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Do we want to tell you about our 30 days of pure freedom? to try to convey the beauty of an On The Road journey lived to the second.
This itinerary led us step by step into the land of this wild and delicate state at the same time.

1 day

Happy as two children on their first outing, we arrived in the? Land of the long white cloud? after 32 hours of travel, you pass between airports and unknown friends. Rented the car and bought the tent we were ready to start, but there? the world was quite the opposite, including the direction of travel, our first obstacle! like two elderly people with hats at the wheel we headed awkwardly towards our first goal. Auckland, a metropolis that was of great impact for us. An infinity of ups and downs was the ruin for our breath, the Sky Tower hurt the sky, people walked barefoot and the traffic lights? Almost speaking they regulated diagonal crossings. Maybe ap? all too gray, the gloomy day guilty, but involving all the same, thanks also to the chain of volcanoes that embraced the city.

2 day

Towards evening the fatigue begins? to take possession of us, so much so that during the night in the tent the strong wind seemed to us? like air conditioning in a five-star hotel. Nothing better. A forest near Waitakere was our personal high the next day. It was like being lost in the Jurassic Park movie, where no dinosaurs, but myriads of birds accompanied our every step with concert hall notes. Trees and branches that intertwined with those long, jagged leaves, typical of John Hammond's Island, seemed to protect the territory. The thought that this was just the beginning was wonderful. The rest of the day was spent strolling along Piha's black beach. L? The wind enjoyed playing with us almost making us spin. Arrived the ebbing of the tide, an invitation from the ocean to continue in that part of the beach more? shy and reserved who only showed herself for a few hours, leaving silent footprints that the waves would then carry away as a secret.
In the evening, lying on the sand of Muriwai, our eyes were caressed by an immense? of colors and shades of the sky, waiting for the sunset

3 day

The next day, after a brief farewell to the colony of seagulls, with its penetrating sounds and smells, our journey continues towards Lake Kai Iwi. Isolated in the green with its clear waters it was provocative, it seduced you, almost taking you to undress for a bath, but the strong wind won once again and only the feet had the honor of merging with the water. Only after reaching the Waipoua forest did it calm down. Here three old Kauri sisters, born of the same roots, controlled and ruled over their? Home? together with his old father (Four Sister and Te Matua Ngahere). We were surprised by the care that the New Zealand people had for their territory, so much so that at each change of ecosystem, before accessing the forests, it was necessary to disinfect the previous one, through special stations. Does a new sunset leave us in the evening? something that went beyond simple visual pleasure, hitting your soul and accompanying you into the night ready to dream of the new day.

4 day

The morning was dedicated to fun, along the Ninety Mile Beach we reached Te Paki for ap? of Sandboarding! After hitting a board from a bizarre family at a scattered farm, we headed to the area of ​​the huge sand dunes, climbed to the top of them, then descended at full speed, great fun! The lighthouse pi? north of the island, at Cape Reinga, he welcomed us in the afternoon. L? where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, without ever merging, generating a mystical play of colors and waves. Perhaps for this reason considered by the Maori as a sacred place, passing through to the afterlife. Everything was controlled by an imposing lighthouse that marked the route to sailors. We rested our legs stretched out on one of the beaches of Karikari Penisula, which is found going down ap? pi? to the south, a perfect place to relax. We were able to stay still only an hour aware of the beauty that surrounded us, cos? we headed towards the Rainbow Fall, a waterfall of almost 30 meters not far from us. The melodious water flowing down and the nature all around never ceased to impress us.

5 day

The next day, the sky was not on our side, wind and rain united against our plans, but this did not hinder us. our itinerary. Did the day to spend between the beach and the dolphins in Bay of Island change? on a tour of the city, very touristy, perfect for hunting for the best souvenir. The boat trip took place there. tomorrow, some dolphins showed us? his own fin, but the hope of swimming with them was not given to us, given the uncertain presence of cubs. Apart from the nice lunch on a private beach we were not satisfied with the experience, as it does not reflect? the promised dream. We got off the boat and managed to run in the car just for the arrival of bad weather, our destination was Whangarei Falls! It was a thunderous waterfall, essential to create a perfect atmosphere in that silent place. After enjoying that magnificent view, do you leave? to visit a white sand beach, called Pakiri beach. Wasn't the afternoon one of the best? favorable to be spent by the sea. Black clouds, full of water covered every corner of the sky, creating a right harmony between tranquility. and restlessness. Surfers ride the waves of the restless sea, while their dogs watched them watchfully from the shore. The combination of all these elements generated indescribable sensations to us simple observers. We spent the night near Hot Water beach, in one of the many campsites equipped with everything? that a traveler might need.

