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Are you an adventurer always looking for new places to visit? Then you can't help but read this article! Today we will make a real journey into mystery, a path from North to south, in search of strangest and most curious places in the country: Come on cursed castles mysterious churches. If your favorite TV shows are Travel e Mystery and you are terribly fascinated by the particular itineraries, you just have to take notes! here are the mysterious places to visit in Italy.


  1. Northern Italy: mysterious places in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna
  2. Central Italy: mysterious places in Tuscany, Campania and Lazio
  3. South and Islands: mysterious places in Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia
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Northern Italy: mysterious places in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna

Here are some of the most mysterious places to visit in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna:

1 - The dragon's rib in the Nativity Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Paladina

WHERE: Paladina (Bergamo) - Lombardy

In the small town of Paladina there is the Sanctuary of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Within this, a big bone hanging from the ceiling, precisely a rib that belonged to a mysterious beast. According to legend, the beast was none other than one scary dragon that terrified the inhabitants until the brave knight San Giorgio defeated him.

2 - The faceless nuns of the Monastery of Torba

WHERE: Peat (Varese) - Lombardy

Il Torba Monastery it is a complex of structures with a great historical charm. The interiors of one of these structures, the Castrum, are adorned with religious frescoes. Among these it is possible to recognize some nuns in procession without facial features (probably disappeared due to the humidity inside the room). According to legend, when the frescoes were made, three nuns were forced to leave the monastery without being able to complete the work. The sisters decided to leave the fresco incomplete while waiting for new nuns to arrive or for the three women who had fled to return. Unfortunately, however, the monastery was abandoned shortly thereafter and it was not possible to finish the painting. Today it is said that the souls of the three sisters mysteriously disappeared are still trying to return to the painting.

3 - The most haunted castle in Italy in Moncalieri

WHERE: Moncalieri (Turin) - Piedmont

Il Moncalieri Castle it needs no introduction: it is known to all as the most haunted castle in Italy. Several legends are linked to it which tell of a large number of cursed spirits and ghosts wandering among his rooms: a monk walled up alive, a child who was the victim of an accident accompanied by his mangled nurse, a man condemned to be beheaded, a murdered bride-to-be and a mysterious Templar knight.
Precisely that of the knight is the best known myth: it seems that this noble fighter was the mistress of a young girl betrothed to the owner of the manor. When the count discovered that his love for the girl was not reciprocated, he killed the latter by throwing her from the tower. The Knight destroyed by the pain of loss decided to go to war towards the Holy Land. Upon his death he was buried near the castle of Moncalieri. What contributed to the fame of this story was the discovery of the remains of a knight and his horse right near the castle, what is shocking is the fact that the first documented sightings of this damned spirit date back to several years before the discovery of the remains.

4 - The alchemical caves of Turin

WHERE: Turin - Piedmont

It is said that the city of Torino is crossed by telluric lines which give it considerable magical and esoteric importance. The vertex where these lines meet coincides with the alchemical caves, located in the basement of the city. According to an ancient belief, these caves are gods passages to other worlds, two of which can be visited and partly regulated by the same physical principles in force on earth. The third parallel world is instead a dark place, from which it is not possible to return once entered.

5 - The Ghost of Azzurrina in the Castle of Montebello

WHERE: Montebello (Rimini) - Emilia Romagna

Il Montebello Castle it is the scene of another well known legend concerning the apparitions of ghost of Azzurrina. Guendalina, albino daughter of the feudal lord Ugolinuccio, was called Azzurrina because of the blue reflections of her hair (her mother dyed her hair to hide her condition). One evening during a stormy day the little girl disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was never found again. Since then, his ghost has been wandering the rooms of the castle.

6 - The Miraculous sources of the Sanctuary of San Rocco in Ardola di Zibello

WHERE: Ardola di Zibello (Parma) - Emilia Romagna

In the village of Ardola di Zibello is the Sanctuary of San Rocco. Here in 1746 stood an old church near which miraculous sources appeared. From these springs gushed water with prodigious powers, thanks to which the plague epidemic that that year had brought the population to its knees was curbed and cured. Men and animals healed simply by drinking the water and in a short time many pilgrims wanted to visit the place. With the money earned through the visits, the sanctuary was then built.

Central Italy: mysterious places in Tuscany, Campania and Lazio

Here are some of the most mysterious places to visit in Tuscany, Campania and Lazio:

1 - The Strozzavolpe Castle in Poggibonsi

WHERE: Poggibonsi (Siena) - Tuscany.

In Strozzavolpe Castle, on full moon nights, the ghost of a fox wanders. According to popular belief, this animal inhabited the area adjacent to the castle for years without any hunter ever managing to catch it. He was said to have supernatural abilities and that he could put knights and valiant men to flight by spitting fire from his mouth. However, she was the victim of a cunning ambush, was captured and killed.
The court magician then predicted that the castle would last as long as the animal's body, so the Count had the latter embalmed and filled with gold; subsequently hiding it in a very secret room of the castle protected by three armed men.

2 - The Anatomical Machines in the Sansevero Chapel in Naples

WHERE: Naples - Campania

The Chapel is one of most important museums in Naples, known all over the world for some masterpieces kept here, including the Veiled Christ. One of the most unique attractions are undoubtedly the anatomical machines. These are two bodies, one male and one female, completely stripped, made for medical-scientific purposes at the behest of the prince Raimondo di Sangro. It seems that the skeleton was actually obtained from remains of two human bodies. According to a legend, the prince purposely killed two of his servants to carry out the work, by injecting them with mercury into their veins, to ensure that the entire circulatory system remains solidified.

