Not just gambling: here are the best museums in Las Vegas

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It is the city of records, of excesses, of sin and vice, the place where everything takes on extraordinary and sumptuous contours: a Las Vegas, even a simple museum, knows how to transform itself into a unique experience. All the lucky ones who will have the opportunity to visit the legendary Sin City and who are looking for stimuli to enrich their agenda, as well as entertainment, gambling and breathtaking shows, cannot miss some of the most exceptional and original museums in the city.

A different museum than usual is theAtomic Testing Museum which opens the historic spaces used by the NASA to test nuclear weapons: the story told is creepy, and has its roots in the distant 50s, when the city of Nevada was the theater of futuristic experiments in the world of weapons made in the USA, in the middle of the Cold War.

Always linked to the past is the museum ofImperial Palace Auto Collections, which exhibits over 200 models of very rare vintage cars including cult pieces such as the Mercedes used by Hitler in 1936, the Lincoln's John Kennedy from the 60s, the cars that belonged to the legendary boss Al Capone and much more.

By purchasing a ticket for the Las Vegas Natural History Museuminstead, you can enjoy an intense dive into the wildest nature: fascinating sharks immersed in glass cases, many examples of Nevada flora and fauna, but above all a room dedicated to the prehistoric world, with natural-sized reconstructions of the great giants of the earth, such as the T-Rex, which, thanks also to the use of ad hoc sound effects, will provoke a shiver of fear in visitors.

Las Vegas also hosts one of the most talked about exhibitions in recent years: it is Bodies, the exhibition that collects 20 human bodies, as many individuals who have given up their rights in favor of science. Muscles, tissues, skeletons, nerves and tendons are exhibited as works of art, recreating the tension of life, beyond the borders of death, and ferrying visitors on a journey to discover human nature reaching the borders with the most intense emotions. .

Furthermore, in the gaming capital of the world, how could we miss a praise to one of the most loved devices by many entertainment enthusiasts? We are talking about the Pinball, to which the Pinball Hall of Fame: a collection of the most curious, challenging and engaging historical models, to take a dip in the past and have fun like children.

Finally, fans of celebrities will not be able to give up a visit to the famous Madame Tussaud's: no, we are not in London, but in the American city that first hosted this kind of exhibition, made of wax statues with striking similarities. Among the VIPs recreated in the smallest details, they stand out Johnny Depp and his evergreen charm and the basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, with a curious resemblance. In true Las Vegas style, a visit to this inspiring museum is not an end in itself: have you ever thought you could wear a white dress and marry George Clooney? Well, in the coolest museum in the whole of Sin City you can finally do it.

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