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    New York in March: the best events between the St. Patrick's Day parade and tastings

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    There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless. This extremely topical statement by Simone de Beauvoir makes clear what one can expect from New York. There is always something to do, an event to attend, an exhibition to admire. The Big Apple is a metropolis in constant turmoil, where it is practically impossible to get bored, unless you want to.

    Up and down the boroughs, from the most chic to the most peripheral, but equally lively, every visitor can find something to do, discover and experience. And thus returning home enriched by unique experiences.


    • The weather in March
    • The main events in the city
      • St. Patrick's Day Parade
      • New York Antiquarian Book Fair
      • Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival
      • Asia Week New York
      • Contemporary Art Fair – Clio Art Fair
      • Italian Wine Tasting – Great Wines of Italy
      • Beatles Festival
      • NYC Winter Wine Festival
      • Irish Family Day

    The weather in March

    The old saying "crazy march" is now almost no longer valid. With climate change, everything that previously could have been expected and reasonably predicted has now become a lottery game.

    However, it is equally true that some guidelines on atmospheric conditions still exist. March, which marks the beginning of spring, is a harbinger of longer and less freezing days. And, although the mornings risk starting with temperatures that are around 2 ° C, it is however very likely that the maximums will reach 10 ° C and more, thus allowing you to experience the city even outdoors.

    To get a complete overview of the temperature trends throughout the year, you can read our in-depth study entirely dedicated to the climate of New York.

    The main events in the city

    Festivals, events, the highly anticipated Spring Break loved and expected by students: March is another eventful month in New York. Among the most famous (and popular) happenings, there is the colorful St. Patrick's Day Parade, Mardi Gras (which can also fall in April, and it is therefore good to consult the calendar to check the date of Easter) and the Winter Wine Festival, an internationally renowned event particularly appreciated by wine lovers.

    St. Patrick's Day Parade

    Arriving in New York in March and not attending the parade held on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) would be a real shame, as well as a mistake. On this day, in fact, whether you are of Irish origins or not, many citizens of New York (and as many tourists) celebrate an anniversary that has become a must-have of the metropolis.

    Of ancient origins (just think that the first edition took place in 1762), this festival is the largest of its kind in the world and “colors” the whole city green, including bagels and beer! To better enjoy the parade made up of bagpipe players, marching bands and characters in kilts, it is strongly recommended to wear at least a sweater. Green of course!

    • Where: the parade starts at 11 am from Fifth Avenue, at 44th Street, and ends around 17 pm at 79th Street.

    New York Antiquarian Book Fair

    Photo by j-No

    Now in its 60th edition, this fair dedicated to rare and ancient books is a paradise for those who love fascinating and precious treasures. Over 200 national and international exhibitors specialized in antiquities will offer the public a vast selection of rare and unique books, ancient maps, manuscripts and even postcards of the time.

    Many, then, the topics covered by the volumes present: from art to autographs, from medicine to classical literature, from photographic tomes to unpublished editions. All strictly authentic and provided with the certificate of authenticity. The entrance ticket costs $ 25.

    • Where: Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue (between 66th and 67th Street).

    Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival

    On Easter Sunday, something extraordinary happens in New York: Fifth Avenue is closed to traffic (yes, you got it right!), From 49th to 57th Streets and in that wide stretch of the Big Apple the party and the fun begin.

    This is a kind of late carnival, in which the participants dress up in a strange, funny, scary way. In short, everyone wears the costume he prefers and walks off with the others. It is a super-colorful parade, in which multicolored flowers, animals of all kinds (including rabbits and even snakes) and hats, of all possible and imaginable shapes, are the masters.

    In reality, perhaps, they are the real protagonists of the event: absurd, creative, eccentric, the hats that parade during the Easter Parade are adorned with carrots, frames, bird cages ... In the face of the Queen of England, who here would find bread for his teeth!

    • Where: Fifth Avenue.

    Asia Week New York

    Born with the aim of promoting and celebrating Asian art, Asia Week New York is an event organized by world-class, specialized artists, auction houses, world-class museums and Asian cultural institutions.

    For a week, the Big Apple comes alive with Asia-themed events, exhibitions, auctions and cultural meetings, “traveling” from India to China, from the Himalayas to Japan to Korea. Participation in the appointments is free.

    • Where: different locations around the city.

    Contemporary Art Fair – Clio Art Fair

    Unusual and unconventional, the Clio Art Fair is an event that brings together artists, collectors and curators, but without the presence of intermediaries. It is a fluid event, therefore, for which the emphasis must be placed only and solely on the creations of art, rather than on famous sponsors and mediators.

    However, this does not detract from any potential, quite the contrary. It is the ideal answer for those who love art and all its expressions above all else, and are eager to discover new independent creative talents. All the proposed exhibitions are free, while for some events (such as the inauguration and networking sessions) a fee is required (with costs starting from 35 $).

    • Where: 550 West / 29th Street.

    Italian Wine Tasting – Great Wines of Italy

    Italians do It Better. Even the wines! So, if you are in New York in March, you cannot miss this event dedicated to the best white and red nectars made in Italy.
    This annual event gives space to about 150 wine producers from the Bel Paese, offering fine wines such as, among others, Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti and Amarone.

    Over 300 labels to sip, with tastings that are accompanied with exquisite regional and local delicacies. The cost of the entrance ticket, which also includes the Guide to the Great Italian Wines, is $ 145.

    • Where: IAC Building, 555 West 18th Street.

    Beatles Festival

    It's the event that nostalgic Beatles fans just can't miss. Organized twice a year, this festival lasts 3 days and includes numerous activities such as live concerts, exhibitions, competitions, a challenge between bands playing Beatles covers. Numerous special guests are involved every year.

    Finally, in the area hosting the festival, there are also dozens of stalls where fans can buy Beatles of course-themed items, LPs, videos, photos, posters and much more. The pass to participate in all activities on the 3 days of the event costs $ 190.

    • Where: Hyatt Regency, Jersey City.

    NYC Winter Wine Festival

    The Festival is officially presented as “the perfect opportunity to stroll through the sunny hills of Tuscany”. Although there are actually no hills, it is equally true that there are really many Tuscan wines here. But not only.

    Over a hundred wineries from all over the world exhibit their best nectars, giving the unique opportunity to taste them accompanied by canapés, local and international delicacies, cheeses and cured meats, pasta and flavored bread. The entrance ticket costs from $ 75 per person and includes tasting of wines, cheeses, pasta and international artisan specialties.

    • Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th Street.

    Irish Family Day

    A unique opportunity to experience St. Patrick's Day as a "real" Irishman, at the Irish Arts Center. Each year, the facility opens its doors to the Irish community's most famous and heartfelt celebration by providing visitors with many exciting activities to partake in.

    From live performances held by students of the center and professionals, to workshops, from film screening to the sale of handicrafts, from traditional music sessions to exhibitions, in typical céilís style (term indicating an event in which to savor genuine Irish hospitality ). Entry to Irish Family Day is free.

    • Where: Irish Arts Center, 553 West 51st Street.
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