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    New York Pass: our opinion

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    New York is the most desired city in the United States: the iconic attractions of New York are besieged by all travelers who land in the New World and want to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple.

    As a popular tourist destination (and quite expensive - see our article "How much does a trip to New York cost" ...), we have noticed that thecity ​​pass offer it was becoming wider and more differentiated, so much so that many of our readers were asking us for help in choosing the best formula for their needs. For this reason, in addition to our comparison article of the various New York passes, we have decided to write detailed cards, with all the useful information for the purchase, use and characteristics of the individual products. We have already talked about the two Sightseeing passes (Sightseeing Day and Sightseeing Flex), but today we want to learn more about one of the absolute top seller passes in New York: the New York Pass!


    Among all the passes that can be purchased for a visit to Manhattan, the New York Pass it is certainly among the most famous, so much so that in some cases it even made school. Just think of the most recent Sightseeing Pass: on a simple analysis, it is clear that it was forged precisely on the basis of the New York Pass.

    The history of the New York Pass has its roots in 2001, the year in which this “magic card” appeared for the first time. Since then, the product has been constantly improved to confirm itself as one of the best-selling city passes in the city. In addition to the undoubted convenience of the offer, which we will discuss shortly, one of the most appreciated qualities of the New York Pass is the constant possibility of taking advantage of discounts on the final price if you buy it on the official website: it must be said, however, that this type of promotion is also quite common for the various Sightseeing brand competitors.

    A small premise ...

    Before reading the review, compare yourself with the article you find at the link below, which will help you get an idea of ​​all the alternatives available. This way you will know how to compare this product with other passes.

    Which New York pass is really worth it?


    • New York Pass: how does it work?
    • What does the pass include?
      • New York Pass attractions
      • Attractions not to be missed
    • Is New York Pass worth it? pros and cons
    • Refunds and reservations
    • Comparison with the Sightseeing Day Pass
    • Duration of the pass
    • How do i activate the pass?
    • Where can I get my pass and how can I use it?
    • New York Pass Costo
    • How can I buy the pass?

    New York Pass: how does it work?

    The philosophy behind the New York Pass bases its success on possibility of choice  flexibility of the offer: if we managed to make you understand how the Sightseeing Pass (Unlimited) works, well that's it! For those who don't know anything about it, here's how it works in a nutshell.

    The New York Pass is a booklet a variable duration which can be purchased with a validity of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days: so the pass can be purchased both by those who intend to stay a few days in the city, and by those who will stay a little longer to deepen the visit.

    On the days included in the pass, you can visit the attractions included in the package without any daily limit: from only one to nearly 100 (but only if you are superheroes ...)! The only limitation is the possibility of visiting the same attraction more than once: by buying a New York Pass of any duration, you can take advantage of only one entrance in each of the attractions, tours, activities and restaurants included in the offer. This means that you will not be able to enter multiple times at the same attraction or do the same tour several times within the duration of the pass.

    What does the pass include?

    The list of attractions, tours and activities to choose from is very long: study the offer carefully before buying the pass, but remember that you don't have to choose in advance those to visit, but you can do it with peace of mind when you are in town. In addition to entry to the most important city attractions, you will also be entitled to one digital city guide.

    New York Pass attractions

    On the official website you will find the complete list of attractions and places of interest that you can visit thanks to the New York Pass: monuments, skyscrapers, observatories, museums, tours of all kinds (on foot, by bike, by bus), cruises, entrances to zoos, gardens and so on ...

    Attractions not to be missed

    Here are what they are in my opinion some of the best attractions included in the pass:

    • Empire State Building
    • MoMA
    • The Edge
    • Freedom Tower/One World Observatory
    • Cruise to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
    • Top of the Rock
    • Concerto Gospel ad Harlem
    • Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
    • Circle Line Cruise

    Please note: the characteristics of the New York passes may vary over time (for example, the number and type of attractions, as well as the percentage of savings). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated at the bottom of the article, for any changes.

    Is New York Pass worth it? pros and cons

    Each pass has its strengths and weaknesses - the New York Pass also meets this rule. Which are then, in summary, i pros and cons? Let's see when the New York Pass is really worth it in comparison to its direct competitor, the Sightseeing Day Pass.

    • Pro: total price of the pass generally lower than the direct competitor; good flexibility; duration of the pass from 1 to 10 days; good choice; digital guide in Spanish included in the price; free refund in case of cancellation.
    • Against: fewer attractions than the competitor: there are no additional discounts on restaurants and activities; the considerable possibility of choice requires a careful study of the attractions: the risk is that of never knowing what to see in the days available.

    Refunds and reservations

    The pandemic has had and will have (for some time) its impact on tourism, and of course, New York sightseeing passes have had to adapt to meet consumer needs. Unlike other competing passes, the New York Pass offers the possibility of obtaining a full refund within 365 days of purchase of the same, so totally free. In fact, there is no need to purchase any type of additional insurance.