3 - The tower of the Incurables in Giugliano

WHERE: Giugliano (Naples) - Campania

Immersed in the countryside of Gugliano there is an ancient ruin called the Tower of the Incurables. According to some, this structure is nothing more than a old disused windmill, but many local elders say it was a hospital, perhaps a madhouse, where all the incurably sick were hospitalized. It also seems that strange and inexplicable sightings have been recorded near the tower.

4 - The alchemical door of Rome

WHERE: Rome - Latium

Where is today's Vittorio square, in 1600 stood Villa Palombara, a place frequented by the best alchemists of the time. According to the myth of the Magic Door, a pilgrim went to this villa in search of a miraculous herb capable of generating gold. This figure mysteriously disappeared leaving at the entrance to the door three specks of gold and some indecipherable inscriptions, thanks to which it would have been possible to know the secret of the philosopher's stone. The inscriptions were then engraved on the arch of the door and even today it has not been possible to decipher them.

5 - The ghost of queen Amalasunta in Martana Island

WHERE: Martana Island (Viterbo) - Latium

Amalasunta she was queen of the Goths succeeding her father Theodoric, but as a woman she was deeply hated by the members of her own family, because she was deemed not worthy to hold such a position. She was imprisoned and murdered from his cousin Theodato, ever since his soul wanders on the island of Martana.

South and Islands: mysterious places in Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia

Here are some of the most mysterious places to visit in Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia:

1 - The mysterious Castel Del Monte of Andria

WHERE: Andira (Barletta-Andria-Trani) - Apulia

Castel Del Monte it is an octagonal structure dating back to the Middle Ages, built by the sovereign Federico II. Built following a precise mathematical and astronomical rigor, it was included among the UNESCO heritage. Its function remains unknown today. It is not known why it was built, especially following such a meticulous construction plan. The numerous symbolic elements present within it have prompted scholars and enthusiasts to consider it one of the places linked to the order of the Knights Templar.

2 - Valle d'Itria in Puglia: the safest place in Italy

WHERE: Cisternino (Brindisi) - Apulia

La Valle D'Itria it seems to be even linked to legends from overseas. The area between the municipalities of Cisternino, Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni and Martina Franca would in fact be magical, to the point of guaranteeing safety from the end of the world.

Remember the Mayan prophecies on December 21, 2012? Well, according to the followers of the Indian Yogi Babaji, the Valle d'Itria would have been one of the few places in the world to remain intact if the catastrophe had occurred ...

3 - The "Tesoro di li diavuli" of Palazzo della Zisa in Palermo

WHERE: Palermo - Sicily

In Zisa district, in Palermo, the namesake is found palazzo. Within this would be a great treasure, which belonged to an Arab sultan. There legend tells of a deep love between Azel Comel and the beautiful El-Aziz. The sultan of Lebanon, father of the young Azel, opposed the marriage of the two young men. The latter stole the family treasure and fled with his beloved to Palermo, where he had the palace built, where they hid the relics and protected them with a spell. The girl's mother, heartbroken by the loss of her child, committed suicide. When El-Aziz learned the terrible news, torn apart, he wanted to reach his mother by taking his own life. Azel Comel then went mad and began wandering aimlessly for days until he died himself. Of this terrible story only the treasure would remain, protected from the Devils. According to tradition, the only way to access such riches would be count the exact number of devils portrayed in the fresco of the fountain room, however, they seem to make fun of the visitors by making strange faces and making it impossible to count.

4 - The "gigantic" stacks of Acitrezza

WHERE: aci castello (Catania) - Sicily

Ad aci trezza, a pretty seaside village in the municipality of Aci Castello, you can admire the wonderful Faraglioni dei Ciclopi.
These massive boulders, according to legend, would have been launched by the Cyclops Polyphemus to Ulysses, in an attempt to sink the latter's ship.
This is just one of many Sicilian places linked to the myth of the giants, huge mythological creatures that would have inhabited the island for several centuries.

Cusiority: Aci Trezza is also famous for being the place where the events of the Malavoglias are set, the family protagonist of the homonymous novel written by Giovanni Verga

5 - The Treasure of Santa Giusta and the four "guardian" skulls

WHERE: Chiaramonti (Sassari) - Sardinia

In the village of Claret there is a church dedicated to St. Just. Here it seems there was a spring whose water was able to cure all evil. Over the years, several faithful received the grace of the saint, and wanted to leave gifts and goods; in this way a great treasure was accumulated. One day four bandits they tried to steal the gold, but they got trapped in the church and died by drowning under the water from the spring. Shortly before his death the men repented, apologizing to St. Just, it's this one saved their souls putting them in treasure protection for eternity. Today they are clearly visible 4 walled skulls at the main entrance.

6 - The Giants of Monte Prama

WHERE: Mont'e Prama in Cabras / Museum of Cagliari - Sardinia

I Giants they are fascinating nuragic sculptures found by chance in the area of Mont'e Prama, near Cabras.
Their dating seems to be between the ninth and eleventh centuries BC
Over two meters high, they represent warriors, presumably made to "protect" a tomb (just like the Chinese terracotta army), however their actual nature has never been discovered by archaeologists, nor has it ever been possible to ascertain with certainty which people made them. Another unsolved mystery concerns their eyes, perfectly concentric, made with an instrument similar to a compass. Today the remains of the statues are preserved in archaeological museum of Cagliari and in Cabras archaeological museum.

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