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  • What are the airports in New York
  • What to do once landed
  • Means of connection with the city
  • Which airlines arrive and depart from the airports
  • Which airport to choose
  • Airport hotel: where to sleep if you make a stopover

Once the decision has been made to fly to New York, you also need to decide where to land. More airports, in fact, serve the Big Apple! The best choice, however, is to evaluate based on the cheapest price you find.

What are the airports in New York

There are three main airports:

  • JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • Newark Liberty
  • Laguardia

Il busy JFK international airport it is located in the borough of Queens, has 8 terminals and is approximately 25 km from downtown Manhattan.

Newark Airport, second in terms of passenger numbers, has 3 terminals and is located in New Jersey, approximately 27 miles from Midtown Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport, which specializes in domestic and Canadian flights, is located in the borough of Queens on the border between Flushing Bay and Bower Bay. It is just over 10 km from downtown Manhattan and has 4 terminals.

At all three airports you will find dining options, shops and free unlimited WiFi!

We also want to mention another small airport, the Newburgh Stewart. It is located in Orange County (New York State), 97 miles north of Manhattan and has only one terminal.

Currently there are no direct connections from Spain to this airport, but some flights arrive from other European cities, thanks to the Norwegian company that operates these routes.

What to do once landed

Landed on American soil, after having stretched a little and started to get used to the new time zone, whatever your airport you will have to undergo the inevitable immigration security checks, then you will withdraw the bagagli and finally you will move on to customs.

The immigration procedures

Does the idea alone cause you apprehension? Don't worry: you will certainly have all the necessary documents for the USA with you, and even for those who do not speak English well, everything goes smoothly.

You will have to get in fila, choosing the one for i visitors (the other is for American citizens and Green Card holders).

When it is your turn, you will approach the desk and you will answer the questions that will be placed there by the person in charge.

He may ask you, for example, if this is the first time you are in New York, why you are traveling, where you will be staying and how long you will be in New York.

Then the time will come for the photograph of the retina and the collection of fingerprints with a special scanner. Here you are!

Baggage claim

Once you have passed the immigration controls, you will proceed to the baggage claim.

In the unfortunate event that your suitcase gets lost (hopefully it doesn't, but it can always happen…), here's what you can do.

To protect yourself from this eventuality well in advance, you can include in the health insurance for the USA - which we strongly recommend you do - the protection for the case of loss of baggage.

The passage through customs

This is the final step; the baggage will be passed under a scanner and you will have to hand over the form for customs that had been delivered to you by plane. This must be filled in with your personal details, address and name of the hotel, and you must specify if you are carrying food items such as fruit and meat.

Warning: in case of non-declaration you risk the seizure of food and a fine.

I time to complete the formalities they vary: they range from ten minutes to a few hours. The length of the visitor queue is usually longer if multiple flights arrive at the same time (be patient: everyone wants to go to New York!).

All these indications apply to who is entering the US for the first time.

Instead, for who previously has already entered the Single States with the ESTA, at JFK and Newark airports the procedure is different and leaner.

If this is your case, instead of choosing the visitor line, you will opt for the special line that leads to an automatic kiosk, Automated Passport Control o Services.

You will fill in the customs form directly at the kiosk and you will be issued a receipt. After baggage collection, the passage through customs will be very quick (except in special cases).

And speaking of streamlining procedures, there is good news for those who will fly to the United States from Fiumicino and Malpensa airports in the future. In fact, in some time, the controls should be activated pre-clearance: in simple terms, the immigration process will take place in Spain, at the departure airport.

This mode will bring several advantages: the traveler will be asked questions in Spanish, will not have to queue at passport control in the USA, and those in transit will be able to have their baggage delivered directly to the final destination, without necessarily having to collect it at an airport. of call.

