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    New York in 5 days: itinerary with all the things to see in the city

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    If you're wondering what to see in New York and you have well 5 days available to visit this splendid city, here is an itinerary that can be for you, tested on the field and designed not to miss even one of the most iconic attractions of the Big Apple.


    • What to see in New York: introduction
    • Some advice for visiting New York ...
    • New York in 5 days: itinerary
      • Day 1 - Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, One World Trade Center, Brooklyn
      • Day 2 - Highline, Chelsea, Greenwich, East Village
      • Giorno 3 – Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Public Library, ONU, Rockfeller Center, Times Square
      • Day 4 - Met, Central Park, Natural History Museum
      • Day 5 - The choice is yours!

    What to see in New York: introduction

    Milan Kundera wrote:

    “In Europe, beauty has always been premeditated. There has always been an aesthetic intention and a long-term project; it took decades to build, according to that project, a Gothic cathedral or a Renaissance city. The beauty of New York has a completely different basis. It is an unintended beauty. It arose without human intention, a bit like a cave of stalactites. Shapes that are ugly in themselves are found by chance, without a plan, in environments so incredible that they suddenly shine with a magical poem ".

    Maybe that's why visit New York is the dream of many of us. We feel it so different from our cities and yet, even if we have never been there, we would be able to recognize many of its corners. It is so distant from our mindset that it destabilizes us and yet we can't wait to walk along Fifth Avenue, climb one of its famous skyscrapers to see it from above or sit on a bench and gaze at the Manhattan skyline from afar. New York has the ability to be an unfamiliar and familiar city at the same time. We are intrigued and fascinated by the energy of this city, its streets, its colors, the glimpses we have seen in the films and TV series with which we grew up ...

    Are we in New York for a short break and want the most out of this experience? Here is a detailed itinerary on what to see in New York in 5 days. Is your stay shorter? Then take a look at our itineraries New York in 1 day, New York in 4 days, New York in 6 days and New York in 7 days. If you are still unsure, check all our daily itineraries in the dedicated section or the guide to what to do in New York for a complete overview of the attractions.

    Some advice for visiting New York ...

    First of all I suggest you look at the weather: if you have a rainy day, don't worry because New York has a solution for everything! You could spend it inside the many great splendid museums or, if you love shopping, inside the famous ones shopping centers such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Sacks Fifth Avenue or the Manhattan Mall. Sunny days are perfect for enjoying Central Park or taking the boat to the Statue of Liberty.

    You will walk a lot, but every moment will be worth it because your gaze will wander curiously without stopping. However, I recommend the metro to move to more distant places. As for the passes, instead, take a look at our guide on which pass for New York City is really convenient, where you can also find our ComparaPass, a very simple application that we have created to understand on the fly which pass is best suited to your needs.

    If it is true that the itineraries listed below can be done on any day, I still give you some useful tips: admission to the MoMa, Museum of Modern Art, is free on Friday afternoon from 16.00 to 21.00, on Wednesday there are matinees Broadway and Times Square is particularly crowded (more than usual!) at the start and end times of the shows; do not go to Wall Street on the weekend because the offices are closed and therefore deserted, which makes it lose its industrious charm.

    New York in 5 days: itinerary

    Day 1 - Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, One World Trade Center, Brooklyn

    After a nice breakfast (if the hotel doesn't have breakfast included, take advantage of it for an American breakfast in one of the many 'diners' of the Big Apple... eggs and bacon or pancakes will give you the right energy to start the day), go to Battery Park and take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There will be a bit of a queue, in general we advise you to go early in the morning and avoid weekends. If you want to get on the Corona remember to book your ticket in advance before leaving Spain, otherwise just visit the island and the base of the statue.

    I recommend that you also stop at Ellis Island since the visit is exciting. After the morning, head back to Manhattan and take a stroll around Wall Street with a stop at the famous Bull of our artist Arturo Di Modica. For lovers of American history I recommend the Fraunces tavern with attached museum in memory of the peace treaties between George Washington and the British.

    After admiring the Trinity Church, continue north to the Twin Towers Memorial and One World Trade Center fountains. We all love smiling selfies, but given what this place represents, maybe we try to avoid loud laughter and disrespectful attitudes. If it is late or you are tired I suggest you find a nice restaurant in the neighborhood of TriBeCa and relax (but go and see Hook and Ladder, the Ghostbusters headquarters building located at 14 North Moore St.). If, on the other hand, you are not yet exhausted, you can spend the evening in Brooklyn, also taking a cue from our article what to see in Brooklyn.