6 day

In the morning we headed to this famous beach where, at low tide, it was possible to dig a thermal pool. Lying in a pool of warm water watching the sunrise filter through the cloudy sky, it seemed like you were lost in a reality. parallel, an imaginary world that revealed itself? be reality. A few minutes drive away another paradise was at our disposal, the Cathedral Cove. Tropical colored beach where there was a rock arch that allowed access to another bay dotted with seagulls. The afternoon was dedicated to the visit of Hobbiton, we were in the middle earth! Everything as one expects watching the films of JRR Tolkien, from the various paths that connect the homes of the little Hobbits, the cultivated fields, the low fences, the round doors of the houses, that desire to open them and find inside the? Half men? with hairy feet sipping malt beer. A landscape kept as if the movie were still being shot and the splendid sunny day made the visit never to be forgotten.

7 day

In the morning we reached Rotorua for a visit to its lakes and its numerous water sources. What more? of all struck us? it was Hamurana spring, here from a deep hole in the earth gushed pure sap that generated a small river of transparent water. The green of nature and the blue of the small river were placed side by side creating a painting with soft contours and bright colors, in contrast with the sharp lines of the slender trunks that led to the source. The evening was particular and interesting as we dined in a Maori village with typical dishes, ranging from sweet potatoes, cooked in a hole, to traditional sheep meat. With the premise that it was just a performance, as the village was a reconstruction and the Maori actors, it was a pleasant evening. We were greeted with a show in which the life of the Maori in the villages, the story of their tattoos and how to become warriors was told. It all ended with their typical dance, L? Haka, a greeting before the hearty dinner. L? experience continue even after the banquet. We were led through the surrounding forest to a sacred spring whose walls were inhabited by luminous worms. It was an exciting evening.

8 day

After a long sleep, loaded again we headed towards Huka falls. Rapids of very blue water and an overwhelming force, which attempted to phases wide between the rocks to frantically dive into the basin below. It wasn't the first time we saw these rapids, as they were the famous escape route for the dwarves hiding in the barrels in the movie? The Hobbit ?. The charm of this place was also given by a thermal spring that you met along the way, in this a small pool was created where you could immerse yourself pampered by its warm waters even on the hottest days. cold. Enjoyed every beauty that nature offered us, the path continued? towards Turangi for an excursion in the Tongariro National Park, but not all days are perfect, so? a quarrel that broke out for futile reasons became something so big that we didn't get the best out of the day. Would we spend the rest of the hours along Lake Taupo and stocking the trunk with everything? which we could need in the following days without ever saying a word. We reached New Playmounth only in the evening in anticipation of the visit to Mount Taranaki.

9 day

From the visit center of the mountain we continued our journey taking different paths to discover the mountain. The first we followed was the Pooldawson-fall Loop tarck which led through a forest until we reached a small waterfall, at pi? levels, where in each of these small pools were created. What more? of all struck us? was it for? the Dawson Falls, 20 meters of pure elegance, enhanced the surrounding environment as if it were the right tie on a perfect suit. It was impossible not to be shocked for a few moments by the magnificence of the almost wild place before moving on to immortalize this vision. After a few kilometers of walking and a quick lunch in the car in the rain, we arrived? in the capital, Wellington! The route to reach the city, all along the coast, was a unique sight. A succession of pristine beaches and meadows. For a few kilometers, all forms of human life disappeared? leaving space for nature that commanded the ever-changing air, sun and wind. With the sight of the city? we return with our feet on the ground, cars, buildings and the classic noise of a small metropolis made us understand that we were returning? among humans ?!

