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    How many days to dedicate to visiting the Big Apple? Here is a series of itineraries divided by days with attractions included to visit New York. Useful examples to understand everything that is possible to do in Manhattan based on the time available.

    New York in 1 day: how to spend 24 hours in the Big Apple

    Have you just arrived in the Big Apple, but are short of time? Do you have 24 hours or so but don't want to miss out on any of Manhattan's most fascinating attractions, despite the harmful effects of jet lag due to the time difference in New York? Here is the key question: what to see in New York in one day? Seeing it all is obviously a feat ...


    New York in 4 days: the metropolis of American desire

    Bernardo Pacini

    The spark, the exact moment in which you begin to desire America is not when - persuaded by the powerful historical / cinematographic / cultural aura and the charm of the inimitable nature - you choose it as a destination for a honeymoon, and you waits impatiently; nor when, after a long flight, during which one has left behind a part ...


    New York in 5 days: itinerary with all the things to see in the city

    Flora Lufrano

    If you are wondering what to see in New York and you have 5 days to visit this beautiful city, here is an itinerary that can be for you, tested on the field and designed not to miss even one of the most iconic attractions of the Big Apple. What to see in New York: introduction Milan Kundera wrote: "In Europe, beauty ...


    New York in 6 days with Niagara Falls: travelogue


    We publish the first part of Alessandro's travel diary who with his family embarked on a fascinating fly and drive: 6 days in New York with a visit to Niagara Falls, and an on the road on the West Coast between Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Let's find out about his adventure together ... Premise: in this itinerary you will not find ...


    7 Days in New York Itinerary: Plan to visit the city in a week

    Bernardo Pacini

    Among the many questions that will haunt you during the organization of a trip to Manhattan, you cannot miss the following: how many days do you need to visit a large metropolis like New York? This question is one of the most difficult I've ever answered, because there are so many things to see in the Big Apple: to long-time lovers of ...


    New York in 8 days with Niagara Falls


    We introduce ourselves: I, Ester (the obsessed with the American sickness, as well as organizer and driver) Tommy, (my husband infected with my American sickness, official translator) and Luca, the 17-year-old son (the "dragged" who then to end is always exalted for the places visited). Our intention from the beginning is to land in Newark (New Jersey) where to sleep one night, take the car ...

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