    Furthermore the pass has a duration of 24 months from the date of purchase: this means that, in case you have to postpone the trip for a few months due to an unforeseen event, you can rest assured for at least two years. Unless, in fact, you decide to ask for a refund.

    If, on the other hand, you buy the pass on a third-party site such as Viator o Getyourguide (there are links to these sites even a few paragraphs below) and not on the official site, remember that the refund policies of the respective sites will be applied.

    Chapter Reservations. The pandemic has also brought with it some important news on the number of people who can access the monuments, attractions and tours. To prevent too high a turnout, many attractions have introduced a booking obligation. This means that, even with the New York Pass, it will be necessary book your visit in advance.

    For each attraction in its catalog, the official website of the New York Pass has a card with all the information on how to book admission, if necessary. Also be very careful because once you have booked even one attraction your entire pass will come considered to be activated and then you will no longer be able to request a refund if your plans fail for any reason.

    Comparison with the Sightseeing Day Pass

    The New York Pass includes access to a Harlem Gospel concert in its catalog of free activities, while the Sightseeing only offers a discount. If you want to pay as little as possible at all costs, know that, net of current promotions, the price of the New York Pass is lower than the Sightseeing Day Pass. On the other hand, the attractions are fewer and there are no additional discounts. The law is always the same: saving costs! The New York Pass offers one in price New York digital travel guide in Spanish. The competitor has a guide, but not in Spanish. 15 attractions have the option saltafila Fast Track: the Sightseeing Day Pass competitor has about half. However, we remind you that at the present time (October 2021) no pass offers the skip-the-line option. THE tour in bus hop on – hop off of the New York Pass can only be used for one day, unlike the Sightseeing Day Passes which can be used for the entire period of validity of your pass. The New York Pass does not include the discount for the helicopter flight in New York.  Flexibility. As good as it is, it's not the best on the market. The Sightseeing Day Pass has more choice: there are 8 solutions to choose from (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 days) against the 7 of the New York Pass. There savings percentage which can be reached with the New York Pass is around 61%; the percentage reached by the competitor is instead of 70%. 

    Duration of the pass

    As already widely anticipated, it is possible to buy the New York Pass valid for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days: the important thing is that they are consecutive days. What does it all mean? It means that if for example you are planning to stay in New York 5 days and you have decided to buy a 3 day pass, you will not be able to manage it at your convenience within the 5 days available to you, but you will have to exploit it within three consecutive days from the first use.

    Another piece of advice I give you is this: the first time you use the New York Pass it is worth doing it quite early in the morning! The day is considered solar, which means that if on the first day you use the pass, for example, at 18 pm, you will have practically wasted one day of validity.

    He passes expires two years after purchase, so you have time: however, calculate well the times of purchase and first use, so as not to risk seeing it expire in your hands without yet having arrived in New York!

    How do i activate the pass?

    The pass, as you will have understood, is active only after first use upon entering one of the attractions, or for one of the tours or restaurants included in the offer. From the moment of first use, the pass will record the time and attraction visited and will show you the time of validity still available to you.

    Obviously, if you are required to book your visit in advance, the counting of the days will not start from the moment of booking, but from the moment of the actual entry into the attraction.

    Where can I get my pass and how can I use it?

    Il New York Pass you can comfortably use it with your smartphone after downloading the app of the same name. When purchasing the pass you will therefore have the possibility to choose two options:

    • download the official app with your pass and use the pass directly from your smartphone
    • print the pass and bring the printed version with the QR code with you

    New York Pass Costo

    ATTENTION! Pass prices are variable, so we always invite you to check for any fluctuations on the official website!

    At the present time (October 2o21), rates (to be discounted on the official website!) are the following:

    • 1 days: $ 129 (adults) 99 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 2 days: $ 174 (adults) 129 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 3 days: $ 199 (adults) 154 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 4 days: $ 229 (adults) 164 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 5 days: $ 259 (adults) 179 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 7 days: $ 299 (adults) 199 $ (children 4-12 years)
    • 10 days: $ 339 (adults) $ 224 (children 4-12 years)

    How can I buy the pass?

    The best way to buy the pass is to do it online from the official website, because it is really very advantageous! We encourage you to monitor the page often, because they are present substantial discounts for those who buy the pass directly from there.

    An example? At the present time (October 2021), purchasing the 3-day pass on the official website allows you to save $ 20 on the total price of the pass! If you then buy a 10-day New York Pass on the official website instead of elsewhere, you will save money $ 34 off the total price.

    However, it is worth checking the availability of the New York Pass also on other sites because sometimes, especially for the formulas of fewer days, we have also found offers superior to those present on the official resource. Here is the list of all the sites on which to check prices:

    • Buy the pass on the official website
    • Purchase the pass on GetYourGuide
    • Purchase your pass on Expedia

    Read our guide to choosing the right pass for your New York vacation

    Which New York pass is really worth it?

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