New York in September: the most interesting events in the city

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Impossible to be bored in New York. In any season, month, day of the year you visit it, the city is crossed from north to south, from west to east by cultural currents, historical happenings, parades, shows, fairs and events that enrich it even more, if possible. , the tourist landscape.

It is not only the city that never sleeps, but also the city of a thousand possibilities. A metropolis where dreams can become reality and where things, whatever they may be, happen faster than elsewhere. And if even Robert De Niro said that “New York is the most exciting city in the world”, there must be a reason. And certainly the liveliness of this metropolis is one of them.

The weather in New York in September

Mild, breezy, with pleasant temperatures: visiting New York in September is undoubtedly a winning choice. With the exception of the first week, which could bring with it the aftermath of the August heat, from the second onwards temperatures usually range from a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 24-25 ° C.

If you want to have a more general overview of the temperatures and weather in the Big Apple, I invite you to read our article dedicated to the climate of New York.

The main events in New York in September

The lively September panorama of the Big Apple is colored by the most diverse events. We go from Feast of San Gennaro, which celebrates the relations between the Italian and American communities, al Brooklyn Book Festival, which celebrates literature with meetings and events (including for children). And then again the Labor Day, the workers' day which is celebrated in many different ways according to the organizing communities and ethnic groups, the U.S. Open and New York Fashion Week.

Tribute in Light – 9/11

Since 2001, 11 September in the world, and especially in New York, will never be the same date as any other. On the anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers, the whole city dresses up in mourning and remembers its fallen with emotion.

Dedicated religious ceremonies will be held in most churches in Manhattan, particularly St. Patrick's. During the morning, the entire Ground Zero area will be dedicated exclusively to the families of the victims who will be able to attend the official commemoration. The 9/11 museum will therefore be closed to the public.

It will be possible to access the area of ​​the 9/11 memorial generally starting from 15:00 until midnight to watch the touching Tribute in Light, where powerful lighthouses will be projected into the sky to remember the shape and presence of the Twin Towers.

Feast of San Gennaro

11 days of great celebrations that literally invade the Little Italy neighborhood of New York. Now in its 93rd edition, this festival with an exquisitely popular flavor, but with international tones, animates some of the most evocative locations in the area, including restaurants, shops, boutiques. It will be a real kaleidoscope of colors and sounds, the one that will characterize the party, with numerous free concerts, stalls, parades (religious and not), street performances, games and the inevitable (and unmissable) challenge with cannoli and typical Italian dishes.

  • Where: the Festa di San Gennaro involves all of Mulberry Street, between Canal and Houston Street, and Grand Street, between Mott and Baxter Street.

Labor Day

Although the name means Labor Day, Labor Day actually officially marks the end of the summer season. As this is a national holiday, many businesses are closed, except for restaurants and attractions. So here you can dedicate yourself to visits to museums, walks in the parks or take part in some colorful events that are held throughout the city. Like the famous West Indian Parade which takes place in Brooklyn and which, every year, brings to it about 3 million people who celebrate not only Labor Day, but also the famous Caribbean carnival, one of the largest in the world.

Or you can choose theElectric zoo, the festival that animates Randall's Island Park for a weekend with electronic and techno music that this year will follow the theme of the "supernatural", including aliens, unicorns and ghosts. Finally, another great event held on the occasion of Labor Day is the Brazilian Day celebrating Brazilian Independence Day. Packed with performances such as dances (especially samba) and concerts, as well as food stalls honoring Brazilian cuisine, this festival engages not only the Brazilian community, but also New Yorkers and tourists visiting the Big Apple.

25 blocks are involved, starting from 6th Avenue and Little Brazil to 46th Street. The "classic" deserves a special mention Labor Day Parade, organized every year by workers' associations, which parade carrying stars and stripes flags along Fifth Avenue and as far as 66th Street. This parade is accompanied by marching bands, street dancers, floats and flag wavers.

