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I don't know if it's true that New York never sleeps, because after tens of miles of ground during the day, I slept like a stone at night. I can say, however, with great certainty that New York breathes, and not only in Central Park, the great green lung in the center of Manhattan, it breathes in every avenue, in the cafes, in the illuminated theaters, in the station, at the supermarket, in the elegant rooftops and in the dirty metro, in multi-ethnic markets and in designer shops.

New York is also vital where it has seen death in the face. The large pools that rise in the perimeter of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center show us a truth with force: life goes on, memory saves us. The silence here is almost unreal, broken only by the shower of water that gushes from the two huge pools. Where there is water there is life, where there is flow there is ferment.

The names of the victims of that terrible 11 September 2001 are imprinted one by one in the perimeter of the memorial, to remember a story, a life, broken too soon. But there is no place for hatred at the 9/11 Memorial, but respect, delicacy, hope. A sign hanging near the tubs reads: “Visitors are invited to touch the memorial names panels”, an invitation to touch the life that once was, and not death.

Each name is hollowed out in such a way as to allow loved ones to insert a rose in the grooves, on the birthday of the victims. There were many white roses stuck in the iron of the fountains, silent and moving celebrations, but still a celebration of life.
Life, indeed lives. Faces. Many, many. In front of my eyes looks, smiles, pensive or tired faces. Kind, welcoming people, even if each one is taken by his daily life. The African American nurse, returning from the night shift in who knows which hospital, the university girl holding a jar of basil to plant on the terrace, the nerdy Asian with headphones and cell phone, the rich little girl dressed as a princess on a normal afternoon on June. There is always a nice word in the greetings, in the information received, in the quick words or pleasantries exchanged in the elevators of the skyscrapers. New York is not wary, but open and ready to help you. At the same time, however, he checks every backpack, every bag, and proposes solidarity advertising in the metro for all the people who are rejected by the city, “Do you feel alone?”, Says the social campaign in the wagons …….

New York is everything and the opposite of everything.
In the Big Apple, perspectives and geometries also change. The horizon multiplies and becomes vertical, it forces you to raise your eyes up, higher and higher, with all due respect to the cervical.

Leaving Manhattan, the gaze resumes familiar lines, the buildings are resized, the houses resemble those of many films seen in the cinema or on TV. Both Brooklyn and the Village give New York a more human dimension, artists, design shops, small shops and bars with a green soul.
Going further south in Brooklyn you will arrive at Coney Island. About an hour by subway from Manhattan, the gaze embraces the boundless ocean, in an atmosphere of relaxation, fun and vintage atmosphere. Outdoor bar along the boardwalk where a retro-flavored Luna Park stands, including ferris wheels, roller coasters and target shooting. New York takes care of you here too, and if you have forgotten your sunscreen, the free distributors along the promenade will provide you with a providential avoidance of erythema.

Yes, New York breathes, electrifies, exudes positivity, freedom, respect and integration, or at least this is what I perceived, in my brief and first encounter with the city.
See you next time NY,and thanks for all the good vibes!


Day 1:

  • Departure from Broadway
  • Times Square
  • Bryant Park
  • 5th Avenue
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Saint Patrick Cathedral
  • Grand Central Station and Grand Central market
  • World Trade Center – World Trade Market
  • Wall Street
  • Battery Park
  • Madison Square Garden
  • 5th avenue

Day 2:

  • Flatiron Building
  • Greenwich Village
  • Union Square
  • washington square
  • Friends Apartment
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Dumbo
  • Upper East Side
  • Central Park
  • 231 Roof Top
  • Roosewelt Tramway
  • Times Square by night

Day 3:

  • Coney Island
  • Chelsea Market
  • Highline
  • Chelsea
  • Cena da Burger and Lobster

Day 4:

  • Rockefeller Center
  • Radio City Hall
  • Top of the Rock
  • NY Public Library
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