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    New York in June: cinemas, music festivals, parades and other events in the city

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    If you have decided to spend your holidays in New York in June, you have chosen one of the better times. The temperature is mild and the rainy days are not many. Winter is now far away and the sultry summer heat has not yet arrived. Unlike cities like Las Vegas or New Orleans where temperatures are already starting to rise accompanied by humidity, the climate in New York in June is ideal for walking and discovering the main attractions that the city offers.


    • Climate in New York in June
    • Main events in New York in June
      • Mermaid parade
      • Summerstage
      • Brooklyn Bushwick Block Party
      • Science Festival
      • BookCon
      • Taste of Times Square
      • National Puerto Rican Day Parade
      • Museum Mile Festival
      • The Film Festivals

    Climate in New York in June

    The average temperature during the day is around 26 degrees, while at night it drops to 17 degrees, so it is still cool and pleasant. Sunny days average 20, with around 8 rainy days and 3 heavy thunderstorms. A light jacket, or rather a raincoat, is a must, as are comfortable, closed and water-resistant shoes.

    If you love parks and eating outdoors, a large scarf or a light towel can be a good idea to sit on the grass and have a picnic or attend the many free concerts or events that are organized in Central Park and in other New York public parks in June.

    Main events in New York in June

    There is certainly no shortage of free outdoor events in the city in June: from parades on the streets of New York neighborhoods to festivals with live music up to the very special Museum Mile, an evening event with free opening of museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim and the Smithsonian Design Museum.

    Let's see together in detail some of the events in New York not to be missed.

    Mermaid parade

    This folkloric parade takes place in the setting of Coney Island and marks the beginning of the summer season. Expect hundreds of people dressed up in handmade mermaid costumes in the most original and extravagant forms. The event is totally free and, if you want to participate, plan ahead because participation is getting higher every year.

    The parade usually begins around 21am at the intersection of West 16st and Surf Avenue, travels along the famous Boardwalk and ends around 00pm at the Steeplechase Plaza. For 2019, the day of the parade is set for Saturday 22 June.


    One of the most famous festivals in the city which takes place from June until October. Dozens and dozens will be the events that will satisfy the most disparate tastes of music, cinema, theater and entertainment lovers in general. Most of them will be completely free and the most popular concerts, as you can imagine, will attract a lot of people, so plan ahead.

    The headquarters of the event is at the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, but we could define it as a real traveling festival, given that the events that characterize it are practically scattered throughout the neighborhoods of New York. The suggestion is therefore to keep an eye on the official website of the event.

    Brooklyn Bushwick Block Party

    Generally organized for the first Saturday of June, the Bushwick Block Party is an event that takes place between Troutman Street e St. Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn. With two stages set up, many artists performing, jam sessions and top DJs, good music is guaranteed.

    But not only: body paintings, graffiti artists who create works on the spot, street artists who organize their shows for improvised audiences, excellent street food and even free haircuts! The event is in its eighth edition this year and will certainly continue to attract young people and not only for many years to come.

    Science Festival

    Science and innovation have never been so interesting and fun. The World Science Festival is an opportunity to learn about innovations in science, engineering, astronomy and technology, to get information, to discover new things through interactive installations, debates and screenings of films and documentaries. Science leaves the laboratories and makes itself known in the New York streets, parks and museums.

    Everything is free. There first week of June (could also begin the last of May) do not miss the New York Science Festival with free staging and events scattered throughout various locations of the city. On the official website there are all the details and the places where each event will take place.


    For lovers of reading, New York becomes the home of a cultural event not to be missed in first weekend of June. Authors, publishers, content writers and celebrities of various kinds meet at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th Street, to celebrate the art of storytelling and spread the passion for writing and reading.

    The cost of the entrance ticket varies between 30 and 55 dollars for adults, while for children between 6 and 12 years the cost is 10 dollars. Tickets can be purchased on the official website or at the entrance, but in the latter case they could have a surcharge.

    Taste of Times Square

    If about fifty restaurants find themselves in Times Square to offer their specialties, how to miss? The Taste of Times Square is the foodie event that takes place in no less than New York's most important square with stands ranging from Broadway to 10th Street. Discover the typical recipes of true American cuisine, which offer much more than burgers, fries and hot dogs.

    If you want to go beyond the States and Italy, try Mexican, Cajun, Chinese, French, Belgian, Spanish and Cuban dishes. You are spoiled for choice. All accompanied by good live music from local bands. The event this year takes place on Monday 3 June, but every year the date varies.

    National Puerto Rican Day Parade

    From beyond 60 years Fifth Avenue between 44th Street and 79th Street on the second Sunday of June sees hundreds of people parading in colorful traditional clothes amidst dancing, music and singing. As indicated on the official website, this is the largest cultural manifestation in America of national pride of an ethnic group, that of Puerto Rico which has about 5 million residents in the United States.

    Actors, presenters and famous celebrities of Puerto Rican origin are present every year as sponsors at the numerous events organized in the second week of June with, as the grand finale, the parade through the streets of Manhattan.

    Museum Mile Festival

    If you are in New York the second Tuesday of June do not miss the opportunity to enter seven museums for free. For three hours, in fact, from 18:00 to 21:00 the museums of Fifth Avenue between 82nd Street and 105th Street open their doors to visitors without having to pay any ticket.

    Born in 1978 to promote art and the visit of city museums, the event was immediately successful and today the route that goes between 82nd and 105th streets has even been called Museum Mile, the "museum mile". With over a million visitors from all over the world on this occasion, the participating museums that offer free admission are: El Museo del Barrio, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Copper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the Neue Galerie and the Museum of the City of New York.

    The Film Festivals

    June is also a month in which there are many events dedicated to the world of cinema, here are the main ones.

    Brooklyn Film Festival

    If you love cinema, in New York in June you will have the opportunity to attend the Brooklyn Film Festival which is usually held the first ten days of June. The event takes place primarily between the Wythe Hotel and the Windmill Studios at 300 Kingsland Avenue. With 120 film presented by independent directors from over 27 countries, this festival is a tribute to independent cinema.


    The Soho International Film Festival promotes American and foreign cinema by offering established directors or directors seeking notoriety the opportunity to present their works, be it films, short films or documentaries. On the official website you can buy tickets to see the film you are interested in or get the list of events accompanying the festival. The event generally takes place there third week of June al Village east cinema, an elegant Manhattan movie theater at 181-189 2nd Avenue.

    HBO Bryant Park Film Festival

    Between June and August every Monday prepare a blanket or towel and go around 18:00 a Bryant Park to make sure you find the perfect spot in the park in front of the screen that will broadcast a film for free at sunset (usually around 20pm or 00pm). Whatever the movie is on, don't miss the chance to enjoy a free outdoor cinema in New York!

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