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    New York Airports: Transfer from JFK to Manhattan, Newark and La Guardia

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    In this article we want to talk to you about a question that all travelers discovering New York will have to face, namely the transfer from JFK  a Manhattan (or from other airports). Let's start by saying that the network of connections between New York airports and the various areas of Manhattan are almost always organized in an optimal way, and that moving will be easier than we are led to imagine when - without even knowing what time it is in New York due to the time zone - we get off a little stunned by the steps of our plane and, for the first time, we savor the grandiose atmosphere of the Big Apple.


    • New York Airports Map
    • From JFK to Manhattan: the connections
      • Transfer JFK-Manhattan by AirTrain and Metro
      • Travel in AirTrain and LIRR
      • Transfer by taxi JFK-Manhattan
      • JFK-Manhattan transfer by private car or shuttle
      • Transfer by rental car
    • New York airports: transfers from La Guardia and Newark
      • Transfer from Newark to Manhattan
      • Transfer La Guardia-Manhattan

    Let's start with a brief introduction: there are three airports in New York: John Fitzgerald Kenney International Airport (JFK), Newark e The guard, but it is very likely that, if you come directly from Italy, you will have to be interested in transfers da JFK a Manhattan, as in La Guardia (in Queens, like JFK) domestic flights are usually destined. The Newark Liberty International Airport is instead located in New Jersey: despite being close enough to Manhattan and having good prices, it is less used because it handles less air traffic than JFK, and far fewer direct flights, as we will see.

    Search for New York City - JFK

    Search Flights to New York - Newark

    Search Flights to New York - La Guardia

    But let's finally see which are the most comfortable (and common) transfers from New York Airport to Manhattan: there are for all needs (from the shuttle to the metro, from the taxi to the private car) and above all for all wallets.

    New York Airports Map

    From JFK to Manhattan: the connections

    As anticipated, there are several transfer JFK-Manhattan. Your choice may be based mainly on three criteria:

    • la speed of movement: it is likely that, as soon as you arrive, you do not want to waste too much time between connections and journeys on foot;
    • la convenience of travel: if you have a lot of luggage and very heavy, probably the subway (for example) will not be the best choice;
    • theinexpensiveness: New York is not a low cost city, so better start saving something right away.

    According to your needs you can choose between several JFK-Manhattan links:

    Transfer JFK-Manhattan by AirTrain and Metro

    AirTrain is a train that connects all the airport terminals with the parking and car rental areas and, above all, with the two closest Metro stations: Jamaica station (towards Midtown Manhattan) e Howard Beach Station (towards Downtown New York and Brooklyn). The service works 24 hours a day, 24 days a year and costs $ 365. In 7,75 minutes you will arrive at Jamaica Station, in 20 you will arrive at Howard Beach Station: trains run every 10 minutes and are comfortable, unless you are full of luggage. As soon as you arrive at the chosen Metro station, you can decide whether to buy a single journey ticket or a subscription directly: to understand what is best to do, we refer you to our article on the New York Metro.

    The journey by Metro from Jamaica Station to Midtown Manhattan takes approximately 40 minutes and takes place on line E; the transfer from Howard Beach Station to Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan takes 35 to 45 minutes and takes place on line A. This type of connection from JFK to Manhattan is commonly used by travelers for its cheapness but - as anticipated - can be extremely annoying for those loaded with too much luggage or too tired to face another hour of hustle and bustle between stations and stops. Finally, we must consider the crowds that can be found in the Metro trains during rush hour.

    Travel in AirTrain and LIRR

    If you don't like the Metro (which in our opinion remains the best way to get around New York), for the transfer from JFK to Manhattan take the fast trains of the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road), departing from Jamaica Station and bound for Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. They cost a little more, but arrive in 35 minutes flat at Penn Station (New York's central station, a short distance from Times Square). The journey with the LIRR is not included in the Metro passes.

    Once you arrive at Penn Station you will still have to take care of finding a connection to your hotel, taxi or metro.

    Transfer by taxi JFK-Manhattan

    The good old man taxi, especially in New York, it is a solution that should not be underestimated. At this address of the official website you will find the travel rates in the various areas of New York, but I can already tell you that if you have taken a place in one of the classic neighborhoods to sleep in New York, you will have to spend $ 52 (excluding taxes and tolls: add about 10-15 $).

    If you are a small group or a family and you find a sufficiently spacious vehicle, this is the solution “JFK-Manhattan taxi” it could be quite comfortable, but it is certainly not the cheapest: if there are three of you and you have a lot of luggage, your crew will be full and you will spend more than $ 20 each. Also, given the well-known Manhattan traffic, you could spend a lot of time in your car and lose all the time you have gained so far. The biggest advantage, of course, is to get straight to the hotel.

