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    NoHo: trendy and elegant, between chic architecture and clubs

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    Very close to SoHo, this neighborhood is the epitome of elegance, the perfect mix of creativity and chic architecture. Late 800th century buildings coexist with modern facilities, exclusive bars and restaurants go hand in hand with art galleries and clubs where you can listen to excellent live music. Frequented and inhabited since the dawn of time by high-ranking families with a very high spending power, such as the Astor e i VanderbiltNoHo soon became a magnet for artists and writers such as Andy Warhol, Charles Dickens, Washington Irvining, and William Makepeace Thackeray, not to mention an illustrious guest who married American President John Tyler.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • What to do and see
      • Cooper Union / Great Hall
      • CBGB & OMFUG bar
      • Astor Place Cube (Alamo)
      • The Hole
      • The Public Theatre
      • Astor Place Theatre
      • Astor Place
      • Merchant’s House Museum
      • Village Voice
    • Shopping!
      • Zero + Maria Cornejo
      • John Varvatos Flagship Store
    • Where to eat
      • Il Buco: Restaurant and Food & Winery
      • Gato
      • skip
    • Accomodation

    Where is it and how to get there

    Fermata Astor Place

    Located in the borough of Manhattan, NoHo, whose acronym stands for North of Houston Street, takes up just a couple of blocks. Nestled as a watershed between Greenwich Village and the East Village, its borders are bordered to the east by the Bowery, to the south by Houston Street, to the east by Broadway and to the north by Astor Place. To reach NoHo you can take the reference 2 metro stops:

    • Broadway-Lafayette Street Station: linee B, D. F, M
    • Astor Place: lines 4 and 6

    To better orient yourself you can use our guide on how to use the subway in New York.

    What to do and see

    Cooper Union / Great Hall

    Founded in 1859 by the philanthropist (but also inventor and industrialist) Peter Cooper, the Cooper Union is an institution dedicated to teaching the arts, architecture and engineering, but which also includes courses in the humanities and social sciences. One of the oldest schools in the country, since its foundation this school stood out not only for the excellence of its teaching, but also for the fact that it was open and accessible, free of charge, to both children of the working classes and to women. to people of color.

    Not only that: Mr. Cooper also opened a public reading room inside and supplied it with newspapers and magazines. Inside is one of the pivotal places of American free thought: the Great Hall. For over a century, this location witnessed lectures, debates and free exchanges of opinion, which told the continuous flow of American history and thought. Among other things, it should be emphasized that the movements of the American Female Suffrage and Red Cross. It is also here, finally, that personalities of the caliber of Lincoln, Grant, Roosevelt and Obama spoke and expounded their political and economic ideas. Unfortunately, the school cannot be visited, except on the occasion of public events and exhibitions.

    • Where: 30 Cooper Square & Foundation Building, 7 East, 7th Street, NoHo, New York City.

    CBGB & OMFUG bar

    Closed, yes, but never forgotten. This hugely popular club on the Bowery opened its doors in '73 and soon became a temple of rock and punk music. Born as a place specializing in Country, Bluegrass and Blues (hence the name), over the decades it hosted the pillars of the New York Punk, but also sacred rock monsters. A few names? Television, Ramones, Patti Smith and The Shirts.

    Between punk and rock, however, there were numerous forays hardcore and hardcore punk, until the club closed definitively in 2006, together with the historic bar OMFUG belonging to the same owner. Although music is no longer heard there today, there is still some connection with notes and scores, since in its place a shop has been created that offers clothing inspired by rock culture and, at the same time, between a mannequin and the more it is possible to “virtually” relive the CBGB as it was, before closing.

    • Where: 315 Bowery, Manhattan, New York City.

    Astor Place Cube (Alamo)

    Whatever you call it (Alamo, Astor Place Cube or simply The Cube), this black cube-shaped sculpture is a NoHo hot spot that deserves to be seen. Installed in the late 60s, the sculpture was supposed to be part of a temporary exhibition but, at the end of the six months, the local population signed a petition for the Alamo to remain where it was. Not only an installation for its own sake, but also a meeting place for many young residents and non-residents.

