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So famous that they need no introduction, let's talk about the Niagara Falls. A trip to New York or to the Ontario area in Canada, of course, cannot fail to include a stop in this natural wonder, unique in the world, easily reachable from Toronto. A show that is unrivaled and in front of which the majesty of nature bursts into a power to leave you stunned.

The toponyms that make up Niagara Falls may seem a little curious, Bridal Veil Falls (cascades in wedding veil, which indicate the smallest belonging to the USA) or Maid Of The Mist Pool (Pool of the Maiden of the Mist, which is the basin where the waterfalls fall): graceful and perhaps even fragile compared to the power of nature which seems to concentrate all in the Falls.

Where are Niagara Falls located

The Falls are located between Canada and the United States, more precisely between Ontario (Canadian State) and New York State.

From New York City they are about 650 km away and to reach them by car it takes roughly 6h30m. Much closer is Toronto, which is just 133 km or 1h30 minutes by car.

Niagara Falls Tour

From New York

One day tour by plane

This tour is ideal for those who spend about a week in New York and therefore don't have too much time to spend outside the Big Apple. It includes a flight from New York to Buffalo and from there you can reach the Falls by coach in less than 30 minutes.
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Two day tour

This tour involves transfer from New York by bus and therefore has an even lower cost. Allows you to enjoy the view while traveling. You arrive in the afternoon at the Falls and also allows you to admire them at night. On the return journey there is also a stop at an outlet. The cost of the tour also includes an overnight stay at the Falls with breakfast.
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Three day tour

This tour is an excellent solution to combine a trip to New York with a beautiful 3-day excursion in the name of nature and more. In fact we will visit Niagara Falls, the beautiful 1000 Islands and Toronto.
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Da Toronto

One day tour

Day tour departing from Toronto. In addition to visiting Niagara Falls, this tour also allows you to discover the pretty town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and includes a cruise in the Falls and the buffet lunch with spectacular views of the Falls.
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Helicopter tour of the Falls

Unlike the previous activities this tour does not include a transfer to the Falls, so you will need to book one of the above tours or go there on your own. The 9-minute tour allows you to admire this spectacle of nature from a privileged perspective.
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The legend behind the Falls

On the other hand they could not be otherwise, deriving from the grace and delicacy of a young girl named Lelawala. Legend has it that her father had destined her for a forced marriage, but her heart belonged to He-No, the Thunder god who lived behind the Horseshoe Waterfall.

In order not to betray her true love, the young woman rushed aboard a pagoda from the Falls and, in midair, was taken in flight by He-No. Their spirits, according to tradition, went to live in the sanctuary of the Thunder God under the falls, making the girl eternally known as the lady of the mist, due to the water vapor.

Such a poignant story set in a truly unparalleled scenario could not fail to make the Falls a popular destination for many couples on their honeymoon. It seems to have inaugurated the tradition Gerolamo Bonaparte, brother of the better known Napoleon, in the XNUMXth century; later, an advertising campaign by a railway company consolidated the custom and Henry Hathaway's Niagara, with the icon Marylin Monroe, sealed its vocation as a destination for newlyweds.

Some data on the Falls

Whether or not you are on your honeymoon, you can only get lost in the enchantment of a natural spectacle that has absolutely no comparison in the world. Their disruptive strength lies not in the height (they are rather shallow, only 52 meters), but in the width of the river bed (675 meters) which, combined with the average water flow of 110.000 cubic meters, presents such a special effect that it is impossible to find match in no other place in the world.

Technically, they are defined by their semicircular conformation horseshoe falls (horseshoe) and the Canadian coast is peacefully recognized as the best to appreciate its immensity.

Niagara Falls from the White Water Walk

The best observation points

Here, the panoramic terrace Table Rock it is one of the most suggestive observation points; nevertheless, a trip aboard the historic boat will be particularly exciting Maid Of The Mist in the summer months, which since 1846 has allowed hundreds of tourists to approach the nebula curtain of water vapor.

For a "behind the scenes" view of the falls you can go to the White Water Walk; finally, how not to allow yourself an overview from Minolta Tower that on days of absolute clear sky allows you to see Toronto too?

Undoubtedly, Niagara Falls remains the main attraction of the Niagara Peninsula, with a spectacle that draws over 14 million spectators a year. Therefore, it is absolutely advisable not to miss a treasure that is estimated to be extinct in 25.000 years from now, due to erosion, and which induced the famous writer Charles Dickens to say “Anything said about this wonderful place would be mere nonsense”.

What to do near the Falls

The surroundings of the Falls offer various opportunities for entertainment. Long Clifton Hill there is an endless expanse of the most varied museums, from wax reproductions to house of Dracula.

My advice is, among all, to enter the Daredevil Gallery which houses the finds and testimonies on the adventures of those who dared to challenge the Falls, throwing themselves into them with alternating luck. After the noise of the Falls and the flows of tourists, a little peace and silence can be enjoyed in the quiet temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas Sarira Stupa.

Just outside, you can get an idea of ​​what landscape he found René Robert Cavelier, Lord of la Salle, when he arrived before European colonization in 1677: still unspoiled scenery is preserved at the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve.

In the most touristy Niagara-on-the-lake you can stroll through colonial-looking streets and tree-lined avenues, visiting the Niagara Apothecary, with display of historic medicines, jars and advertising posters or the Fort George, a well-preserved military fort from the late XNUMXth century.

In summer, how not to take advantage of the valuable theatrical review on the occasion of the Shaw Festival which, despite the name, offers works not only by Bernand Shaw, But also Virginia Woolf e Oscar Wilde, among others?

Going up the Niagara Peninsula, you will find numerous places to taste the fine wine products with an intense and sweet flavor that have long made this area famous for food and wine tourism.

If after Niagara Falls your destination is Toronto, treat yourself to a stop at Hamilton, an industrial city that beyond appearances will be able to amaze you. A jump to the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame & Museum to discover everything and more about the history of the Canadian Football League, one at the African Lion Safari for the delight of children, one at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to see about thirty aircraft from World War II and Korea and one at the Whistgern Historic House and Garden to see the luxuries and comforts of an elder family. If you are tired, make a note of the Royal Botanical Gardens where you can recharge your batteries, in the suggestive setting of ponds, waterfalls and rare trees.

A stop at Niagara Falls is an obligation more than a concession, to admire and contemplate the immensity of nature and its power which, with what could almost be defined as a "heavy tax", has enchanted billions of people for centuries.

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