful, cared for and adorned with plants and garlands, as well as wooden balconies for the arrangement of 3.000 seats. The beer served is Spaten, the dishes are mostly shank and ribs accompanied by pretzels, while fun is guaranteed but much calmer than other stands as this is chosen by both young people and adults who seek, in addition to romping around with dancing, also the possibility of chatting and being a little more calm.

Take part in the Oktoberfest in Munich: how to get there and where to sleep

  • starting from € 66,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 54,00 per room -

Curiosity: Oktoberfest in the world

Given the great success that Oktoberfest has always enjoyed, many cities around the world have created their own party following in the footsteps of the original manifestation, keeping the same name or baptizing them differently. Whichever place you choose as an alternative to Munich, the values ​​of the party are always the same: beer, food, music, traditions and fun!

  • Stuttgart: from the 27 September to the 13 October
  • Kitchener- Waterloo: from 11 October to 19 October
  • Blumenau: from 9 to 27 October
  • Cincinnati: from 20 to 22 September
  • Villa General Belgrano: from 1st October to 8th October
  • Hong Kong: from 17 October to 10 November
  • Windhoek: 26 and 27 October

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