10 day

Wellington, was a medium-sized metropolis that blended classical and modern history within it, through buildings from every era. We found shops just in case but for shopping there was no hope, given the excessive prices compared to the Italian average. Only at lunchtime, given the large quantity? of typical restaurants that the place offered, we decided to spare no expense and we stopped near the port, attracted by a restaurant with numerous poufs arranged in the front lawn. This offered a particular outdoor service, allowing you to have lunch lying on the grass warmed by the sun, but the seats were so full. we adapted to the normal tables, for a lunch based on Hangi revised in a modern way. And how to best dispose of if not with a nice walk along the coast of Owhiro bay to reach the seal colony !? the first stop along the path were the Red Rocks, rocks of a reddish color born thanks to underwater volcanic eruptions 200 years ago, on which the waves crashed penetrating into every inlet. Curiosity? to see seals for the first time in a natural habitat made us lengthen our pace, but the disappointment was great when we found a group of tourists intent on photographing the only seal left, which cicciotella was resting under the sun. The season was not the right one, but we were rewarded by the view of the magnificent coastal landscape.

11 day

The show that he offered us? L? unfortunately the north island came to an end, in the morning a ferry took us across the Cook Strait to Picton. Given the short duration of the voyage, about three hours they made us sit in the main dining room, where we occupied a table overlooking the ocean in the hope of catching a glimpse of some mammals playing in the waves. Did the expectation vanish? when, due to fatigue, the eyelids became heavy and the rocking of the ship lethal. Once docked we headed to Nelson for ap? of supplies of first necessity? and a look at the city. The final destination was Kaiteriteri where, in a small intimate and golden beach, we were enchanted by the thousands of shells present on the shore, so many shapes and shades that made them all different, one thing was certain: we could not leave them there! With your feet soaking in the water, ap? chilly, we began to collect them one by one, until we had pockets full of memories! Happy with our collection, we returned to the camp we had chosen for the night, which, like the previous ones, was hospitable and clean, with the lawn for the tents full of curious ducks.

12 day

The night passed quickly and the alarm clock reminded us? that there was a kayak trip waiting for us! A taxi ship brought us? on one of the beaches of? Abel KAYAKTasman National Park. On the way we stopped to look at the Split Apple Rock, a spherical rock that appeared to have been deliberately cut in half. Once we landed on the bay we found our kayaks waiting for us on the shore and after a brief explanation on the use of the canoe we were ready for the? adventure. The guide took us on a path along the coast between the currents of the ocean. Jagged cliffs and white sand beaches alternated in a unique spectacle, admired despite being distracted by the attempt not to look like two clueless. The fear more? great was what a shark could sprout around us, instead the only body that stirred the stillness of those waters was that of a small seal that curiously approached? to us, probably looking for mom and dad ?. After a good paddle we stopped on a heavenly beach to rest and have a hot drink. He regained his strength and brought the kayaks back to the starting beach, we were ready for a walk along the coast, to reach a new beach where we were recovered by the taxi ship.

13 day

In the morning we continued our journey south to West Port. Do you start here? our descent along the West Coast, the most? uninhabited in New Zealand, where man did not influence nature and the gas stations were a mirage. To welcome us was Cape Foulwind, a promontory where the strong wind pushed the violent waves against the rocks creating a spectacle and a symphony typical of the Tasman Sea. Along the path we took we also met the Seal Colony, where you can admire the seals with their young that, between a bath and another, dried in the sun. Here was a strange image of how a lazy and static animal could stand alongside something as frenetic and wild as that sea. The day continues on Punakaiki beach, the weather became? cloudy, the greyness created enveloped you, leaving you with your feet in the sand but with your soul suspended. The beach was pierced by a thread of sadness immediately carried away by the wind and regenerated by the many emotions that touched it. The afternoon was dedicated to fun through an organized excursion. Reached Greymounth and assigned the equipment by the guide, we set off to discover the Toniwha blackwater rapids aboard a donut, stopping in a dark cave, where the vault was studded with thousands of luminous worms. Was a? singular adventure.

14 day

The following day we continued our descent along the West Coast, a strip of land that has the most climate. unpredictable and rainy of New Zealand, glaciers to reach the glaciers. The typical atmospheric conditions of the area were against us, already? from the awakening the sky was covered with black clouds and unfortunately it remained so for l? full day, our hope of exploring and helicopter flying over the glaciers of Fox and Franz Josef and? in pieces. So did we decide? to undertake the Fox Glacier valley walk, to reach the final tongue of the glacier. The place and the time made this path intriguing, the low clouds merging with the top of the mountains created a tunnel in which we were escorted by nature through a path full of waterfalls and streams. Covered by our capes, after a few hours of walking, we finally reached the point from which to observe the base of the glacier, but nothing to do as a mouse hid inside the den, allowing us only its tail. Not satisfied, we decided to spend the night at Franz Josef, in the hope of a more awakening. lucky to try another flight, but this did not happen, again due to adverse weather conditions, the glaciers remained therefore? just a dream.