Means of connection with the city

JFK Airport

To move from the airport JFK to the city you can choose between different means of transport:

  • space shuttle: these are the famous shuttles that are shared with other passengers who go to the same area. If your final destination is Manhattan, you can book the shuttle before departure
  • metro (to reach the departure stops you must take the AirTrain light rail)
  • taxi
  • Limo (if you want to overdo it right away!)
  • Uber e Lyft (private car transport services as an alternative to taxis)

JFK airportAll the info

Newark Airport

Even the airport of Newark offers numerous connection options:

  • space shuttle (very convenient option)
  • bus, il Newark Airport Express Bus
  • train (via the Newark AirTrain you will arrive at Newark Airport Railroad Station)
  • taxi
  • Limo
  • Uber e Lyft

Newark AirportAll the info

LaGuardia Airport

For transfers, LaGuardia offers the following possibilities:

  • space shuttle
  • bus: the NYC Airporter takes you to some key Manhattan destinations, while the M60 bus goes to the West Side and East Side of Manhattan
  • taxi
  • Uber e Lyft

All airports are also equipped for the service of car rental: this reading will help you understand whether or not you should rent a car. As you may have imagined, much depends on the characteristics of the cities you will visit and on the chosen itinerary.

Which airlines arrive and depart from the airports

Al JFK there is always excitement: in fact, more than 70 airlines fly to and from this airport. On this page of the official website you will find the complete list, with the details of the departure and arrival terminals.

At the airport of Newark more than 30 airlines fly instead, listed here.
Among these, we point out United, which operates direct connections Rome-Newark and Milan-Newark, and Norwegian Air Shuttle which offers direct connections with Rome.

The LaGuardia airport instead welcomes the traffic of 11 airlines, indicated on this page. No air carrier offers direct connection from Spain; to land here you will have to make at least one stopover!

Which airport to choose

Why the JFK

JFK it is the airport where the most flights land from Spain and Europe, as well as being the most famous.

You will probably remember it from seeing it in a scene from Harry, meet Sally: the meeting place between the protagonists was Terminal 7.

In addition, the film The Terminal with Tom Hanks was set in this terminal. However, we must reveal to you, hoping not to disappoint you too much, that in reality the shooting was made in a Canadian airport.

Il advantage of this airport are the greater possibilities of connections with the city compared to other airports. In fact, Kennedy Airport is also served by the metro.

Why Newark

Some flights from Spain (United and Norwegian) also arrive in Newark, so which one to prefer between the two? In general, there is no better choice than the other, since both offer valid connections with the city (above all, the shared shuttle).

Newark, however, is the perfect airport for those who decide to stay in New Jersey, while the JFK winks at those who want to keep transfer costs to the city as much as possible, thanks to the very convenient metro + AirTrain option!

Instead, you will find yourself using the airport of Laguardia if your trip involves internal flights, or you need to reach various destinations in North America.

Airport hotel: where to sleep if you make a stopover

On your way out or back from your vacation, you may need to sleep near the airport. This usually happens in the case of long layovers between two flights, or when you have to catch a plane that leaves very early in the morning.

In this case, sleeping in an accommodation not far from the airport can prove to be a prudent and comfortable solution. You sleep more and avoid too drastic "high heels"!

within the JFK The TWA hotel has been in operation since May 2019, and there is a good choice of accommodation nearby, many of which offer a free shuttle to the airport:

  • Courtyard by Marriott New York JFK Airport
  • Hilton New York JFK Airport Hotel
  • Hampton Inn NY – JFK Jamaica
  • Crowne Plaza JFK Airport
  • Radisson JFK Airport
  • Five Towns Inn
  • Howard Johnson Jamaica Queens JFK Airport
  • Sleep Inn JFK Airport

Inside the airport Newark Liberty the hotel is located Newark Liberty MarriottThere are also numerous hotels and motels nearby:

  • Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel
  • Red Carpet Inn – Newark Airport
  • Best Western Plus Newark Airport West
  • Best Western Robert Treat Hotel
  • Courtyard by Marriott Newark Airport
  • Courtyard by Marriott Newark Elizabeth
  • Residence Inn Elizabeth Liberty International Airport
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark Airport
  • Hilton Newark Airport
  • Howard Johnson by Wyndham Newark Airport
  • The Kenilworth
  • Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
  • Ramada by Wyndham Jersey City
  • Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Newark International Airport
  • Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel Newark Airport

In the airport of Laguardia there are no hotels, but these two structures are located a few kilometers away:

  • Airway Inn
  • Comfort Inn & Suites LaGuardia Airport

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