New York Vegandale

It is the event to mark on the agenda, and not to be missed. Designed for vegans, also suitable for the curious, Vegandale promotes everything that is "animal-free": from food to clothing to services. Held at Randall's Park, the event sees the participation of hundreds of exhibitors to choose from to savor 100% vegan delicacies, beers, spirits and wines and is enriched by concerts and DJ sets. The entrance ticket costs from $ 13 and is free for children under 12 years of age.

  • Where: 20 Randall’s Island Park

The Big Chocolate Show

One of the sweetest events in the Big Apple, the Big Chocolate Show is held annually (between September and October, on varying dates) at the Resorts World Casino NYC and is the first major opening happening of New York's Chocolate Week.

By participating in the event you have the opportunity to discover the best kept secrets of chocolate artisans, chefs, cocoa experts, pastry masters through show-cooking, tastings and workshops. Furthermore, it should be noted that part of the proceeds obtained from the sale of tickets is donated to the Cookies for Kids Cancer Association.

A really good event, in every sense. The entrance ticket costs from 80 $.

  • Where: 110-00 Rockaway Blvd., Jamaica, NY

German-American Oktoberfest

The most famous beer festival in the world also “moves” punctually to New York, for 6 weeks (from September to October). A sort of twin celebration compared to the more famous one held in Germany, but which has nothing to envy.

The Oktoberfest in New York is full of stands of typical Bavarian beers, giant pretzels, sausages with sauces of all kinds, dances and songs. In addition to the inevitable traditional Bavarian costumes that are worn by both men and women also here, in the heart of the Big Apple. Admission to the event is free, you only pay for the drinks (1 liter of beer, for example, costs $ 15).

  • Where: Watermark Bar, 78 South Street Pier 15.

Long Island Hop Fest

Another appointment for beer enthusiasts, but who also want to experiment with unusual and non-traditional versions, the Long Island Hop Fest is a day dedicated to local and national producers who sell “niche” beers.

Here too, among other things, in addition to beer you can attend concerts and live shows. The ticket costs from $ 45 and entitles you to tasting the beers. For a fee, however, the delicacies to combine with beer.

  • Where: Jamesport Farm Brewery, 5873 Sound Avenue, Riverhead

Brooklyn Book Festival

This literary festival, held between September and October, is one of the most interesting of its kind. Thanks to meetings with the authors, literary dialogues, stands where you can buy volumes and spaces dedicated specifically for the little ones, New York is colored, for seven days, with emotions on printed paper.

Do not miss the section of photographic books and that of painted volumes where you can find some undisputed gems. Finally, for children there are also puppet shows, magic shows and face painting. The appointments are almost all free, except for some whose cost is still negligible (starting from a donation of $ 5).

  • Where: the Festival is held in different locations around the city.

Boo at the Zoo

There's no need to wait for Halloween to dress up (and have fun) at the Bronx Zoo. With the appointments of the Boo at the Zoo, in fact, young and old will be able to dress up as early as the weekends in September, then participating in numerous happenings.

From magic shows to visiting the cemetery of extinct animals, from the parade of Halloween costumes to a walk in the corn maze. Without forgetting, of course, the activity most loved by young visitors: the engraving of pumpkins.

  • Where: Bronx Zoo, 2300 Southern Blvd.

New York Fashion Week

It is the coolest week of September, the one in which it is not strange (nor impossible) to run into Gigi and Bella Hadid or Anna Wintour, the very famous director of Vogue America. NYFW is the must-have event for all fashion lovers who, upon registration, will even be able to attend some cat walks (tickets cost from $ 35). Of emerging designers, of course, but destined for sure success. The city also comes alive with art exhibitions and make-up sessions in the most famous mega stores of the Big Apple.

  • Where: different locations around the city.

U.S. Open

This world-renowned event needs no introduction. Every year, between the end of August and the beginning of September, the big names in tennis compete against each other in New York. An unmissable opportunity, if you are in New York, to admire giants of this sport competing for the world title.

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