Natural wonders: the most beautiful in the world

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Try to imagine the striking scenery: you standing on the top of the highest and most famous cliffs in the world, with his gaze turned towards the incredible expanse of sea, and the huge waves crashing against the rocks below. We would like to experience a similar show for everyone!
Today we travel across continents to discover most beautiful and fascinating cliffs: very famous Mohair to romantics "White Cliffs"of DoverEtc.


  1. Etretat
  2. Dover
  3. Mohair
  4. Kalaupapa
  5. Fira
  6. Scala dei Turchi
  7. Los Gigantes cliffs
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Where are: Upper Normandy region, France

Etretat is a small coastal village known for its cliffs overlooking the sea. The spectacular cliffs, characterized by three natural arches, have attracted famous artists throughout history, including Claude Monet, Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant e Maurice Leblanc, the latter set one of the novels of the legendary Arsenio Lupine in this very place.
Today Étretat is one very popular tourist destination.


Where are: Strait of Dover, United Kingdom

Le white cliffs of Dover, a well-known port city, have a great symbolic value for Great Britain: they face France through the narrowest part of the Channel, and have historically represented a sort of symbolic guard against enemy invasions. The particular color is due to the chalky component of the rocky wall, 107 meters high.


Where are: West coast of Clare near the village of Doolin, Ireland
The "Cliffs of Ruin" are among the most impressive coasts in the world, one of the main tourist attractions of Ireland with over a million visitors every year.

The cliffs reach a maximum height of 214 meters north of the O'Brien's Tower. They are a place of great natural charm rich in fauna: over 30.000 birds live here, representing more than 20 species.


Where are: Hawaiian island of Molokai, USA

The cliffs Kalaupapa are the highest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, exceed a height of approx 1000 meters. For their majestic size, they have been framed in some scenes of the film Jurassic Park III. In order to reach the village it is necessary to follow a path, particularly a steep path.


Where are: Santorini Island, Greece
Fira is the capital of Santorini, Greek island among the most beautiful in the world, famous for its spectacular views, breathtaking sunsets, and characteristic white houses.

Truly fascinating from an urban point of view, the city is made up of narrow alleys teeming with shops, taverns, hotels and cafes, built right next to the cliff.

Scala dei Turchi

Where are: Sicily Italy
It will certainly not be the largest nor the most majestic, but in terms of beauty it Scala dei Turchi di Realmonte has little to envy compared to the older sisters.
This rock face is characterized by an ivory color that seems to shine with the reflections of the sun, it is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sicily.
The real added value of this cliff is the beach below, fabulous like few others in all of Italy.

Los Gigantes cliffs

Where are: Tenerife Island, Spain

The walls of the "Cliffs of the Giants" reach maximum peaks of 500 meters. Across a small bay lies the tourist resort of Los Gigantes, which has a black sand beach, la Playa de la Arena, and a small marina. The best way to appreciate the immensity and beauty of these gigantic rocks is through a Boat tours starting right from the port of Los Gigantes.

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