15 day

Having lost all hope, we headed to Haast for a stop on the beach before the final turn inland. After an hour of driving, we lost queenstown in nature among winding roads and reached the lakes of Wanaka and Hawea, where we stopped on one of their beaches for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we reached Queenstown, a small town? dispersed in the mountains, overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Was this the country that most? of all conquered? our heart, marking our itinerary with an indelible color, describe what we have not tried? simple but we'll try. Before sunset we went up with the gondola on the Skyline, from which you could contemplate an unforgettable panorama, the city? and the lake were embraced by the surrounding mountain ranges, illuminated by the warm light of the twilight. Waiting for the sunset, the light drizzle was crossed by the rays of the sun generating a rainbow that overlooking the city? made everything even more? suggestive. When the sun went down we returned to the city, skirting the lake and paused on a small beach, near the center, to observe the last shades of the sky before warming up in a nearby bar. Late in the evening we returned to the campsite via Mall street, a street full of bars, illuminated and warm! the feeling was that of being in a known country, feeling at home despite the distance of 18.537,78 km.

16 day

We spent the next day near the city. The morning was devoted to fun, surfing the rapids of the Kawarau River. Accompanied by a table and a group of crazy boys we threw ourselves into the icy waters of the river, ready to challenge the force of nature, unaware that the breakfast we had just made was lurking and forced us to abandon halfway. the adventure to reactivate digestion with a hot drink, watching our companions descend the river from above. Back at the base we ran to eat something light and fast, before the imminent trip to Glenorchy to see various landscapes present in the saga of the Lord of the rings. A jeep took us towards the discovery of these. The first stop was the hill of the last march of the Ent, with Isengard at its feet! Too bad for the bad weather that did not give us the opportunity? to stop and observe that landscape where, through the imagination, the protagonists could still be seen plowing the land. Then came the turn of the Paradise forest where Boromir decayed and finally the magical forest of Lothlorien, where trees with thin trunks but thick roots gave you a sense of protection and insecurity at the same time, as they seemed to hide something. Very, very impressive!

17 day

After a relaxing night we got ready for a cruise through the fjords. The bus to reach the port of Milford Sound picks us up in the morning in the fiordland, perhaps too early for the time it would take us to get to the port. Shortly after the departure everything was clear, the excursion included some stops that gave the opportunity? to admire the charm of the places encountered along the way. We were amazed by the organization and beauty of nature, starting from endless plains to Mirror Lake, a real huge mirror of water, surrounded by rocks that set it like a diamond. When we reached our destination we left for the cruise between the fjords where the air was strong, but never as much as the emotions felt. Elegant waterfalls cascaded delicately from the high hills, while others more? impetuously entered the sea with arrogance. Lazy seals slept on rocks in the sun enjoying the tranquility every day. and of the peace transmitted from that place. Docked the ship we left Milford Sound by bus and were surprised again when I announce more stops along the way, waterfalls and canyons awaited us along with curious parrots greedy for crackers. At the end of the day our eyes were full of so much beauty, satisfied we went to sleep with a smile.

18 day

The next morning we left Te Anau behind to reach Double Sound, locality. in southern Fiordland. There? that attracted us to this area were paths that led you to discover the fjords and their riches, but it was not all simple. The scarce indications on the departure of the chosen path were the cause of the outbreak of a dispute generated by very different and previously born tensions. Skipping the program we tried to find peace on a beach near Manapouri, the only stop of the day before leaving for Invercagill, the capital of the south island. We spent the two hours of travel immersed in the silence of our reflections, only the sound of the wind on the windows accompanied us? along the way, eventually snatching our thoughts away. Arrived at our destination and put up the tent after a hot shower, we dedicated ourselves to visiting the city. The center of Invercagill offered the necessary services expected of a small town but nothing more. Was there any museum in the city? but the true beauties of the far south, of boundless spaces, are all found in the surroundings of this one.

