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    New York CityPASS: our opinion

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     New York is the most desired city in the United States: the iconic attractions of New York are taken by storm by all travelers who land in the New World and want to profitably enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple.

    As a popular tourist destination (and quite expensive - see our article "How much does a trip to New York cost" ...), we have noticed that thecity ​​pass offer it was becoming wider and more differentiated, so much so that many of our readers were asking us for help in choosing the best formula for their needs. For this reason, in addition to our comparison article of the various New York passes, we have decided to write detailed cards, with all the useful information for the purchase, use and characteristics of the individual products. So far we have dealt with the Sightseeing passes (the Sightseeing Day Pass, the Sightseeing Flex Pass) and the two Go City passes (Explorer Pass and New York Pass). This time it's the turn of the New York CityPASS, of which I offer you a detailed review!

    My overview of New York city passes is nearing its conclusion: the New York CityPASS is, according to the statistics reported by some websites, the New York's best-selling pass! In this review I will try to explain the understandable to you success of this product, and I'll try to make you understand if really the New York CityPASS conviene in any case: as we will see, under certain conditions, the New York CityPASS loses a few points in convenience, but in other cases it still remains an interesting pass.

    A small premise ...

    Before reading the review, compare yourself with the article you find at the link below, which will help you get an idea of ​​all the alternatives available. This way you will know how to compare this product with other passes.

    Which New York pass is really worth it?


    • New York CityPASS: How Does It Work?
    • What does the pass include?
      • New York CityPASS Attractions
      • Additional info
    • pros and cons
    • Refunds and reservations
    • Confronto con l’Explorer Pass
    • Comparison with the New York Pass
    • Duration of the pass
    • How do i activate the pass?
    • How can I buy the pass?

    New York CityPASS: How Does It Work?

    The operation of the New York CityPASS è very simple to understand. By purchasing the pass, you have the right to enter a 6 attractions including 3 to choose from: the price remains unchanged, as does the duration of the pass. There are no other flexibility options, which could delight anyone who doesn't want to get lost in understanding all the various differences between pass and pass!

    Please note: the characteristics of the New York passes may vary over time (for example, the number and type of attractions, as well as the percentage of savings). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated at the bottom of the article, for any changes.

    What does the pass include?

    The pass includes admission to 6 of the most popular attractions in New York. While 3 remain fixed, the other 3 are at your choice, to ensure a minimum of flexibility. In addition, there are some discounts and ticket upgrades. Here is the list of attractions included in the pass, including those of your choice:

    New York CityPASS Attractions

    • Empire State Building
    • Natural History Museum of New York
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)
    • Guggenheim Museum or Top of the Rock
    • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island or Circle Line Cruise
    • 11/XNUMX Memorial and Museum or Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

    Additional info

    • Empire State Building: admission to the observatory on the 86th floor and to the Museum on the second floor + bonus general admission for the same evening (night visit)
    • Natural History Museum of New York: general admission plus an activity to choose from: special exhibition, a space show or a giant screen movie
    • MET: admission to the Fifth Avenue office plus same-day admission to the Met Cloisters
    • Top of the Rock: access to the observatory on the 70th floor
    • Guggenheim: access to the museum
    • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: round trip on the “Statue Cruises” ferries. Stop at Liberty Island and Ellis Island + audio tour and entrance to the “Ellis Island Immigration” museum and the “Statue of Liberty Museum”.
    • Circe Line cruise: A Landmark Cruise, Harbor Lights Cruise, Liberty Cruise, or Beast Speedboat Ride (See Seasonal Calendar)
    • 11/XNUMX Memorial and Museum: entrance to the museum and the monument
    • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: access to the aircraft carrier + access to the "Space Shuttle" pavilion, to the "Growler" submarine and viewing of the film "Story of Intrepid"

    At this link you can see a series of discounts, offers and the possibility of upgrading the ticket included in the price of the pass.

    pros and cons

    • Banco Pro: very intuitive and synthetic operation; quite affordable price; duration of the pass convenient for the average tourist stay in the city; fair percentage of savings; tour guide included; discounts and upgrades available.
    • Cons: little flexibility and very little choice; excessive price for those who are short on time; valid for 12 months.

    Refunds and reservations

    Given the impact of the Coronavirus on global tourism, the various New York passes have also updated their policies to accommodate customer needs regarding any refunds in case of non-use of the pass. Each pass has its own policies, and the New York CityPASS offers a very advantageous one: by buying the pass you have the possibility to obtain for free refund within one year of purchase.

    If, on the other hand, you decide to buy the pass on sites such as Viator o Getyourguide (you can also find links below) and not on the official website, do not forget that the reimbursement policies of the individual sites will be applied.

    Contrary to all other currently available city passes, which are valid for 2 years from purchase, the New York CityPASS is “only” valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Take this into account in case you find yourself having to postpone your vacation for some time for any reason: for some time (not too much, however!) You can rest assured, postponing the use of the pass to a later time. Unless, in fact, you decide to request a refund within the indicated period.

    But there is another update to pre-pandemic travel: you may in fact need it book access to attractions, even if you have a tourist pass such as the New York CityPASS.

    For each attraction, the New York CityPASS website offers a complete card with information on how to book admission, should this be necessary. We must also remember that, once you have booked the entrance to the first attraction, the pass will be considered active and therefore no longer refundable.

    Confronto con l’Explorer Pass

    A pass with which we could compare this product could be the Explorer Pass, which is based on a similar philosophy (attraction booklet) and in its catalog includes all the attractions of the New York CityPASS, as well as many others. In the case of the Explorer, they can be inserted in carnet of 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7 or 10 entries.

    If it were your intention to see the same attractions of the CityPASS with the Explorer Pass you would have to take the 6 booklet and spend more than the New York CityPASS. In fact, the 6-attraction Explorer pass costs (in October 2021) 149$, while the New York CityPASS costs 136 $. Ultimately, in this case the New York CityPASS would agree.

    Comparison with the New York Pass

    The New York Pass, while based on a different philosophy (day pass instead of attractions, but with a higher savings percentage), includes the same attractions as the New York CityPASS, plus many others.

    In case you want visit exactly the 6 attractions included in the New York CityPASS (and no other) the latter is cheaper than the New York Pass, because, even visiting 2 attractions a day for a total of 3 days, the cost of NY Pass it would still be superior (and so even if you wanted to experience the madness of being able to visit them in 2 days). The only option that costs less is the 1 day option but it is practically impossible to enjoy 6 attractions in 24 hours.

    Duration of the pass

    The New York CityPASS is valid for 9 days, an excellent period that seems to me ideal for the needs of all travelers. As I always say, care must be taken: the 9 days must be consecutive!

    As anticipated, the pass expires after 12 months of purchase. Calculate the times well, if you want to buy it online.

    How do i activate the pass?

    Present your digital ticket at the entrance to the first attraction: from that moment the count of the 9 days of validity begins and the pass will be considered active. From this moment on you can visit the various attractions according to the times that seem most comfortable to you. There are no daily usage limits, but remember that you can only enter each attraction once (except the Empire State Building, which offers the possibility to re-enter even the same evening as the daytime entrance).

    How can I buy the pass?

    We recommend purchasing on the official website or on the sites of the most reliable tourist agencies, of which we indicate a couple of examples below. After the purchase, you will get it immediately e-tickets on your email.

    • Prices on Viator
    • Pass prices on Expedia
    • Prices on the Official Site

    Read our guide to choosing the right pass for your New York vacation

    Which New York pass is really worth it?

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