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    New York in November: Guide to all parades and events in the city

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    John Steinbeck used to say: “after having lived in New York, after having made the city your home, no other place will be able to stand up to comparison anymore”. Because that's exactly how it is. New York either you love it (and then it will be eternal love), or you hate it (and therefore, perhaps, you can learn to tolerate it).

    There is no middle ground for this gigantic, lively and cosmopolitan metropolis, sparkling in its ultra-modern skyscrapers yet also "traditional" in its red brick buildings, with the famous fire stairs hanging from the walls. What is beyond any doubt, however, is that it always knows how to surprise. Even in the panorama of events.


    • The weather in November
    • Main events of November in New York
      • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
      • Black Friday
      • New York marathon
      • Union Square Holiday Market
    • Chocolate lounge
    • Salon Art + Design
    • Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square
    • New York City Veterans Day Parade

    The weather in November

    In November, the weather in New York can vary a lot, from week to week. The first seven days are usually mild, similar to October, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 ° C. From the second week, however, things change and temperatures fluctuate between 4 and 8 ° C. The air begins to get brighter and it can happen that you run into rainy days. However, it is not a critical month, both in terms of bad weather and possible cold.

    Main events of November in New York

    Although it is mostly perceived as a sad month (at least in Europe), November when it comes to events in New York is a very interesting time. For example, you can participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, colorful and festive, or the New York marathon, of international appeal, or the very famous Black Friday, one of the events that trigger the most shopping-addicted crowds. Let's find out together which are the events not to be missed.

    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    This parade is held every year on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day and is organized by the very famous Macy's chain (which first organized it in the 20s). About 3 hours of colorful parade, between allegorical floats, giant balloons, live music, bands, cheerleaders and dancers that entertain hundreds of thousands of spectators every year, on the streets of New York, and at home. For anyone in New York in November, this is a must-have event, completely free!

    • Where: departs Manhattan (at West 77th Street & Central Park West) at 9am and ends at Macy's Herald Square at 12pm.

    Black Friday

    It's Friday after Thanksgiving. A day of healthy, all-encompassing madness that unites all the inhabitants of the Big Apple, as well as the many visiting tourists. Black Friday is proposed as the ideal day to do great business. Both in terms of items and items to buy and, even more so, in terms of discounts.

    All large clothing chains, boutiques, shops, toy stores await potential customers with sales up to 80% off the normal list price. High fashion brands and five-star technology included.

    But be careful: it is good to have a large dose of patience. They are not unusual, indeed, very long lines of people from the first light of dawn waiting to storm the shops.

    • Where: throughout the city.

    New York marathon

    Perhaps one of the most famous in the world, the New York Marathon involves tens of thousands of participants every year, including professionals, enthusiasts, novices and just curious. A colorful human river that crosses the Big Apple, from Brooklyn (unforgettable shots of the runners passing over the bridge) to Queens, running along Manhattan and the Bronx, to finish in Central Park. A race that crosses some of the iconic places of New York and which, therefore, is a unique opportunity to admire the metropolis in its entirety.

    • Where: from Staten Island to Central Park.

    Union Square Holiday Market

    Centrally located (held annually at Union Square Park), this market is very popular with New Yorkers and will certainly be appreciated by visiting tourists as well. There are, in fact, many original and unconventional proposals for “very cool” Christmas purchases.

    The Holiday Market, in fact, exhibits design objects, tailored clothes (also for children), handicrafts and art objects, international delicacies and much more. A destination within a destination, the market also offers convivial moments based on live music, performances by street artists and DJ sets. Admission is free.

    • Where: Union Square Park, E 14th Street.

    Chocolate lounge

    Lovers of chocolate, in all its forms and variations? This event is for you. For a week, New York transforms itself into the capital of sweetness with cocoa-themed events and meetings. Internationally renowned chefs compete in greedy and magical creations, dozens of chocolate artisans display (and sell) delicacies and numerous events teach how to create exquisite chocolate-based desserts.

    Every day cocoa tastings are organized paired with wines, spirits and other beverages and, even more bizarre, fashion shows are also held during the show featuring clothes and accessories made, in part, of chocolate. The entrance ticket costs $ 35 for adults, $ 12 for children aged 6 to 12, free under 6 years of age.

    • Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 429 11th Avenue.

    Salon Art + Design

    Art and history, design and modern antiques, the Salon Art + Design held every year at Park Avenue Armory is an eclectic event that gathers enthusiasts, specialists and newbies. There are goodies of vintage design, but not only. There are numerous modern and contemporary objects on display, with an eye also to contemporary art.

    Around 56 of the best art and design galleries in the world participate in the show, presenting new market trends. An appointment to mark on the agenda for longtime or aspiring collectors. The entrance ticket costs from $ 30.

    • Where: Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue.

    Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square

    At the end of November New York begins to light up in anticipation of the Christmas season. Lincoln Square, in fact, is accessed by a thousand colored lights, live music, dance performances and tastings of winter delicacies.

    Although the actual event takes place every year in early December, this is the right time to start enjoying the magical atmosphere of Christmas in New York. The restaurants and clubs in the area, then, host not only shows and DJ sets, but also offer ad hoc activities designed for families with children, for shopping-addicted and for incurable Christmas lovers.

    • Where: Lincoln Square and several locations around the city.

    New York City Veterans Day Parade

    The Veterans Day Parade is an annual parade involving war veterans that has been held for over a century now. Music bands, ex-soldiers in uniform (but also on duty), waving stars and stripes flags, this parade is a way to thank men and women who fought for their country. Schools and groups of young people, rigorously equipped with flags, also participate in the parade.

    • Where: depart from Fifth Avenue.
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