19 day

Finally arrived? one of the days pi? expected of the whole itinerary. We had booked a boat trip, not to see some island or some scogliocage with a particular shape but instead? to meet the great white shark! We leave at 07.00 in the morning and after about two hours of travel we arrive? near the coasts of Stewart Island, a stretch known for the frequent spring migrations of the great whites.The staff on board and the captain were very kind and helpful, they made hot drinks and biscuits available for the whole trip, then set up for lunch a nice buffet. They gave us a lot of information about the great predator and told us that according to the laws of New Zealand it was forbidden to feed it. After that? they lowered the cage into the water, a large bait and groundbait to attract the sharks. After a little more? of half an hour the first specimen appeared, almost four meters long, three participants dressed properly and armed with GoPro entered the water, but after a few minutes the shark, understood the trap, disappeared. in the ocean. In the afternoon the fog dropped suddenly making it difficult to see, for this reason the crew decided to return, giving the opportunity, to those who had not entered the cage, to repeat the exit for free the next day to be able to look into the eyes the king of the oceans.

20 day

Dawn came, the usual boat was waiting for us at the port of Bluff, Captain Mike welcomed us afterwards. immediately took the helm. The day was splendid, one of the few times in New Zealand of a clear cloudless sky! We arrived at the usual point, where it is not worth taking a refreshing bath, the cage was lowered and this time we decided to go down first to avoid losing the opportunity again. to touch a shark! After an abundant hour of baiting here is a fin cutting? the water in two directed towards the bait to enter. Finally it was our turn to visit that giant! There was nothing to say, imposing in the face of so much strength and an elegance never seen before, he looked at you with his black pupils through the cage, aiming at you and then disappearing, creating anxiety and suspense until his return. It disappeared and reappeared to bite the bait with those sharp white teeth, we terrified by the thought that it could suddenly appear from the sides attacking and entering the cage, it was 15 minutes that will remain with us forever. Once we got back up we looked at us? that we had lived through the videos, exchanging the filming and photos with the brave others. A nice blanket and a hot chocolate made us recover from the cold felt all? exit from? water, as up to that moment the adrenaline had warmed us. We returned to the port of Bluff in the early afternoon, tired but one hundred percent satisfied.

21 day

With a full stomach we set off in the direction of Waikawa to visit the cliffs of Curio bay and its inhabitants. How already? it had happened previously in Wellington, perhaps being the wrong season, all life forms had moved away from the coast, once again the birds in tuxedos did not want to show themselves to our eyes. Only for an instant we were deluded of their presence, in seeing similar birds in the distance that after a quick snapshot did not turn out to be such. Sad for the missed meeting we moved from the cliff to the beach for a relaxing walk, with an ice cream in hand we cooled off before reaching Parakanui Fall. This to our taste was one of the most? beautiful of New Zealand, a pyramid created by nature, 20 meters of pure magic, reachable after a pleasant path, not very long. Unfortunately we also had to leave this spectacle behind us to reach the city by evening? Dunedin, the country more? English from New Zealand born of Scottish colonies. Tired of the long day, which began in the water in the early hours of the morning, we decided to find a backpacker to host us, to be able to sleep peacefully in a bed after a long time. Like the campsites, these also amazed us for their cleanliness and hospitality, here every evening we shared part of our life with complete strangers who, like us, shared the same adventure.

22 day

After a visit to the city? we moved along Otago Peninsula where an excursion awaited us to observe the life of seals and penguins that lived in a protected area of ​​the peninsula. With a mini tank open on the sides clinging to each other so as not to fly out we visited everything, rain and mud ended up on all our clothes, boredom was not known there! The jewel of this reserve was the yellow-eyed penguin, the largest. rare in the world! finally our first penguin, even if seen from far away! We quickly changed into the car and then reached the most inhabited street? steepest of the world, Baldwin Street. We reached the top breathless but our feet were on a Guinness world record! After a few shots we left to see the Moeraki Boulders in the homonymous beach. About fifty huge boulders, formed by sediments of the seabed through processes that still remain mysterious, populated the bay, the rain around them created a bit of melancholy but positive, another emotion on our skin. The sunset came while we reached Oamaru, where we decided to wait for the penguins to return from the ocean to the coast, but the only thing that came was the cold and hunger, not even the shadow of the penguins. The campsites closed late now, only one lady answered our calls to welcome us to a secluded bungalow room, ghostly air, no lighting and the classic squeaky swing abandoned in the middle of the farm. Couldn't sleep already? she too?

