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    New York Free Style Pass: our opinion

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    ATTENTION: The pass is not available at the moment!

    New York is the most desired city in the United States: the iconic attractions of New York are taken by storm by all travelers who land in the New World and want to profitably enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple.

    As a popular tourist destination (and quite expensive - see our article "How much does a trip to New York cost" ...), we have noticed that thecity ​​pass offer it was becoming wider and more differentiated, so much so that many of our readers were asking us for help in choosing the best formula for their needs. For this reason, in addition to our comparison article of the various New York passes, we have decided to write detailed cards, with all the useful information for the purchase, use and characteristics of the individual products. After dealing with some important passes (the Sightseeing Unlimited Pass and the Sightseeing Flex Pass, the New York Pass and the Explorer Pass), today I want to tell you about a very special and very interesting pass: the New York Free Style Pass.

    A small premise ...

    Before reading the review, compare yourself with the article you find at the link below, which will help you get an idea of ​​all the alternatives available. This way you will know how to compare this product with other passes.

    Which New York pass is really worth it?


    • New York Free Style Pass: How Does It Work?
    • Attractions included in the pass
      • Attractions not to be missed
    • pros and cons
    • Comparison with competing passes
    • Duration of the pass
    • How do i activate the pass?
    • How can I buy the pass?

    New York Free Style Pass: How Does It Work?

    In the New York Pass Market, the Free Style Pass it is a more unique than rare product: it may in some respects recall some of the Explorer Pass and Flex booklets, but it has some truly remarkable advantages that I can't wait to show you in detail.

    The Free Style Pass is a booklet that gives you the opportunity to visit 3, 5 or 7 attractions in 14 days: but there's more! The real strength of this pass is that each of the three booklets also includes a ticket valid for 72 hours for the Bus Hop on – Hop Off  (Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn, and the Bronx), un Night Tour e un biglietto per l’Hop-on, Hop-off Ferry Tour.

    During the 14 days of the pass you can visit the expected number of attractions from the chosen package without any daily limit: if you can do it, you can even visit them all in one day! The only limitation? You will not be able to enter the same attraction multiple times or take the same tour while you have unlimited access ai vari bus hop on – hop off per 72 ore.

    Attractions included in the pass

    ATTENTION: The pass is not available at the moment!

    On the official website the complete list of attractions, of live events, of tour and restaurants included in the offer of the New York Free Style Pass. The list is really very rich (one of the most complete, as we shall see!) and there is plenty of choice ... Make your selection calmly: you don't have to choose them in advance, you can do it easily when you arrive in Manhattan.

    Attractions not to be missed

    Here are in my opinion some of the best attractions and activities included in the pass:

    • Top of the Rock
    • One World Observatory
    • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
    • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)*
    • Bus Night Tour
    • Sunset cruise

    Please note: the characteristics of the New York passes may vary over time (for example, the number and type of attractions, as well as the percentage of savings). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated at the bottom of the article, for any changes.

    pros and cons

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this particular pass?

    • Pro: fair flexibility; excellent choice of attractions; valid 72 hours hop on - hop off bus tour in addition to attractions; good percentage of savings; possibility to attend live events; shuttle transport from the airport.
    • Against:  only three types of booklets (3-5-7 attractions); good but not very high savings percentage; there is no skip the line.

    Comparison with competing passes

    As you will have understood, this pass is very particular, but for the basic idea it can remember theExplorer Pass and Sightseeing Flex. 

    • as for the choice of places to visit and things to do, the Free Style Pass it appears in some ways as the most complete among all the passes available in New York! While the Empire State Building is not included, it is also true that the list of attractions includes the Freedom tower (absent in the Explorer, but also in the New York Pass and in the New York City Pass), the MoMA and Top of the Rock. Basically in this pass there are all the most popular attractions from New York!
    • Compared to the Flex and the Explorer Pass, the Free Style has a shorter duration: 14 days of validity are guaranteed, while the Explorer and the Flex last 30 days.
    • La savings percentage of this pass is of 40%, while the other two competing passes give the opportunity to save 50% on the total price. However, given the higher caliber of attractions present on the Free Style, I would say that it is a forgivable deviation
    • Unlike the Free Style, the Flex has discounts for Broadway shows and helicopter tours. However the Free Style has a couple of interesting exclusive live activities / events: the transportation from the airport with shared shuttle andadmission to matches of New York City FC and Major League Baseball matches.
    • As we have seen, the Free Style offers carnet from 3, 5 and 7 attractions. Conversely, the Explorer offers carnet of 3, 4, 5, 7 or 11 attractions, and the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 Flex
    • Each of the three Free Style booklets It costs more of the fees for the Flex and the Explorer. In the case of the 3 carnet the difference is considerable (80 $ more), while the 5 carnet costs about 45 $ more. Finally, the 7-attraction one costs about $ 30 more. At first glance, this would seem like too much of a surcharge, but in reality It is not so! We must in fact remember that, in the case of competitors, the hop on - hop off bus is to be considered as one of the attractions to choose from; on the contrary, the Free Style includes the 72 hour ticket on the 4 loops of New York, in addition to the number of attractions indicated! If the price of this ticket were added to the Flex and the Explorer, the cost of each of the two would be much higher: at least $ 49 more!
    • Method of withdrawal and use: Just like the Explorer and the Flex, the Free Style it can be used from the mobile phone as an e-ticket. Previously it was necessary to go to redeem the pass at a collection point, but during 2019 there has been an improvement in the service, which makes the product much more attractive.
    • The Free Style does not include skip the line (fast track).

    Duration of the pass

    As anticipated, as regards the attractions, the pass is valid for 14 days, whatever the number of attractions you have chosen, while the bus is valid for 72 consecutive hours.

    The pass expires one year after purchase. If you want to play in advance, go ahead, but don't overdo it!

    How do i activate the pass?

    Unfortunately the Free Style Pass it does not provide for the e-ticket mode: having bought the pass online you will be sent a voucher that you will have to redeem at one of the various collection points. Very interesting recent news for those who want to buy the Free Style: for some time there has been a technology upgrade for which it is no longer necessary to go and collect the pass in person. The pass is now digital and can be activated directly from the smartphone when visiting the first attraction or tour on the bus (it can also be printed). Only exception? If purchased from agencies or third parties, it must still be redeemed at the collection points indicated in the voucher. If you want to avoid this step, then buy it from the official website.

    How can I buy the pass?

    ATTENTION: The pass is not available at the moment!

    To buy the New York Free Style Pass just follow one of the links shown below and choose the pass according to the number of attractions that is right for you. After paying, you will receive the voucher by email which you will then exchange as soon as you arrive in New York.

    • Official website
    • Viator (in Spanish)

    ATTENTION: thanks to the report of a reader, we discovered that there is an official website not updated with outdated information on this product. Do not buy the Free Style Pass from this site, but use only the ones listed above.

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