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    New York Boston in One Day: How to Plan a Tour

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    If you don't want to just visit the attractions of New York during your time in the Big Apple, you might want to consider taking an excursion New York-Boston same day: the capital of Massachusetts is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to New York, due to its (relatively) short distance and, needless to say, its resounding historical importance. Also, visit Boston enjoying its historical and cultural heritage is quite simple: you can do it on foot and by metro, and it's great news for those with limited time.

    Boston is one of the oldest cities in America, and along its streets a large number of historical monuments flourish that are worth knowing: in our article on what to see in Boston we told The Freedom Trail, the red brick path that will guide you through the history of America, and many other interesting attractions, which are definitely worth a visit.

    Oh yes: a hit and run trip to Boston is tempting, but let's not forget that between the two cities there are at least 4 hours by car without traffic, not really a walk. Let's face it: visiting Boston from New York in one day is arather complicated undertaking. What are the solutions to carry out the trafficking New York Boston and enjoy the city without too much trouble? Let's find out together, detailing all the options available to make a daily visit in autonomy or with organized tour.


    • New York Boston on your own: is it worth it? The options
      • New York Boston by car: on the road solution
      • New York Boston by train: the fastest and most convenient solutions
      • New York Boston by bus: prices and travel times
      • Flights from New York to Boston: how to get around by plane
      • In conclusion…
    • New York Boston in 1 day: organized tours
    • Other excursions outside New York

    New York Boston on your own: is it worth it? The options

    Nothing is impossible for those who are determined and certain of their means: a maxim that has its own truth, but which perhaps sounds a little too rhetorical and philosophical in this case. Yes, because it is by no means immediate to organize aone day excursion between New York and Boston without the anxiety that everything is going well to overcome. There are many variables involved, and some are not at all controllable: to be able to organize a daily tour as it should be, fate must smile at us 32 teeth. But then, how to go and New York at Boston? Let's go into the various options available.

    New York Boston by car: on the road solution


    Il car hire in New York: we have already talked about this topic in our article on the New York-Washington day excursion, but repetita iuvant: for some of you it may appear as the best option, the one that allows us to have maximum freedom in organizing time and of the itinerary.

    Are you so sure? Have you ever tried to think what it means to face the traffic of the metropolis of New York in the early morning? A delirium! And have you calculated how long it takes to get from Manhattan to Boston? We tell you: at least 4 hours, net of traffic. AND Boston? Does it drive well in the car? In our experience, the answer is no; on the contrary, it could prove to be a hindrance, since Boston is essentially a small and compact city, perfectly accessible on foot or by subway, especially if during the day.

    And the price? Typically, hiring a car and returning it the same day can cost more than 130 euros. By moving in time, you will also find better prices, but it is not certain that a lower cost can compensate for the disadvantages we have highlighted so far - as long as the offers are found. In case you still want to venture into this enterprise - similar, due to difficulty, to the battles for the conquest of American independence, staying on the subject - we advise you to read our advice on the article that we have dedicated to car rental in the USA.

    New York Boston by train: the fastest and most convenient solutions

    Traveling by train from New York to Boston is certainly a more comfortable solution than the car, but equally expensive in terms of time and money (two concepts that, in the case of a one-day excursion, tend to coincide!). Let's go to understand in detail the times and costs of the trains made available by Amtrak, the reliable American rail service.

    • Northeast Regional: this service takes from 4 to 5 hours to cover the distance between the two cities: it is a rather slow train and, to enjoy a minimum of Boston, you will have to take it very early. From an economic point of view, it is possible to find good fares only if you move in time: the most convenient class costs about from 30 to 50 $ (one way per person) and, to get a little more exclusive seats, you have to shell out from $ 70 upwards.
    • That: if on the one hand there is the discrete savings of almost 40 minutes of travel, on the other hand, it must be taken into account that this fast train is a little more expensive. Tickets usually range from a minimum of 60$ (one way per person) for a maximum of approximately $ 250. A good investment, but the journey is actually quite comfortable.

    All trains from New York to Boston depart from Penn Station New York.

    New York Boston by bus: prices and travel times

    Boston, just like Washington, can also be reached from New York in bus, but it is a solution that we tend to advise against: especially on the weekend, the risk of passing is around the corner 6 hours on the bus - a means of transport that is and remains uncomfortable. From the point of view of prices, it is undoubtedly true that the savings are considerable. Let's take the cars of G: if you buy the ticket online, the price starts at around $ 25 (one way per person).

    However, if you want visit Boston in one day, in my opinion the criterion cannot be only and only the economic one: when you arrive in the city, you will have to know exactly what to see, and the visits could become hasty and confusing, threatened by the anxiety of having to make another trip of another 5 -6 hours to New York and maybe miss the right bus!

    Flights from New York to Boston: how to get around by plane

    The last option is the one you may not have thought of: covering the 350 km between New York and Boston comfortably seated in a car seat. plane! In this case, the pros and cons are quite balanced. Let's go and see them together:

    • pro: In no time at all, you'll be landing from New York Airport to Boston Airport. Just a 'travel time (a little more), and you will have arrived. If you manage to catch a morning flight, you will have plenty of time to visit the city and, moreover, you can save a little, compared to flights at other times of the day: you could get by with 140 euros around a person (round trip per person) in low season, 180 euros in high season.
    • against: Not all domestic flights to Boston depart from John Kennedy International Airport - you will likely need to get to The guard or that of Newark, located in New Jersey. In any case, it is necessary to organize in time with the move (with the taxi, with the New York Metro or with the public transport of the Northeast Corridor in the case of Newark), given that it is always good to arrive first at the airport: you could be forced to an early riser, and spend a little for the transfer, without forget that from Boston airport you will have to take the MTA to the center (about 20 minutes). Furthermore, even in this case you risk spending the day in Boston with the anxiety of missing the return flight.

    If on your personal scale the pros are more relevant than the cons, read our article on US low cost flights, where you will find some tips for save on the cost of airplane flight.

    Look for a flight on this route

    In conclusion…

    Ultimately, visit Boston in a day from New York independently appears to be more difficult than expected, and not only for the reasons set out so far: it is not certain that we are all able to create a satisfactory visit of the city in the short time available, and the risk of missing out on the most interesting things is more than imminent.

    Incidentally, this rating can change if your excursion from New York is of several days: for example, if you want to do a New York-Boston-Niagara Falls itinerary (which you can find on this page) or if, after Boston, you want to venture on a New England tour, probably your best bet is the car rent. If, on the other hand, you stay in Boston for several days, the journey by train or plane also takes on a different meaning.

    New York Boston in 1 day: organized tours

    In light of all that has been said, a smart solution for the day tour may be to rely on a organized tour. Why?

    • We don't have to worry about buying in advance Tickets for means of transport, whether they are buses, planes or trains: organizational efforts are reduced to a minimum;
    • from the moment we sit on the seat of our vehicle, we don't have to think about anything anymore: we will be accompanied in a guided tour which will take us, through some targeted stops, in front of the must-see of the city and those available on the route;
    • in some cases, the price is included lunch and the bus ticket hop on hop off (hop on hop off bus to visit the attractions).

    At the links below, you can find some organized tours from New York to Boston with displacement in train, plane e minivan (great alternative to the bus) and much more.

    Tour in minivan

    Tour by train

    Tour in aereo

    All tours organized on Viator

    Other excursions outside New York

    Remember that the Manhattan-Boston journey is just one of the many possibilities for those who want to visit the surroundings of the Big Apple. If you are looking for other ideas or ideas I suggest you take a look at our section dedicated to excursions from New York.

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