23 day

In the morning we ran away from that camp to reach Oamaru beach again, hoping to catch a glimpse of some penguins, but after COOK a short walk on the secluded beach we decided to go to town. for a quiet Italian breakfast. With full stomachs we got back in the car to head inland and reach the lake of Pukaki. After two hours of traveling along the SH83 we arrived at the heart lake of the South Island, how did she arrive? to ours. We stopped at the Lake Pukaki visitor center for lunch, sitting at a table near the lake, we thought we found ourselves in one of those documentaries with hilarious landscapes, where your only thought looking at it was? I won't be able to? never go ?. Instead it was reality. We continued the journey according to the itinerary, along the coast of the lake, occasionally seeing the Monte pi? high of New Zealand, the final goal of the day. At the foot of Mount Cook we left the car to take a path through the Hooker Valley, between rocks and scrub, crossing three long bridges, and a wooden walkway between magnificent landscapes before reaching the lake from the? namesake. the long walk in freedom ?, opened us? the stomach and we decided to have dinner in one of the few structures present. For the night we were less fortunate, the full house forced us to sleep in the intimacy? of our car, on soft seats and camping gear.

24 day

The awakening was not one of the best, the inconvenience? and the first rays of the sun forced us to get up early in the morning, also the warning light at? turning on the car reminds us? that gasoline was running low, but the 91 pump in the area was non-existent. In terror of being left on foot, we set off with a crushed madman, making the most of the force of gravity. to go down along the coast and reach the first petrol station, 35 km away. With the tank full, sorry for having left so? soon the mountain, we retraced our steps to take a new route and reach the Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier view. Together with us he arrived? even bad weather, gray clouds covered the sky and a light drizzle began? to go down. We began our journey through an endless series of steps, which tested our poor lungs. The first stop, encountered along the way, was the Blue Lakes, which were not so blue, as due to physical factors, which we do not remember now, they had taken on a greenish color. We then continued our ascent until we reached the top, from here we could admire a magnificent landscape looking both north and south. On one side you could see a whitish lake, very characteristic, created by the melting of the glaciers, while on the other you could admire the entire valley. Satisfied with the scenery, we returned to the car to head to Christchurch, where we spent the night.

25 day

When we woke up, after a hearty breakfast, we were ready for a ride through the woods surrounding the city. It was the first time we got on a horse. After a brief introduction, we headed outside the stables to start the long journey, but the problems were not long in coming. Entering the forest, like children immersed in a world of chocolate, the horses lost their attention with respect to the path to follow, to throw themselves headlong into the foliage and gulp down every available leaf. The drawn reins and the light kicks on the hips were useless, no one was in control of the horse, and the situation became? comic. With the passing of the minutes and the help of the guides, order was restored and we continued our journey. After the relatively short experience, our buttocks were in pieces and our opinion about horses changed. Apparently gifts were still animals. In the afternoon we quickly visited the center of Christchurch, this one founded by an English colonist mirrored Victorian England in many architectural aspects. Were the signs left by the violent earthquake that struck still evident? the city? in 2011, but that did not mean she gave up. In a square a small center was rebuilt through containers, with various shops and bars. We were very impressed by the atmosphere of that place that we had to leave shortly after to reach Kaikoura by evening.

26 day

A new day began. We lace up our hiking shoes ready for a walk along the coast at the tip of the Kaikoura Peninsula. Here lewale seals prevailed over man, lying on the rocks to rest in the cool were the mistresses of their city. From the top of the cliff, following the path, the view was excellent again this time. The ocean met the earth generating waves that delighted its inhabitants. Then going down towards the beach, the air changed, in fact seagulls and other species of birds appeared to our agitated eyes, circling around us frantically. We later discovered that the fault was ours, as we were in place of nesting, we risked taking some pecks but in a shrewd way we moved away from the area to continue the rest of the journey. When the afternoon came, an outing to sea was waiting for us! This face our target were the large sperm whales that populate the waters of Kaikoura. It took about half an hour of navigation to meet there. huge Sperm Whale. Around her it was created? the silence, as if it had the power to appease everything? that surrounded it and after 10 minutes the magic happened. He plunged into the sea with a delicate movement, like an Olympic diver, made the body disappear and the tail emerged, which, like a hand, seemed to be? greet us and then disappear into the depths? dell? Ocean. Are you leaving us? a bit bitter not having been able to see this animal in its full size and we thought of a method to satisfy our curiosity.

