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    New York Boston Niagara Falls: an itinerary on the road in 10 days

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    A few days ago, a girl with a desire to explore America came to our site and asked us: “I would like to do a tour of about 10 days on the East Coast, with stages New York-Boston-Niagara Falls, would you have any itineraries to suggest to me? " And how if we have it!

    Here is a travel plan in which we have tried to bring together, in addition to the three main stages, also some hidden gem, little known towns and places that we think can further enrich an adventure that is already fascinating in itself. Below you can see the route.

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    • New York-Boston-Niagara Falls: how to get around?
    • Days 1-3: New York, New York!
    • Day 4: Ithaca, hidden natural wonders (about 4 hours by car)
    • Days 5-6: Niagara Falls and Buffalo (2 hours drive)
    • Day 7: Saratoga Springs, let's take a trip to the hot springs! (4 and a half hours by car)
    • Days 8-10: Boston and whale watching (3 hours 10 by car)
    • List of resources to help you plan your trip

    New York-Boston-Niagara Falls: how to get around?

    First of all, the itinerary is to be done by car. In fact, I am convinced that, although a bit tiring, the car is the most fascinating and adventurous way to explore the United States. It will therefore be the case with book a rental car in advance, with some small foresight:

    1. The car in New York is not needed, indeed cluttered!
    2. Driving in Boston is a nightmare!
    3. Know that hiring a car in New York costs more.

    The first 2 points are easily solved: since we are leaving New York, it will be enough to collect the car the day we leave the city (not when we arrive), thus saving 3 days of rental and parking sprees. We will do the same at Boston, returning the car as soon as we arrive in the city, that is on the eighth day. We will therefore only need to book the rental for 5 days with New York pickup and Boston return, a great saving!

    As for the third point, if you want to try to save a little more, you can book the collection in an area outside the metropolitan area, as long as it is easily accessible by public services. Do you want to have an idea of ​​the expense? On this page you can find useful information and links for consult prices of rental cars.

    If, on the other hand, you are really allergic to the car (or in any case you prefer to use the plane), you can use the loves internal, even if this involves skipping the intermediate stages. The choice is yours, on this page you can find our tips to save and consult online quotes to get an idea of ​​the cost of flights New York Niagara Falls Boston.

    No more chatter then, let's go!

    Days 1-3: New York, New York!

    Dress your Jersey City da NY

    Our vacation begins: 3 days in New York they can go, they will allow you to explore it quite thoroughly (although never enough!) and fully enjoy the nightlife. Manhattan is able to please any type of visitor and there can be so many things to do. Here are a number of useful resources for planning your 3 days in New York:

    1. Our travel tips for New York
    2. An informative article on what to do in Manhattan
    3. A short 1 day itinerary in New York
    4. Information and convenient offers to search for a hotel in New York
    5. An in-depth post on Times Square and Broadway
    6. One of the funniest and most fascinating places in the Big Apple: Ellen's Stardust Diner.

    Day 4: Ithaca, hidden natural wonders (about 4 hours by car)

    It is the morning of the fourth day, we enjoyed and rested in New York. Now is the time to pick up the car and start ours on the road. Our goal is to have a nice tour of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls), but it's a 6 and a half hour journey from Manhattan, feasible but a little tiring ... why not take advantage of it to make an intermediate stop?

    Where is it? To Ithaca, a lovely town part of the region of the Finger Lakes, surrounded by wonderful lakes, waterfalls, gorges and streams, and with the famous Cornell University a stone's throw away. Around the city you can admire beautiful natural landscapes, which make this area a real hidden gem.

    Le Taughannock falls, 16 km from the urban area, are higher than Niagara Falls, and, continuing for a few kilometers, you will find the Buttermilk Falls State Park and Robert H. Treman State Park, where to admire other suggestive and majestic waterfallsFor a wonderful glance, head back to the city and go up to the fifth floor of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, the views of the city and lake are splendid.