    JFK-Manhattan transfer by private car or shuttle

    Here is a method that - in some way - combines the advantages of the taxi with those of the train and the metro: it transfer from JFK to New York by private car or shuttle. We point out 3 sites:

    The first is Go Air Link Shuttle, which offers one of the best shuttle services, active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, connecting the 3 airports to any address of your interest (also includes the possibility of private transport).

    Learn more about Go Air Link Shuttle

    The second is Groundlink, a private car transportation service that offers a good choice of vehicles at attractive prices (often better than taxis) and allows you to get to your hotel from any New York airport.

    Learn more about Groundlink

    The third that we point out is NYC Airporter, a shuttle service that - for $ 17 per person - takes you from the airport to New York, directly to the hotel, if yours is one of the Midtown Manhattan hotels included in this list.

    The ticket entitles you to load two suitcases and one hand luggage on the shuttle: excellent for those who have brought a lot of suitcases. We also recommend booking the return journey online from the hotel to New York Airport, for greater convenience in organizing.

    Learn more about NYC Airporter

    Slightly cheaper alternatives are:

    • JFK to Manhattan Shared Shuttle Transfer: For up to 5 people with one suitcase and one carry-on for Manhattan hotels only. Click here for the return from the hotel to the airport.
    • Transfer from JFK to Manhattan by private car: For up to 3 people with one suitcase and one hand luggage for Manhattan hotels only. Click here for the return from the hotel to the airport.
    • Transfer by sedan or minivan between airports: very useful service for those who have to take a connection in two different airports.
    • Transfer by limousine or luxury car from JFK to New York: we recommend it only for those who want to take a class trip to start the visit of New York in the best way! The cost per person is not really that much higher than the taxi.

    Obviously all these solutions are also valid for the transfer from the hotel to JFK Airport.

    All solutions available to and from JFK

    Transfer by rental car

    As we always say, getting around by car in Manhattan is a real nightmare, so - unless you have a clear idea of ​​where to park or go to less busy areas - we strongly advise you not to use this method for transfer from the airport to the city center. If, on the other hand, your landing in New York is the prelude to an on the road tour departing from New York (without a visit), then taking the rental car to New York airport is the best choice, because it allows you to move around the East Coast while avoiding the traffic of Manhattan.

    Tips on car rental in the USA

    New York airports: transfers from La Guardia and Newark

    Here's how to arrange for transfers from other New York airports to the city center:

    Transfer from Newark to Manhattan

    Il Newark Liberty International Airport it is located in New Jersey, but in about an hour you can reach Manhattan by public transport. In this case it is quite rare for your plane to land at this airport, since there are no direct flights from Italy, except from Milan. The Newark-Manhattan transfer requires some application: the New York subway does not go to New Jersey, but there is still a train Amtrak which will take you to Penn Station in 30 minutes. Take it to Newark Liberty Airport Station, which is connected to the airport from AirTrain, an automatic train that passes by the three airport terminals, the rental cars area and the car parks, before reaching the station. The total cost of travel is $ 13 per person.

    In addition to this solution - a bit inconvenient, don't you think? - you can rely on Groundlink or the following services of shared shuttle and private car:

    Shared shuttle transfer from Newark to the hotel

    Shared shuttle transfer from hotel to Newark

    Transfer by private car from Newark to the hotel

    Transfer by private car from the hotel to Newark

    Transfer La Guardia-Manhattan

    If you come from Italy, you will hardly have to deal with La Guardia airport - the closest to Manhattan, just about twenty minutes: as anticipated, the air traffic that engages La Guardia is mainly related to internal flights, so you will get there only if you have already made a stopover in another American city. In case New York is the last stop on a US fly and drive, then it will be useful to know how to get to Manhattan, and with dismay you will realize that it is not as easy as with JFK: there are no trains or subways to take you there. If you don't want to pay for a taxi, you will have to take the bus M60-SBS and approach the first available metro stop.

    Alternatively, you can use the aforementioned NYC Airporter and Groundlink, which are also available for the transfer from La Guardia to Manhattan with the same services. In addition to these, a private car transfer service is also available from the airport to all hotels in the New York metropolitan area:

    Shared shuttle transfer from La Guardia to the hotel

    Shared shuttle transfer from the hotel to La Guardia

    Transfer by private car from La Guardia to the hotel

    Transfer by private car from the hotel to La Guardia

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