27 day

Even this day we woke up with a smile! The meeting place at the? Dolphin Encounter? it was for 06.30, finally it was time to swim seriously dolphins in the ocean surrounded by dolphins, very numerous in the waters of Kaikoura! The organizers gave us all the necessary dressing and after an introduction on what? waiting for us we left by bus, to reach the ship that would take us to the open ocean. After about twenty minutes of navigation the boat was surrounded by an infinity? by Dusky Delphin, who emerged from the water to play with the waves created by the movement of the boat. A siren warned us? that it was time to jump into the water from the back of the boat, in a few seconds we were surrounded by these beautiful mammals. These were crafty and playful animals, they brushed against you, swam around you in a circle and then disappeared and reappeared with majestic jumps, respected you as if you were part of the group, welcoming you to their territory. At each movement of the dolphins we got into the boat to chase them and then dive back, we continued for about two hours. Was the sense of freedom wonderful? tried in being able to swim freely in the middle of the ocean with its inhabitants, a sensation that on land? difficult to perceive. A sense of independence and at the same time of protection given by the dolphins, which swimming next to you seemed to protect you from any danger. Unfortunately, time is up? and after a hot drink on board we return to Kaikoura for 11.30 / 12.00 where we had lunch with two toasts.

28 day

After a morning in the water we decided to touch the sky. Since the sight of the whales from the ship didn't satisfy us? pi? from time to time, we decided to see these huge odontoceti from above on board a helicopter and taking advantage of the opportunity we flew over the entire coast of Kaikoura. At about 2.30 am the helicopter operated? the shovels and we broke off the ground. After a slight initial shaking we were ready to conquer the coast. We flew over the ocean admiring every nuance and movement. Groups of dolphins swam in the blue water, while more on the shore the seals played on the rocks. We landed on a hill from which you could admire a breathtaking panorama, on one side you could contemplate the ocean and its beaches, on the other the hinterland studying the shapes of each place, thanks to the elevated position that gave a point of new view. We left for the ocean to fly over the sperm whale, it was huge! 18 meters long and quiet, rhythmically transforming into a fountain when he breathed from the blowhole. He dived with great class and disappeared. in depth. Back at the base, we spent the last few hours available to visit the small town of Kaikoura, consisting mainly of restaurants and souvenir shops. We fell in love with this place for the emotions that he managed to convey to us in just 48 hours, but the afternoon ended? and with the arrival of evening we moved to Hanmer Springs.

29 day

This was a small town lost in the mountains north of the Canterbury region. Famous destination for both activities? winter and summer, inbungee especially for the Hanmer springs thermal pool, thermal pools around which the town had developed. We decided for? to break away from the tradition of travelers to spend an alternative morning, visiting the Hanmer Spring Health Center for a physical problem, which put a stop to our adventure. After a couple of hours, thanks to the organization of the facility and a quick bandage, we were once again ready to resume the day. We spent the morning touring the town, where the monotony of the asphalt was continually broken by trees and gardens. The only thing that attracted us most? of everything was that little shop that offered adrenaline rushes of various kinds. Trillseekers jatboating, bungy jumping or canoe safari? The choice fell on bungy jumping, but given the injury of one of us, which happened at the right moment and transformed? in excuse, only one jump was booked. When it was time X I climbed onto that bridge at a height of 37 meters, looked down at the water flowing under me, bent my knees and jumped into the void. The silence was broken by my scream, I still don't know if it is liberating or of terror. The only thing I'm sure of? that during the rebounds the body followed the trend of the elastic while my organs went in the opposite direction. A unique adrenaline rush, what for? erase part of the memories of the adventure. In the evening we greeted the sun which set. behind the mountains.

30 day

With a bad heart the journey was about to end, so? late in the morning we headed to Christchurch, where our plane would leave tomorrow. We spent the day walking around the city, careful to observe everything so as never to forget it. We went back to the center of Christchurch to say hello to that one. area full of life, made up of container-shops, which struck us so much. Our only thought was to experience for the last time all those sensations experienced in the previous month, a constant sense of freedom. and impotence in the face of the beauty of nature, of independence and awareness of that life. Unfortunately the day arrived? at the end and we collided with reality. It was time to pack our bags, but they were filled with memories and tears, we ditched our clothes in New Zealand to make room for it all. which represented, in one way or another, our adventure.

The night was spent sleepless and the dawn reminded us? that a flight awaited us. Our itinerary was completely highlighted, each of our stages had been lived.

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