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    New York Events and Holidays

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    Here are all the events and holidays to celebrate the most important moments of the year in the Big Apple. What's interesting month by month? What are the most important parades and celebrations that are most interesting to participate in? Here's how to find your way ...

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    The unmissable events in New York month by month

    Bernardo Pacini

    Knowing the busy calendar of shows and events in New York can help anyone who has to choose the best time to visit New York. This criterion is common among those who have already visited New York at least once and are planning the second trip, with the intention of trying something different to get into ...


    New York at Christmas: what to do on December 25th


    It may seem early to talk about the Christmas holidays, yet this is the period in which we start planning the winter holidays and, for those who are preparing to spend Christmas in New York, we have therefore thrown down a series of tips on what to do in this city ​​in the days around December 25th. December in New York is a rich month ...


    New York events in January: parades, fairs, music festivals and much more

    New York, the metropolis that never sleeps, is a vibrant and always active city. Whichever neighborhood in New York you choose to begin your exploration, you can be sure that it offers interesting activities, intriguing appointments and events that make it, if possible, even more lively. In January, thanks to the relative "low season", you can visit New York without ...


    New York in February: guide to the city's parades and events

    Something new always happens in New York. However, there are also fixed appointments that make each month of the year special and unmissable and provide one more reason (if ever it were needed) to visit the city. So here's a rundown of New York's major events in February. The weather in New York in February The…


    New York in March: the best events between the St. Patrick's Day parade and tastings

    There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless. This extremely topical statement by Simone de Beauvoir makes clear what one can expect from New York. There is always something to do, an event to attend, an exhibition to admire. The Big Apple is a metropolis in constant ferment, where it is practically impossible to get bored, in ...


    New York in April: the events not to be missed in the city

    Flora Lufrano

    If there is a city in the world where there is no shortage of activities, this is the Big Apple and if you are planning a trip to Manhattan in the month of April, then it might be useful to know the weather and the events that await you. Spring is one of the best seasons to see the city: winter with its temperatures below ...


    New York in May: events and parades in the city

    Flora Lufrano

    May is one of the best months to visit New York. The cold snowy winter of the Big Apple is now far away and the temperatures are perfect for being outdoors in one of the many parks of the metropolis, walking among the skyscrapers and monuments of New York or taking public transport for excursions outside the city or in the neighborhoods…


    New York in June: cinemas, music festivals, parades and other events in the city

    Flora Lufrano

    If you have decided to spend your holidays in New York in June, you have chosen one of the best times. The temperature is mild and the rainy days are not many. Winter is now far away and the sultry summer heat has not yet arrived. Unlike cities like Las Vegas or New Orleans where temperatures are already starting to ...


    New York in July: where to celebrate Independence Day and other unmissable events

    Flora Lufrano

    America celebrates its birthday in July and is therefore a great month to visit one of its iconic cities: New York. On July 4th you will be able to witness spectacular fireworks, in addition to the many events that the city offers to celebrate its independence in the best possible way. It's already hot, but certainly not as hot as it can be ...


    New York events in August: music, dance and markets on the beach

    Flora Lufrano

    August is the holiday period par excellence and is therefore also one of the months in which it is easier to organize to visit New York. However, if you think that the peak of the high season is waiting for you among the skyscrapers of Manhattan, you will luckily have to change your mind: contrary to popular belief, August is not the period of greatest tourist turnout ...


    New York in September: the most interesting events in the city

    Impossible to be bored in New York. In any season, month, day of the year you visit it, the city is crossed from north to south, from west to east by cultural currents, historical happenings, parades, shows, fairs and events that enrich it even more, if possible. , the tourist landscape. It is not only the city that never sleeps, but also that of ...


    New York in October: the events between Halloween and Columbus Day

    Strolling along the Avenues, taking advantage of the sunny days for al fresco dining, visiting museums and shopping: October is a perfect choice for visiting New York. “Sparkling crowds and changing clouds make me feel at home. It's autumn in New York ”. So sang Frank Sinatra in the song Autumn in New York, a hymn of love for the Big Apple, made ...


    New York in November: Guide to all parades and events in the city

    John Steinbeck used to say: “after having lived in New York, after having made the city your home, no other place will be able to stand up to comparison anymore”. Because that's exactly how it is. New York either you love it (and then it will be eternal love), or you hate it (and therefore, perhaps, you can learn to tolerate it). There is no middle ground for this ...


    New York in December: the best events between Christmas and New Year

    There are those who love it, and then they will love it forever. And who hates it. And then he will perhaps learn to appreciate it, but he will never love it completely. “And is New York the most beautiful city in the world? Perhaps. No urban night is like night in New York. I looked at the city from the top of the skyscrapers. And that's when the big buildings lose ...


    Travel packages for events

    Easter in New York - 7 day tour with visit in Spanish

    If you haven't made it to the Big Apple for these Christmas holidays, don't despair: you always have the opportunity to visit New York at Easter, a time of year when Manhattan is dressed in colors and where the climate is definitely in favor. Today we report a really interesting travel package dedicated to the most famous metropolis in the world, with many services included and a ...

    New Year's Eve in New York 2022: organized travel on a low cost offer

    There are many eligible destinations to celebrate New Year's Eve 2021-2022 and New York is certainly among the most sought after. By now the famous image of the sphere that descends above Times Square amid millions of lights and celebrations has rightfully entered the world imagination. Few events better symbolize the year that ends and begins again, inexorably completing its course and taking with it the many ...

    Thanksgiving in New York: 5-day organized tour

    Thanksgiving is one of the most famous historical American holidays in the world: on November 28 of each year, lovers of the USA try to revive the tradition at home, preparing the famous Thanksgiving turkey. Among these people, however, there are certainly those who dream of experiencing Thanksgiving firsthand in American territory and, why not?, ...

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