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For everything c ?? a start ... and what is there? better than starting from your fixed ball?

Did I grow up with the myth of this wonderful city? and when I decided to buy the plane ticket I also had in mind what kind of vacation to do.
My aim was to look at every street corner with the mixture of rays, colors, sounds and smells that can be found walking around New York.

What about it? it turns out it was a surreal vacation.

New York ? a city? only. It kidnaps you, enters you completely and never leaves you. For me ? was the first trip alone and to tell the truth? at the beginning I was ap? also scared why? it was also the first time overseas, so I wasn't sure what to expect. And instead ? was a unique experience and every day? it was an escalation of emotions starting from the first evening.

At the end of the 7 days I had my legs to pieces, but my heart full of joy for having realized another little dream in the drawer, and for having understood that my path had undergone a radical change.

1 day

Day 1 - Time Square

I landed in New York in the afternoon and after figuring out how to use the subway and arriving at the hotel to drop off my suitcases, I had only one fixed thought about the first thing to visit.
What? I immediately plunged into Time Square and its "beautiful confusion".
Can you imagine what it could mean for a boy from a small town in Abruzzo to find himself in such a place like this? surreal with the thousand lights of its maxi screen and with the myriad of people who populate it ... not to mention all the strange characters that you can meet.
Here I found an incredible energy that enveloped and pampered me from the first to the last moment, and that accompanied me for the rest of the holiday.

2 day

Day 2 - Wall Street, Liberty Island and Ground Zero

The following morning I decided to leave early to visit one of the nerve centers of the city. What? I took the subway and got off at Wall Street, the financial heart of the city. Walking through the elegant streets and the jungle of skyscrapers populated by businessmen,? You can find buildings full of history. This is why? even if the area seems very recent, in reality? ? from Lower Manhattan that the Dutch created the city? from New York.
Walking these streets? it is inevitable to come across the Charcing Bull, symbol of American capitalism.

After Wall Street I headed to Battery Park to take the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty? and Ellis Island, although before leaving many had advised me not to visit Liberty Island why? they said it wasn't that great? ... but for me it was like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. And indeed? was it exciting to be at Miss Liberty's feet listening to the history of New York and retracing the steps of the millions of immigrants who overcame difficulties in the last century? incredible to arrive in the United States with the hope of a new life.
I ended the day with a visit to Ground Zero and the 11/ Museum. I don't think I can describe what I felt. Being in the exact spot where the Twin Towers stood and where there are now two beautiful fountains in memory of all the people who disappeared that horrible day. Sure the people of New York know the suffering but they also know the way to get up and start again, even after such a tragedy. It was incredible to enter the museum and see the remains of the scaffolding of the old towers, the video testimonies, the shop windows covered with dust and perfectly preserved rubble.
My excitement peaked soon after, climbing the Freedom Tower. Here after having seen a music video projected on a cloth, the latter? been raised revealing the view over the city? ... breathtaking !!!

3 day

Day 3 - Top Of The Rock

After the first two days my adrenaline was so high that I only needed a few hours of sleep to get back on the road.

What? I left home avoiding taking the subway and from the Upper West Side I walked downtown, enjoying all the sights of the city with the classic glass of coffee in my hand. I headed to 5th Avenue in the Rockefeller Center area to be able to admire another top view of the city? climbing the Top Of the Rock, this time in broad daylight. A feast for the eyes is the view of Central Park and the surrounding skyscrapers.
The whole area? full of points of interest to visit and represents the most? rich in the city? with its prestigious shops and museums and the 5th that divides Manhattan literally in two.
At this point I needed to relax and so I rented a bike to be able to visit Central Park, the great green lung of the city. Whether you do it on foot, with a bicycle or with a carriage, spending time in the park allows you to completely disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of the city? and recover your energy and then plunge back into delirium.

4 day

Day 4 - East Village

On this day I focused my attention on the whole East Village area. Although in the past it did not enjoy a good reputation, today? one of the most? trendy and populated of the city? frequented by many young people. It is a very quiet area where you can walk and stop in one of the many trendy places to have a drink. The atmosphere? that of a huge university campus.

From here I headed to Chinatown and Little Italy. Every time you enter a Chinatown it feels like taking a dip in the past with all the stalls piled up along the street, the clutter and classic dirt of the Chinese neighborhoods.
Where does China end Little Italy begins, what? pi? a must see that a real area to visit.

5 day

Day 5 - Madison Square Garden

As a basketball fan I could not help but dedicate a day to the arena pi? world famous, Madison Square Garden.
During the morning I entered the? arena to be able to take a guided tour that allows, for the price of $ 20, to visit the entire building almost touching the pitch, and even inside the changing rooms. It was an indescribable feeling to be in the same building where my childhood idols played all those games seen on TV at absurd times on Italian nights.
But of course what I wanted was to be able to watch a basketball match. What? I bought a ticket to see a game of the New York Liberty, women's team (unfortunately my beloved Knicks don't play in the summer). It was still a unique sight, waiting to come back to see an NBA game.

Once the game was over I headed a few blocks away to see the famous Flat Iron Building and to eat one of the hottest burgers. coupons from all over New York in Madison Square Park, in a Shake Shack kiosk where sometimes you have to queue for several hours to eat.

6 day

Day 6 - Empire State Building

The last area I visited? been Greenwich Village. This neighborhood? one of the most? beautiful and more? characteristic of the city, considered by all to be the artists' quarter.
Unlike the other areas, life here goes a little less hectic and the skyscrapers give way to more buildings. low, tree-lined avenues, playgrounds and many beautiful places in which to spend the evenings.
The area more? beautiful of the Village? the High Line, an old disused railway used as a scenic walk that reaches the Chelsea district.

I have dedicated the end of the day to the last observatory in the city, the one that perhaps offers the best view. I went to watch the sunset over the Empire State Building. From here ? Is it possible to have a 360 view of New York? What if you wait for the evening? You can also see the beams of light that evoke the Twin Towers.

7 day

Day 7 - Brooklyn

My vacation yes? ended by visiting another place of worship, at least for those like me? passionate about basketball, or Coney Island (if you have seen He Got Game you know what I'm talking about !!!). The area more? famous? that of the beach with the funfair a few steps away. After winning a soft toy I went to the Dumbo neighborhood, one of the most popular ones. Brooklyn famous. The city view that allows you to see the famous bridge peeking out between the houses and the park just below the bridge is beautiful. sip a beer while admiring the "Gotham" skyline.
The icing on the cake of this experience? been walking the Brooklyn Bridge in search of the last shots of an unforgettable vacation.

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