Natural Park of the Saline of Formentera

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Natural Park of the Saline of Formentera

The Saline nature reserve (Natural Park of Ses Salines) includes the areas of It's called with the beaches of lletes e Levante, the islands Spreader and Espardell, - as well as the smaller islets of this area - Ses Salines, the area of Can Marroig and the boss Punta Prima.

The terrestrial environment includes about 210 bird species; the best known are the aquatic flamingos. Other animal species are the endemic lizard and beetles, to name a few. The flora instead includes about 178 species of plants including pines. Did you know that Formentera and Ibiza are also called the islands Pitiuse precisely because of the presence of Mediterranean pines?

85% of the park is represented by the marine environment with the prairie of Posidonia Oceanica, the marine plant essential for the maintenance of some marine species. The prairies have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are the best preserved in the world.

Do not miss the salt pans that recall the millenary presence of the salt industry. Since the 70s, considerable efforts have been made to try to safeguard this wonderful natural space in the legal context.

We try to keep it that way and to respect it, following the rules and taking great care not to dirty or damage it. Here, in Formentera, there is a treasure given to us by the Universe… let's try not to waste it. In Can Marroig there is also the Interpretation Center where activities are carried out aimed at promoting the park and in particular its flora, fauna and the heritage of the salt pans and which adds particular beauty to the landscape.

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