    • Where: 149-179 E 8th Street, NoHo, New York City.

    The Hole

    A multifunctional space, however, The Hole is above all a wonderful contemporary art gallery that offers both exhibitions by American and foreign artists, as well as organizing solo or group exhibitions. Not only “external” artists, however, but also internally cultivated talents, who show their works in the gallery's showroom. In addition to contemporary art, The Hole also hosts shows, events and special multi-cultural projects that aim to support the community of artists at the art gallery.

    • Where: 312 Bowery, NoHo, New York City.

    The Public Theatre

    Opened more than 60 years ago, this theater was the first non-profit in the nation to adopt a guideline as simple as it is innovative: theatrical art is an essential cultural element that must therefore belong to everyone. The proposal of performances and works has grown more and more over the years, to include unmissable events even outside the physical confines of the theater, in Astor Place. In fact, every year the Public Theater moves to locations such as, for example, the Delacorte Theatre of Central Park and the neighborhoods of New York with its Mobile Unit.

    Furthermore, epitomizing the American theatrical canon in its purest expression to the fullest, the Public Theater is also represented on Broadway via the award-winning musical. Hamilton. If all this were not enough, then, it should be noted that the shows and productions of the Public are also offered outside the region, around America and the world. It goes without saying, therefore, that the calendar of appointments is always dense and interesting. Tickets have varying prices and start at $ 75 per person, plus the handling fee.

    • Where: 425 Lafayette Street (@ Astor Place), NoHo, New York City.

    Astor Place Theatre

    Detached to Broadway, the Astor Place Theater is located on Lafayette Street and is a beautiful Greek-style building, embellished with impressive marble columns that was once home to the Astor and Vanderbilt families and was part of a series of nine interconnected buildings, of which only four survive today.

    Without doubt this structure is therefore one of the oldest in the city and, since 1965, it has become a theater. From here have passed the flower of actors and artists, such as Al Pacino, Tom Eyen and John Ford Noonan. Since the early 90s, the Astor Place Theater has become the home of the Blue Man Group who later bought it.

    • Where: 434 Lafayette Street, NoHo, New York City.

    Astor Place

    About a block long, this street, which borders NoHO and the East Village, runs from Broadway west to Lafayette Street and ends at Alamo Plaza. Known as Art Street, Astor Place was embellished over the years with numerous prestigious buildings such as the Astor Library, the Vauxhall Gardens (a very elegant residential area), the Astor Opera House. Other points of interest that are scattered along this street are the Astor Place Theater, the Public Theater, lo traffic divider in the shape of a trapezoid that young skaters use to train and try their hand at acrobatic jumps.

    Merchant’s House Museum

    A truly unmissable gem for anyone visiting NoHo. Built about 180 years ago, this brick and marble cottage was the residence of a very wealthy merchant and his family for over 100 years. Since 1936 it has become a museum, a fine example of late 800th century architecture, inside which everything seems to have crystallized over time. In fact, you can admire over 2.500 period objects including furniture, decorations, fabrics and clothes, works of art, books, family photos and sewing kits.

    Like any self-respecting ancient building, the Merchant's House also has its ghosts: according to common opinion, in fact, the Tredwell family never really left here. The museum is open on Tuesdays (from 12 to 20, from January to September and from 12 to 17 from October to December), Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 12 to 17. The cost of the entrance ticket is $ 15 for adults and free for children under 12 years of age.

    • Where: 29 East Fourth Street, NoHo, New York City.

    Village Voice

    Historic weekly founded in 1955, the Village Voice was one of the first viable alternatives to traditional news magazines, focusing on investigative journalism rather than gossip and other less busy topics. Symbol of the exuberant and apolitical counter-culture, never off the track of the search for truth at any cost, the Village Voice has acquired, over the years, prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer, the National Press Foundation Award and many others. Today, the weekly gives ample space to topics such as art, music, dance, cinema and theater, without forgetting the necessary current affairs services.