    So head east, admire the Woolworth Building, a historic skyscraper from the early twentieth century in a neo-Gothic style, and reach the Brooklyn Bridge, the first suspension bridge built in steel in 1883. A nice walk on the Brooklyn Promenade will allow you to see Manhattan at sunset or illuminated. from the evening lights. In this area there is one of the most loved pizzerias by New Yorkers, Grimaldi's Pizza, so if you really want to eat pizza in New York this is the place for you.

    Day 2 - Highline, Chelsea, Greenwich, East Village

    We start our day in the Chelsea neighborhood walking on the High line, the elevated park in New York that follows the old railway line of 1860. Arriving at 23rd street we suggest you get off and visit the Chelsea Market with its shops and antique dealers.

    Here we also find the Chelsea Hotel built in 1884, where Kerouac finished 'On the road' and where in 1978 the bassist of the Sex Pistols committed a murder. Continuing south we enter Greenwich Village with picturesque buildings and the famous Greenwich market. Here is Stonewall, a symbol of the birth of the gay liberation movement since 1969. At 90 Bedford's Street you will find Friends' apartment. Continue up to Washington Square Park crossroads for street performers and chess players ea Union Square where on Saturdays and Sundays there is a fruit and vegetable market with a thousand colors that you do not expect to find in New York.

    At 205 East Houston Street there is Katz's Delicatessen where you can taste a good pastrami sandwich in a late nineteenth century restaurant that takes you back to the 40s and where they filmed the unforgettable scene of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in 'Harry meet Sally'. In this area we also find several chic nightclubs such as Employees Only, Please Don't Tell and The top of The Standard with its panoramic terrace (dress well if you want to enter!).

    Giorno 3 – Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Public Library, ONU, Rockfeller Center, Times Square

    Today we visit the heart of Manhattan. Let's start with the Empire State Building. If possible try to arrive before opening hours to avoid very long lines. After the breathtaking view of one of the iconic skyscrapers of New York, take Fifth Avenue and reach Bryant Park and New York Public Library, the second largest library in the United States, which with its lions has been the film set of films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Ghostbusters, Sex and the City: the Movie (by the way: if you are curious to know all the most New York famous ebooks download our ebook New York Hollywoodiana for free).

    You can eat at Shake Shack in Bryant Park. Then continue on 42nd Street to the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station. Continuing on the 42nd street you will arrive at the UN headquarters.

    Then you can take the 49th, pass the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and get to the Rockefeller Center area (in winter there is the ice rink set for Serendipity and Autumn in New York) and St Patrick Cathedral, nearby there is also Radio City Hall. At this point you can choose between visiting the MoMA, (it is smaller than other museums and in a couple of hours you can visit most of them; among the artists, Andy Warhol, Monet and Van Gogh) or relax shopping on Fifth Avenue and the 57th. TO Pod 39 there is a typical New York rooftop from which to admire the sunset. Or head to Top of the Rock, one of the best bird's-eye views in New York. In the evening, the lights of Times Square await you.

    Day 4 - Met, Central Park, Natural History Museum

    The Met is certainly worth a visit. It is a huge museum and admission is at a 'recommended price' so you can choose whether to pay the recommended amount or donate as you please. After the Met it is the turn of a splendid walk in Central Park to relax and enjoy this immense park (do not underestimate the width and distances between one point of the park and another!). Don't miss the Belvedere Castle, the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, the Boathouse.

    If you have kids, there is the Central Park Zoo and the Natural History Museum (Night at the Museum set). Another attraction is Dakota Apartments, building with John Lennon's latest apartment, on 72nd Street. According to New Yorkers, one of the best hot dogs in New York is the Gray's papaya and if you love cheesecake, you cannot miss Junior's.

    Day 5 - The choice is yours!

    This is the wild day. Perhaps you have not been able to do all that I have suggested in the intense itineraries proposed and today you can recover. Or you are interested in seeing a Broadway musical (I highly recommend it) or a baseball game at Yankee Stadium (when will it happen again?).

    Countless i museums and art galleries which are worth a visit. Or you can immerse yourself in the surreal atmosphere of Chinatown or visit SoHo, Little Italy, Harlem, Coney Island, do some shopping in New York before returning home or simply stroll in what, for better or for worse, is among the most bewitching cities on our planet.

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