New Delhi, the picturesque and chaotic Indian capital

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India? a country that upsets you in every way and in every sense and also its capital is not? less. New Delhi? a city? impact for everyone. After I came back I realized one thing: India either you love it or you hate it and there are some days when you love it and hate it at the same time. Do you know what it means to have two feelings like this? conflicting? Sometimes it happens with people and other times it happens with the places you visit. While discovering India, you also get to know yourself.

1 day

The first day ? it was really a shock! Retrieved the backpacks we headed to one of those classic stalls to buy the local sim and access the internet. We find that anyone entering the country for the first time must wait between 10 and 24 hours before they can use it. We didn't have a chance? to access Uber to be able to move low cost to our hostel, cos? we asked one of the many taxi drivers outside the airport! As the car sped through the streets of the capital, we looked around and saw the greatest chaos. total of a city? left to itself. We immediately understood what the travelers who had been here before us wanted to convey to us: living the "real" India tests everything you are, crumbling your soul piece by piece. We wanted to observe a less commercial and more commercial India. current, sincere. At some point our taxi driver did? stopped due to a roadblock and not finding another way to take us to our destination, and without the help of the internet to plan another stay, he took us to a tourist office to help us find another solution. During the night yes? activated the data traffic and so? the second day we started enjoying the ride and exploring the surrounding area.

2 day

The second day we headed with a tuk tuk around New Delhi darting like crazy and? it was great fun even though I risked my life at least 200 times :) We went straight to India Gate and? It was wonderful to immerse yourself among the population and among the street vendors. The monument ? very impressive and very significant to the Indians. It was built in honor of the fallen during one of the most recent wars. bloody that this country has ever faced. After an hour we were taken to the Laxminarayan Temple, one of the most? large built in the city. Its beauty and typicality? immediately left us speechless. The second temple is called Gurudwara bangla sahib. Its colors, white and gold, reminded me of Buddhist pagodas. We listened to the songs of the faithful and watched their immersion in the sacred lake to receive the blessing. Pi? late we headed towards the aqueduct pi? ancient city and here too we have found that the beautiful Indian geometries leave their mark everywhere. An under-valued place that deserves attention! After this crazy wandering we headed to the hotel to rest and resume our rounds the next day!

3 day

On the third day we inaugurated it at the beautiful Lodhi Gardens, one of the green spaces in New Delhi that will leave you speechless! Inside we saw several important tombs that belonged to the rulers of the Lodi and Sayyid dynasties. The garden ? full of colorful flowers and plants. Do not fail to make some encounters with the very fast and very nice squirrels. After this quiet walk, we headed to the most beautiful treasure? beautiful of the capital: the tomb of Safdarjung. They call it the copy of the Taj Mahal because of the similarity. Even the entrance? incredibly beautiful thanks to the curves that only Indian culture can give and that characterize all doors. After 8000 selfies we returned to the hotel to rest and organize ourselves for the next day.

4 day

On the fourth day we headed to Agra, again thanks to Uber and after 3 hours we reached our destination! Agra? wonderfully magical as we saw it in the cartoon "Aladdin" when we were little: colorful, full of vendors, monkeys and cows. The thing that obviously makes it so? mystical? the presence of the romantic Taj Mahal, the tomb of love pi? beautiful in the world. Will he leave you? the whole complex is open-mouthed. The controls are very meticulous, so ask the hotel for the rules to enter without problems. We stayed in a hotel where we could watch it both at sunrise and sunset. It was amazing! If a flying carpet had passed I would not have been surprised at all! Agra? pure fairytale. The following day we headed to Mehtab Bagh, a park in front of the Taj Mahal to better observe it and enjoy one of the best moments. always beautiful! This place is located 15 minutes from Agra, but the city? ? very big so it depends on where you are staying. It is best to stay close to the Taj Mahal to enjoy the most. comfort. As soon as you get to the park will you come? checked the bag and you will come? asked for a payment for admission. Area ? full of markets and tuk tuk so to save money do not wait for the driver who accompanied you why? there will not be? need.

5 day

The next day we headed to New Delhi early and made other interesting tours around the city. We went with a tuk tuk to see one of the most religious buildings. largest in the world: Akshardham temple. Chaos ? incalculable. Millions and millions of faithful gather every day to see its interiors, which I could not do, as all technological equipment had to be deposited in a locker at the entrance. It is forbidden to take pictures and bring your personal effects, so my interest? dropped suddenly and I decided to give up and admire it in all its glory from the street opposite. On the way back we stopped to visit a typical Indian market ... wonderful and shocking at the same time. How did I tell you about India at the beginning? a country of incredible contrasts! Everyone runs left and right concentrated and 100% busy and you don't have the slightest idea why? and where they are headed. You can only imagine, unleash the imagination, observe and enjoy seeing all this. The stalls are everywhere and you don't know where to focus your attention but you know for sure that you would like to take everything home with you. The experience more? amazing? been sleeping there. Until 4 in the morning we were surrounded by smells, noises and voices. Our hostel was literally stacked in the middle of other pseudo houses and hidden in a dark corner. If you want to experience the real India you have to spend at least a 24 hour day in one of their markets.
Live this journey? it was complicated how to organize it. In this country it never goes the way you decide. The unexpected? around the corner in every second, making everything more? adventurous and certainly memorable.

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