    • Where: 36 Cooper Square, NoHo, New York City.


    John Varvatos Flagship Store

    Zero + Maria Cornejo

    Made by women, for women. This is the motto of the clothes tailored by Zero + Maria Conejo. You wear almost KM0, given that almost all of them are worked in New York (84%), while some items are commissioned to small independent Italian, Bolivian and Peruvian companies (such as shoes and knitwear). The garments, with an attractive design, very comfortable and made with natural materials, speak the language of ecology and environmental sustainability. Dresses, cardigans, trousers, you can find everything in the store. The only flaw is that the prices are not really for everyone ... The shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 to 19, Sunday from 12 to 18.

    • Where: 33 Bleecker Street, NoHo, New York City.

    John Varvatos Flagship Store

    Housed in the CBGB club, this shop has become, over the years, a reference point for fans of rock and non-conformist fashion. But not only. Following the musical trail that continues to pervade the walls of this iconic place, the John Varvatos Flagship Store also hosts regular rock music concerts (Bowery Live). Accessories, leather garments, shoes, jackets are part of the wonders you can buy here, as well as vintage and modern vinyl records (to listen to or buy) and limited edition rock-themed prints. The setting is really impressive: large retro sofas and armchairs, Persian rugs, a huge sparkling chandelier, vintage posters on the walls and even a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling ...
    The shop is open Monday to Friday from 12 to 20, Saturdays from 11 to 20 and Sunday from 12 to 18.

    • Where: 315 Bowery, NoHo, New York City.

    Where to eat

    The hole

    Il Buco: Restaurant and Food & Winery

    For those who do not give up a bit of "Italianness" even when they are on the other side of the world, this place, and the nearby resale, are the right choice. The restaurant, opened about 20 years ago, is rustic, simple, but with an extra touch of warmth given by the wooden furnishings, the bookcases full of wine bottles and everyday objects and the simplicity of the environment. The house specialties include roast pork and homemade pasta, topped with goat cheeses, spinach and pine nuts. The menu, among other things, changes every day, depending on the fresh ingredients available.

    even the Buco Alimentari & Vineria it is a perfect option for lunch or dinner, without forgetting that made in Italy products are sold here such as extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, meats and cheeses, but also linen tablecloths, plates, glasses. Cost of lunch, per person (drinks not included): from $ 35.
    Il Buco is open for lunch, from Monday to Saturday, from 12 to 16. You can have dinner on Monday and Tuesday from 17.30 to 23, Friday and Saturday from 17.30 to midnight, on Sunday from 17 to 22.30. At Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, at different times depending on the service chosen. For more information visit the website.

    • Where: the Buco restaurant is located at 47 Bond Street, Noho, while Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria is located at 53 Great Jones Street, NoHo.


    Mediterranean cuisine, excellent wines and cocktails, a design environment: the Gato restaurant perfectly combines classic elements of the New York style with purely European forays. Specializing in meat and fish dishes, the highlight not to be missed is the paella with crispy mushrooms, eggs and artichokes. Open for brunch and dinner, it spends an average of $ 33 per person, excluding drinks. For opening hours, consult the website.

    • Where: 324 Lafayette Street, NoHo, New York City.


    A Mexican restaurant, Alla is a place decorated in a minimal, chic and very bright style. Among the many specialties offered, the inevitable guacamole, tortillas and churros. The goodies to order, however, are the lobster served with rice, avocado and tacos, and the chicken soup. Price per person, excluding drinks, from $ 30. The restaurant is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 11am to 22pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 23pm.

    • Where: 372 Lafayette Street, NoHo, New York City.


    NoHo is very small and hotels do not abound however, if you are interested in sleeping in the area, you can look in the 2 neighboring neighborhoods, East and Greenwich Village. And 2 links to learn more:

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