New York hostels with private bathrooms: cheap tips for choosing!

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In a recent article we talked in depth about hostels in New York, interpreted as a choice aimed at saving on the prices of overnight stays in the city. Today we want to talk to you about New York hostels with private bathrooms: yes, because not everyone willingly accepts the basic rule of hostels, which is to stay overnight in a dormitory with shared bathroom!


  • A solution to the inconveniences of the hostel ...
  • New York hostels with private bathrooms: can you save money?
  • The recommended facilities
    • The Local NY
    • Broadway Hotel & Hostel
    • Q4 Hotel
    • Royal Park Hotel & Hostel
    • US Pacific Hotel

A solution to the inconveniences of the hostel ...

Let's face it, it is undeniable that there are some disadvantages when choosing a hostel. Let's try to summarize them here and give a possible solution!

  • theslightly chaotic youthful atmosphere of the hostels (which for some may represent a strong point) can be considered as a handicap by all those who want a quiet accommodation and a rest without disturbance: for them, we also recommend consulting our guide where to sleep in New York, our articles on apartments in New York and cheap Bed & Breakfasts in New York;
  • closely related to the previous one, here is another mistake of the hostels: the rooms and bedrooms. Not everyone is attracted to the idea of ​​sleeping in a dormitory of 6, 8, 10 or more unknown people, and it is not difficult to understand why: the lack of privacy, some annoying noise too much, not particularly pleasant smells, the chaos of luggage of the others ... these are all conditions that for some can become unnerving and unacceptable.
  • and finally… the main problem, il shared bathroom! Let's not turn around, this is precisely why many of us would not accept hostel accommodation: the lack of a private bathroom! We are afraid of the possible lack of hygiene of others and the impossibility of having an intimate space to be managed in total autonomy.
So what's the solution? While it's a bit against the very nature of hostels, there are New York hostels with private bathrooms? Maybe in a single, double or twin room? The answer is yes, but before listing a few, one more brief introduction.

New York hostels with private bathrooms: can you save money?

If you think about it, a single, twin or double room with private bathroom is a classic hotel accommodation, not a hostel one! So what difference in price can there ever be with the hostel? We made a comparison between various tariffs and we came to the conclusion that, in most cases, the cost of a room with private bathroom in a hostel is the same as the price of the same accommodation in a 2-star hotel. In some cases, it is even possible save a few tens of euros!

To this savings factor we must add an additional advantage: in some cases, hostel rooms with private bathrooms can be more modern, welcoming and equipped than those of a 2-star hotel room in New York. So it's up to you to look for the most suitable solution: as usual, we advise you to compare yourself with the reviews and ratings of Booking users, which are a great way to understand if the room you are booking is up to your expectations.

The recommended facilities

Here is a selection of New York hostels with private bathrooms. There are excellent strategic choices for value for money, and very economical solutions that however require you to… hold your nose up a bit!

The Local NY

The view from the roof

We had already mentioned it in the previous article on hostels, but it deserves a mention here too, as The Local Hostel (located in Queens), is the only property on that list to offer double / twin room accommodation with private bathroom. The dormitories (max 6 people) also have a private bathroom, but among the services offered, the common roof terrace overlooking the New York skyline stands out, as well as the common room, the event space and a lively bar.

Where is it: 13-02 44th Avenue, Queens

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Broadway Hotel & Hostel

There are quite a few hostels on the Upper West Side, but not all of them are able to offer the services of the Broadway Hotel & Hostel, which in addition to the classic dormitories and dormitories, offers double and twin rooms with private bathroom. The care of the common areas and accommodation rooms is worthy of a superior category hotel, as is the range of services offered. It is worth mentioning the always convenient possibility of leaving luggage in storage for a few dollars a piece. Beware, despite the name, it is not in the well-known Broadway district!

Where it is: 230 West 101 Street, Upper West Side, New York

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Q4 Hotel

Il Q4 Hotel it is one of the best solutions in terms of economy: the prices are a bit lower than in Manhattan because we are located in Long Island City. You will have the opportunity to stay overnight in queen rooms with private bathroom and to take advantage of spaces such as the kitchen or the common room with billiard table, table tennis, TV and other services suitable for leisure time. Are you scared of the distance? However, the hotel is well connected to Manhattan: in 15 minutes by subway (Queen Plaza stop) you will reach Times Square.

Where it is: 2909 Queens Plaza North, Queens

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Royal Park Hotel & Hostel

even the Royal Park Hotel & Hostel makes some of them available to the public rooms with private bathroom at affordable prices, and in a quiet area of ​​the Upper West Side (not far from Central Park and the pleasant walk on the Hudson River), well connected to the center thanks to the proximity of the red subway station. It should be noted that, according to the opinions of the guests, in many cases the cleanliness of the rooms was not impeccable; moreover, compared to other hostels presented here, the services offered are more lacking and there is a shortage of common areas. In short, if your trip must be low cost and you only need a bed, choose this hotel, otherwise go further ...!

Where it is: 258 West, 97th Street, New York

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US Pacific Hotel

Hotel in name, but in some ways ... hostel in fact! L'US Pacific it is certainly not an elegant and fascinating solution, but very economical: the prices are definitely New York hostel prices (sometimes under 100 euros per night!). However, we must expect just sufficient quality standards, partly positively balanced by the central location of the accommodation: we are in Chinatown with all the pros and cons that this entails!

Where it is: 106 Bowery, New York

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