    Finally, here are two useful resources:

    1. Search for a hotel in Ithaca
    2. A great restaurant if you love Vietnamese cuisine       

    Days 5-6: Niagara Falls and Buffalo (2 hours drive)

    Rainbow in Niagara Falls

    The waterfalls we admired in Ithaca are just an appetizer of what awaits us, nothing can rival the majesty of the Niagara Falls! First, we need to book a hotel room in the nearby city of Buffalo (see below), a place that can reserve some positive surprises, especially for art and architecture lovers.

    Buffalo is home to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, with a collection of contemporary art among the most prestigious in the world, as well as some historic buildings in the financial district and buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright near Delaware Park. Also there is Allentown, a bohemian neighborhood full of Victorian townhouses, cafes and restaurants, declared a National Historic District. But one of the reasons that made Buffalo famous is the food and above all a dish, a specialty known as chicken wings. Other cities to sleep in are listed in our article on hotels in Niagara Falls.

    But let's not lose sight of our goal: Niagara Falls is coming! We leave on the morning of the sixth day and calculate 25 minutes by car. This is the time it takes to get to the most famous waterfalls in the world.

    The Niagara Falls can be admired from two sides: on the American border and on the Canadian one, well marked by the presence of the Skylon Tower. The advice is not to get lost there Canadian shore, which is certainly the most suggestive, as it allows a closer view (you can easily cross the border on foot). Don't forget to also take a ride on the shuttle maid of the mist, so you can enjoy the majesty of the falls (and a lot of water) from below.

    Here are the helpful resources:

    1. Search for available hotels in Buffalo
    2. Information and hotels available at Niagara Falls
    3. Where to eat Buffalo chicken wings

    Day 7: Saratoga Springs, let's take a trip to the hot springs! (4 and a half hours by car)

    To get to Boston the journey is long, so even in this case it is advisable to include an intermediate stage in our itinerary. The favorite destination is Saratoga Springs, a resort town located along the I-87 (toll road), about 70km north of the capital city of Albany.

    There are two main attractions of the city: the thermal waters and horse racing. The ideal place to relax after a long journey of over 4 hours is the Saratoga Spa State Park, an authentic oasis of well-being, where you can swim in elegant Victorian pools, bathe in the thermal waters, undergo the treatments available, as well as walk and picnic. In short, this place is ideal for refreshing yourself before the last leg of the journey.

    Useful resources:

    1. Find a hotel in Saratoga Springs
    2. Not a bad restaurant in the area

    Days 8-10: Boston and whale watching (3 hours 10 by car)

    Take the I-90 (also toll) and head towards the coast, Boston awaits us! You will arrive in the city by lunch, return the car and take a first walk in the city. Boston, with its narrow streets and alleys full of history, is in fact the ideal place to explore on foot. You will have 2 and a half days to enjoy it, and to orient yourself I suggest you take a look at this post.

    The city also allows for some beautiful ones trips out of town with return within the day, among which the most interesting is that a Gloucester, old and charming fishing port on the coast of Cape Ann, where you can make the most beautiful trips with whale watching of the whole coast. Getting to Gloucester from Boston takes about an hour by public transport and is not particularly expensive. Below all the necessary information and resources:

    1. Information and offers to find a hotel in Boston
    2. The main attractions to see in Boston
    3. Plan your day trip to Gloucester by public transport
    4. Book a whale watching trip

    List of resources to help you plan your trip

    Finally, to conclude, a list of useful resources to organize yours tour New York Boston Niagara Falls:

    1. Online booking tips for outbound (Spain-New York) and return (Boston-Spain) flights
    2. Our page dedicated to hotels in the USA
    3. How to rent a car for 5 days from New York to Boston
    4. How to choose health insurance
    5. Documentation: have you prepared the ESTA form?
    6. 4 travel packages organized for a tour in New York, with Niagara Falls, Boston and other destinations on the East Coast

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